Magic Girls

Game Concept

A chronicle concerning three rookie magical girls and why they have nasty things to say about a EULA…


Here are some rough 'character sheets' and notes for the cast thus far.


Generally available information will be placed here for reference purposes and added to over time.

  • Basic Concepts : A few basic concepts for the game (Update: 29th May 2011)


Cleaned and annotated versions of the logs of non-private sessions of the game will be kept here for reference. As this is a complete reboot, previous logs will not be made available.

Preludes / Character Creation

  • Dead Dog Day (Guardian Cerberus) : Part 1 (a)
  • Foxed By A Book (Mystic Kitsune) : Part 1, 2 (a, b)
  • Mistakes and Retakes (Shining Guardian Jade) : Part 1 (a, b), 2 (a)
  • Text Output (Ardent Starfall Raven) : Part 1 (a, b)


Mystic Kitsune

  • A Messy Business 01

The Tale Shall Continue…