Text Output (Part B)

Scene played out on 18th December 2011 between the GM (David-Visage) and Ardent Starfall Raven's player.

«Scene Starts»

It was such an ordindary scene in some ways. A flat shared by people who liked their privacy, a room which was comfortably messy, a computer left running, someone standing in their home trying to decide what to do, and a nervous flick of her wing making several stray papers shift…

Perhaps it was not that ordinary a scene after all and, indeed, Ardent Starfall Raven likely didn't find the feel of thing to be anything close to the typical. At least not before the, now closed, Tome in front of her had destroyed her room mates printer in manifesting and shanghied her through a setup of her new self.

Ardent Starfall Raven bites her lip, nervously listening for any sign of her roommates taking an interest in whatever might be going on in her room.

Of the other three who shared the flat, two were shuttered away in their rooms and seemed to so wrapped up in their own business that anything short of an earthquake would be needed to get their attention. Fortunately, the third was out for the evening. Otherwise an explaination about the smell of burning around the new printer might have been required.

Her own nervousness was something that was harder than usual to hide as her body, or the mannerisms which came with it, seemed to display emotions more openly than she would have… otherwise.

"Ohhhhhkay…" I breathe, trying to stay calm and quiet as I move over to the bookshelf where I've got a small mirror hanging. Just take a look, just to make sure…

A face greeted her eyes, one which was somehow familiar yet new. A young face, a beautiful face which hardly needed the traces of makeup which it bore, and a decidedly female face.

Her face.

One hand comes up, touching a cheekbone just to make sure… and she watches her lips move in a quiet "Oh, wow."

The reflection's lips obediently shaped the words and at her ears metal gleamed, the faint tug of the weight having gone unnoticed until now, in compliment to her perfectly painted nails.

…earrings? I turn my head to one side, trying to get a better look.

Tiny silvery swords, ornamental but looking sharper than a razor, dangled from her earlobes. A more careful look showed no catch, no hook, seam or any other means of removing them. They were hers and, from the look of it, there to stay.

"Oh jeez…" I look a little further back and turn just a bit, trying to get my wings in view.

Wings large enough to be useful, large enough to let her take to the air, should have been large than these wings seemed but as Raven spread them, and the black feathered expanse settled into a more comfortable position than merely half spread, they somehow fit within the available room. Her feathers were black, but not the black as a raven's feathers might be. Instead they were black as the space between stars, black as the sky outside if all light had gone to rest, and held the merest hints of brightness.

"…uh." I stare, slowly reaching back over one shoulder to try and touch them.

There is nothing odd about the feeling. It is just like touching ones own shoulder, or perhaps leg, through thick clothing. A small part of her wonders what it'd be like not to have the weightless mass at her back and then shudders at the idea of something happening to her wings.

I take a deep breath… then let it out slowly. And then I try to consciously move them., as opposed to them flaring and spreading of their own accord.

Automatically there is a shift as instincts and reflexes take control. She just wants to do a test beat of her wings, after all, not smack them against anything in the room and so both move up then down and for a moment Raven can feel her feet almost leave the floor…

But the wash of air from the motion half scatters loose objects and almost knocks over several larger objects.

"Nng!" I reach out to the bookshelf for support… and do my best to hold still and stop moving. Afterwards comes looking over the shoulder and wincing at the scattered clutter. "…outside." I murmur to myself, eyeing the sliding door to the back patio before starting to make my way over to it.

Stopping moving is both easy and hard to do. The wings are part of her, as much as part as her arms or legs, but holding them in certain positions feels… wrong or strains in odd ways as would trying to stand on one leg and hold the other straight out in front of her. As Raven slipped out of the door everything seemed a little better now that she wasn't in the close confines of the room. Now that she was somewhere that she could fly if need be.

She's more than a little tense as she steps out and slides the door behind her… partly due to being out like this where someone might see… and partly because it's a cool night that she's not exactly dressed for, and she tenses up expecting the chill to touch her bare skin.

The chill of the night is there, but in a way it isn't a problem at all. There is a chill, a slight coolness, but it is like the first moment of stepping out of a stuffy room into cool clear air. The quieter sounds of the night seem overlay upon an almost tangible silence and she finds her eyes drawn almost irresistably upwards.

