Rewards for Boss Battle "Black Smoke in Cloudscar House"

You Have Defeated The Boss Known as "Smoke Black Behemoth"

Your Rewards Are As Follows:

  • Accomplishment : Iron Gear Breaker
    • In defense of an elven merchant house you defeated the metal clad Smoke Black Behemoth. You are known for this heroic deed, but not everyone is pleased with your actions.
    • This Accomplishment increases your reputation, but also provides a morale buff to those Clockwerk thugs (or their supporters) who you face.
  • Item : Clockwerks Pocket Watch (Special)
    • Made from scraps and gears from the defeated Clockwerks by the grateful artisans of the Cloudscar merchant house, this pocket watch has polished up so nicely that you can see yourself in the inside of the cover.
    • This reward item may be used by a player to check their character sheet at any time rather than use a player icon command.

In Addition, Select One Of the Following Reward Options:

  • Connection : Patron Organisation (Cloudscar Merchant House)
    • For your efforts in preventing their slaughter, the Cloudscar clan in London stands ready to help you in minor matters whenever you cross their path.
  • Item : Clockwerks Bracer Pistol (Firearms Weapon; Surprise++, Damage++, SingleShot)
    • Salvaged from a fallen Clockwerks lieutenant, and restored by the Cloudscar House artisans, this surprisingly powerful single shot pistol needs reloaded after each use but can spring into your hand at the smallest of promptings and back again.
  • Item : Clockwerks Tick Tock Heart
    • While damaged, and useless on its own, it seems that this clockwork heart somehow winds itself and could be useful in a larger project…
  • Item : Smoke Black Gauntlet (Brawling Weapon; Disarm—, Grappling++)
    • A scaled down version of the Gauntlet used by the Behemoth your fought, this metal glove lacks the crushing grip of the original but once it has grabbed something you can be sure not to lose your grip. There also seems to be potential for something else with a little tinkering…
  • Personal Talent : Monkey Wrencher
    • Having faced scum using crude mechanics, your disdain for such things gives you insight into how best to bring wreck or ruin to mechanical devices, contraptions, or vehicles.