Foxed By A Book (Part 2a)

Scene played out on 19th May 2011 between the GM (David-Visage) and Mystic Kitsune's player.

«Scene Starts»

Mystic Kitsune was laying down, breathing slowly, gently sleeping on the hard, cold floor. Well, gently, until I felt a bit of fur tickle the underside of my nose. I batted it away at first. Then a second time. And a third. And it finally got me, causing me to sneeze . "Atchoo! Ngh…"

Finally unable to get any more peace, I rubbed my eyes grogilly, and opened them, only to be greeted by two white furry tips wagging in front of my face. I rubbed my eyes again, but even then, they weren't gone. Slowly, I reached up to them, and caressed them softly. I could feel their softness, their warmth as my fingers ran through the fine fur… Wait… I

Wait… I could feel them?

"ACK!" I sat right back up, startled, and looked at myself. The clothes, the tails, my body! "They're all still… All still…"

It all trickled slowly back into my mind. The tome. The creation. The change. Mystic Kitsune. That was me now, right? Right!

I rubbed my head, and tried to remember after that. The change had finished, and with the book in hand, I had rushed to the bathroom, looked in the large mirror over the sink… And yeah. That's when everything went black.

I steadied myself against the skin, and lifted myself up on shaking legs. Looking back in the bathroom mirror, I could see my new face once more. Two golden eyes blinked in a mix of awe and horror. My old features were replaced by a pretty girlish face of a young teenager, all framed in long, silky beautiful black hair that flowed freely.

At first, I thought there was a ribbon topping me off, but I felt the orange 'orament' move, and quickly reached for the two points. "Ow!" Nope. They were real. Two 'sensitive' ears were resting on top of my head.

My gaze followed down from there. Below the neck, my body was wrapped all around in an orange kimono that was cut short enough to call the lower section a skirt, held together by a white ribbon tied around my waist. The whole costume felt like very soft silk all around over my new, soft skin.

To match the outfit, long black gloves slid from under the sleeves, hugging from my forearms to my slender fingers. My legs were wrapped in similar black socks that climbed just over my knees, and a set of black shoes.

All of it was wrapped around a slender teenage body of mine. I looked… Cute. Like I was just ripe for picking, and about to blossom into a beautiful young woman. A young woman with fox ears, and two swishing fox tails…

I felt panic start to rise again. It was crazy! IT was crazy, but it was all real!

With my trembling hand, I reached underneath the kimono, and shuddered from the discovery. The only comfort I had was that I really was wearing panties under there.

With a whimper, I reached up, and cupped my new 'assets'. Yup. Real too. That's when I noticed a little key bouncing off my skin, just above my chest. It was held up there by a tiny chain, hung around my neck like a pendant.

"Is that…?" I looked back quizzically at the tome that had been resting next to me on the ground…

While still on the floor the book seemed in a little better condition now that it had been. The black leather cover almost gleamed and the golden bindings holding it shut looked newly minted but, more strikingly, it seemed rather more real than the floor on which it lay.

I rubbed my eyes again. No matter how much I kept telling myself, it felt surreal. Unlike anything I was ready for. slowly, I reached out, and picked the tome up. "Mmmnnn. Looks… Better than new." I double-checked it carefully. "What else do you do?" Hopefully, I hadn't just sold my soul to the devil on accident. Certainly, I'd have deserved a refund.

The book remained stubbornly silent with its cover still locked in place by the golden hasp. The feel of it in her hands was oddly familiar though as though she had held it many a time before.

I was in a mess. Surely, I was in a mess I didn't understand. I was in a body I never knew before, and barely knew why. What I did know though, is that this book was the only answers I'd get, and I couldn't avoid it. I carried it back to the living room, wondering why it felt so familiar. I'd barely gotten it today. Another effect of the transformation. Setting it back on the tiny coffee table I had, I pulled the key off my neck, and slid it into the lock of the tome. "Time to get some answers…"

The lock clicked, pushed the key free, then the covers flew open as though spring loaded. The pages ruffled through as though by an unseen hand before, tantalising glimpsed of pictures, words, and diagrams seen for mere instants, before finally coming to a stop at blank section near the centre.

"In The Beginning Was The Dream And In the Dream You Were God."

