Beta Test : Polk

Initial selection was Abstract, Physical, then Social.

The characteristics which are revealed after the Autoselect finishes are as follows (ask GM for clarification as need be):

Esoteric Talents

  • Fundamental Psi Sensitive
  • Basic Kitbashing
    • (Basic) Turned Up To Eleven : Temporarily buff performance of non-combat machine at cost of damaging after each use.
    • (Basic) Keep It Working// : Temporarily buff health of a damaged machine at the cost of further damage after buff fades.
  • Basic Machine Empathy
    • (Fundamental) Background Hum : Can 'hear' general presence and health of nearby machinery.
    • (Basic) Bug Report : Can perform an instant diagnostic on a machine as well as gain knowledge of recent usage.
  • Basic Radiotelepathy
    • (Fundamental) Walking Transceiver : Can receive and send signals as per a Personal Comm Unit.
    • (Basic) Private Channel : Can send to a specific comm without any chance of non-Psi interception.

Skill Talents:

  • Fundamental Improvised Weapons
  • Fundamental Haggling
  • Fundamental Science!
  • Fundamental Shooting
  • Fundamental Unarmed
  • Fundamental Intimidation
  • Basic Athletics
  • Basic Bludgeoning
  • Basic Computers
  • Basic Electronics
  • Basic Starship Operation
  • Basic x2 Engines
  • Basic x2 Repair
  • Basic x2 Science

Personal Talents:

  • Gremlin
    • Environmental Protection
    • Universal Digestion
    • Instinctive Psi [Basic x2 Technopathy]
  • Grease Monkey
  • Washes Up Real Nice


  • Mo' Power!

Beginning Equipment:

  • Belt : Poor Toolbelt (Inventory Space+)
  • Primary Hand : Reliable Wrench (Bludgeoning Weapon; Tool; Repair+)
  • Unidentified Canned Goods x3 (Unidentified)
  • Common Emergency Ration Bar (Consumable; Imperishable; Hunger-)