In a way, it's almost instinctive. The tension in her wings almost demanding she crouch down and leap upwards, night-black wings flaring and coming down, leaves scattering from the gust from her powerful wingbeat.

Her ascent is impossibly vertical, her path straight upwards and so fast that it was as though gravity were something to be discarded when inconvient, and Ardent Starfall Raven soared towards the heavens. Her wings beat with powerful strokes, the air rushing by but not even pushing hard against her body or costume, as she left the ground behind.

The buildings below were rapidly becoming patches of ligth and shadow while the haze of light from the city around her was already giving away to a clearer view of the black sky with the stars like jewels as the Night embraced her.

There's this sudden feel of joyful freedom as she spins and flies higher upwards, then finally levels out, rolling over to look down at the yellow tracery of streetlights passing under her… and then looking back up at the clear night sky.

There was power in each wingbeat, far more than purely physical force, and it was just obvious how she could twist and turn on a whim. This was the power of Flight, manifest within her wings, and the embrace of The Heavens as Night welcomed home the one it approved of.

As Raven looked upward it was as though more than one sky waited her through paths which she couldn't yet touch. Paths which could take her to a place where she could dance with the stars, their distant songs now faintly audible, or to palaces of light behind gates of purest gold.

She breathes out in a shaky half-laugh… and then closes her eyes, just listening to the heavens as she soars higher.

This high up it hardly took more than the occasional flick of the wings to rise higher yet and here the air was cold, clear, and sweeter than wine. The distance to the paths she could feel, that she could hear, somehow stayed constant though as though physical motion was not what was needed to reach them.

Stretching her wings… ah, such a grand feeling. She inhales deeply, just focusing her mind on the thought of these pathways.

Grey silk rustles faintly as Raven almost hung there suspended by her wings far, far, up in the sky and concentrated. The paths, the places, seemed to lie somewhere that she couldn't quite grasp even as the knowledge tried to filter though into her mind. It was foreign, alien, new, and the attempt left an odd ache as though she had started to stretch a little too far.

She frowns a little at that, shaking her head to brush the thought away… at least for the moment. Far, far nicer to just hover there in the cold and clear night air, looking up at the bright and beautiful stars…

Whispering harmonies sang, each star like a crystal chime to her ears, and closer 'voices' contributed to the whole. She could pick out how Mars sounded the drums of war, Jupiter crashed with power and pressure, and the unseen Pluto added welcome silences to the whole.

Her lips part and she finds herself breathing greetings to them, acknowledging their presence.

The timeless and endless songs continued, twining about the snatches of halting harmony which came so naturally from her throat and encouraging her, until something inside of Raven seemed to give her a nudge. Small details began to register, such as how she had been caught up in the sounds for an unknown ammount of time and sore her throat was now from the singing.

She blinks and hesitantly swallows against the dryness in her throat…. but it still feels very nice, and with a faint smile on her lips, she looks back up at the heavens, trying to figure out how long she's been out.

Judging by the positions that the sedate dance of the stars had taken those heavenly object to then it wasn't long. Just four hours… four hours?

"Oh, jeez…" she whimpers, looking down at the ground and trying to figure out how far she's flown from home… which might be a bit difficult as the landmarks likely look different from up here?

Everything looked very different from this high up, especially as the town below was little more than a splodge of light, but her instincts told her that getting back would be easy. Down and across and soar on the winds and wouldn't that get her close?

Trusting to the night seems to have served her well thus far… so down and across, soaring on the winds over the treetops and feeling the rush of the wind around her.

Snapping her wings closed and twisting her body about as she began to fall, Raven dove from her vantage point high in the heavens. A mess of light and darkness on the ground slowly began to resolve itself into lines and then a casual twitch threw her wings out wide, converting most of her downward momentum into lateral speed even as she sprial lower yet. This should have been terrifying, this should have been unthinkable, but it was simply glorious and fun.

And she can't help but laugh at the wondrous thrill of it, spinning and twisting in a quick loop-de-loop as she soars towards what might be home.

«Scene Pauses»

Notes: I'd actually lost the log for the previous part so had to ask the player for it and reread things.