The familiar words appeared in golden text then were followed by more normal writing in black, "Good Day To You, Mystic Kitsune. What Assistance Do You Require?"

I watched with awe as it ruffled over, quietly sliding the key back around my neck. "Holllyyyy…" I stared at the familiar text. I knew how this part responded at least. "Good day to you too." I considered for a moment. There were so many questions rolling in my head. I didn't know where to start. "I… Can you tell me into what exactly I got enrolled in here?"

"Akashic Lookup…"

Dots slowly painted themselves in a row as the Tome seemed to concider the question then a new line appeared,

"An Overview Is Available Immediately.
Detailed Memetic-Schematics Are Beyond Your Currently Charged Access Grade.
Do You Wish To Read The Overview?"

I raised an eyebrow. What a bother. "Yes. I want to read the overview." At least it was something.

Text appeared all at once, welling up on the page rather than being written in as the book normally did. It was also in a distinctly different handwriting.

"Someone once said that all the world's a stage, but they were more right than they knew. Everything has to have meaning to exist and, unfortunately, what most people think of as the world isn't as important as other things.

Other things, other ideas or stories or tales, which can find the idea of subverting the Mundane to be the equivalent of harvesting crops. Yes, something might die but it's not 'people'.

Some other stories, a Genre really, are rather antithetical to the idea of such subversion. one is the Genre of 'Magic Girls'. If you are reading this then you've become one and, boy, you don't know what you've let yourself in for.

The Tome here will guide you, but don't think it's actually intelligent (not normally anyway). You're a Magic Girl, with Themes to bring to bear, and you're a showy thing who will be dismissed as a pleasant daydream if you win. Be showy, impose -your- themes, and make them play your game.

Just don't lose because it's not as much of a game as you think."

Writing of the Tome's more normal text appeared, "Magnificent Thrifty Quill (CaDu: 1982-2000)"

My eyes went wide as the text scrolled past quickly, my jaw dropping for a moment, but I quickly got to the task of reading this quote. "'You've become one, #boy#, you don't know what you've gotten yourself into.' No kidding, Sherlock." I muttered lowly. "I see… Words from the wise, I take it? But why did I get 'picked'? I didn't choose this."

"Akashic Lookup…" The familiar dot's appeared then a short piece of text, almost scrawled on the page, appeared.

"You talked to the fucking book and you're stuck now. Boo hoo hoo. Deal with it! Far as I can guess it's sorta random though…"

After a moment the book added an attribution, "Lady Succubus Pink (ACCESS DENIED)."

"…" I rubbed my eyes a bit. "Smartass." Probably had an answer to that one too. "Okay, how do I change back? Can I change back?"

"Reversion To Pre-Realisation Seeming Can Be Accomplished By Suppression Of Active Themes.

Before I realised it, my tails were wagging cheerfully. Even amongst the confusion, there was a bit of hope. "In layman's terms? How do I do that?"


The letters of the word inscribed themselves in an eye searing crimson, but luckily the rest of the text was in a more bearable hue,

"Suppression Should Not Be Attempted Outside Of Confirmed Safe Area.
Reversion Causes Temporary Fully Vulnerability to 'Mundane' Genre."

My eyes went wide at the warning. "Wha-wha-wh-what?" I looked around quickly in panic, before readign the rest of the text. "You mean I'm not safe right now? I'd be vulnerable?"

A stray 'y' in the previous statement nonchalantly vanished itself before the tome repeated the message then added,

"Unknown: Area Has Not Been Designated.

Mystic Kitsune took in a deep breath, and sighed. "Okay. How do I designate an area as safe?"

"Verbal Statement Then Confirmation By Application Of Tome Key."

Yet another helpful response which did make one wonder who had 'written' this book.

Clearly, whoever wrote this tome had worked for early video games companies. "You're going to fight me off every steps of the way, aren't you?" I muttered lowly. "What verbal statement, and how do I 'apply the tome key'?"

Verbal Statements Such As Current Queries Being Presented To This Tome.
Application Is Accomplished By Taking Key In Hand, Or Holding In Another Manner With Skin Contact Between Key And Mystic Kitsune, Then Causing Key To Contact Page Of Tome In Appropriate Location."

There was something a little… off about the way that 'Another Manner' was written.

«Scene Paused Due to Lack of Player»

Notes: The player just vanished due to RL and didn't come back that night.