Beta Test : Kaeriel

Initial selection was Abstract, Social, then Physical.

The characteristics which are revealed after the Autoselect finishes are as follows (ask GM for clarification as need be):

Esoteric Talents:

  • Basic Enchanting
    • (Fundamental) Centre of Attention : Target or targets look towards caster.
    • (Basic) Deguassing : Victim's pre-existing emotional intensities are reduced for duration.
    • (Basic) Like Poles Repel : All around caster suffer brief compulsion to move away and not touch.
    • (Basic) Sway the Needle : Victim briefly makes mistakes about targets or sources of actions.
    • (Basic) Unlike Poles Attract : Non-hostile victim conciders caster friendly acquaintance.
      • Victim will unconciously close the distance to caster as well.
  • Basic x2 Aether Shaping
    • (Fundamental) Illuminating Aether : Illuminate an area or shroud target in light.
    • (Fundamental) Personal Star : Create floating insubstantial light ball which moves as directed.
    • (Basic) Lightless Wind : Distort or supress light in an area.
    • (Basic) Proof of Phlogiston : Cause target light source to burst into flame. Small AoE.

Skill Talents:

  • Fundamental Alchemy
  • Fundamental Deceit
    • Can be used to distract or feint in combat.
  • Fundamental Evasion
  • Fundamental Mechanics
  • Fundamental Research
  • Basic Alchemy
  • Basic Insight
    • Can hint as to presence of secret compartments.
  • Basic Performing
  • Basic Rapport
  • Basic Research
  • Basic Seduction

Personal Talents

  • Arcane Blood
    • Arcane Potential+
    • Arcane Reserves++
    • Outside Nature
  • Homunculus
    • Simple Anatomy
    • Special Diet
  • Natural Minion
  • Patron Organisation (Cloudscar Merchant House; Basic)


  • Bone Deep Pacifist
    • Triggers incapacitating fear, anxiety, and pain when attempting to attack persons.
    • Machines, constructs, and the dead (reanimated or otherwise) do not trigger this effect.
  • Hunted
  • Imprinted Love
    • Currently set to "Master".
  • New To The World
  • Sweetest Dreams, Bitterest Guilt


  • Iron Gear Breaker


  • Intermediate Wealth
    • Basic Assured Income
  • Amulet : Locked Choker (AetherCrafting++; NoUnequip)
  • Torso : Fetching Bodice (Inventory Space+, Social+)
  • Legs : Swishy Skirt (Radiate Insight-)
  • Feet : Awkward Heels (Speed-; Upon unequip buffs Speed)
  • Unequipped
    • Clockwerks Pocket Watch (Special+)
    • Egg of Brass and Iron (???, Radiate Holy---, ???; Infernal Device, NoDrop,???)
    • Gate Access Key [Brass] (Fundamental Gate Access; Unattuned)
    • Unidentified Alchemical Equipment x3 (Unidentified)
    • Unidentified Arcane Tome (Unidentified)
    • Unidentified Scientific Equipment x4 (Unidentified)