Foxed By A Book (Part 2b)

Scene played out on 17th Decemeber 2011 between the GM (David-Visage) and Mystic Kitsune's player.

«Scene Starts»

For someone who had suddenly come into powers there were many ways, as described in fiction, that matters could progress. In some scenarios the power would have come only when ones life was threatened, in others it would be a dramatic scene complete with light shows and the celebrations of crowds.

In the case of the 'heroine' known as Mystic Kitsune, matters seemed to be playing out to so as to make her attempt to strangle a book in the privacy of her appartment as she almost argued with the obtuse and uncoperative thing.

As worked up as she was getting with the ways in which it was baulking, with how it was answering her questions with the unthinking literalness of the inanimate, something had begun to niggle at her. Before she had been shocked and distracted, to say the least, by her new form but now smaller details were starting to become apparent.

Details such as indistinct murmurs from the window which made her ears perk up and a sizzling tingle almost -felt- along her new tails which seemed to come from the walls… amongst other places.

Mystic Kitsune quickly backpedalled away from the window at first, scared that someone might have seen her at first, but then the sensation grew all around her. "What is this?" She asked curiously, one hand holding the book close to her chest, the other on one of her sensitive tails. After a moment, I walked to the window, gathere what little bravery I had at the moment, and looked out for that whisper…

The pages of the Tome ruffled briefly then stilled but it was easy to ignore that in comparision to what presented itself to her eyes outside the window. Technically nothing had changed with the city outside, of the buildings nor the sun nor the sky, and yet…

The wind was vaporous silver streams, each doing nothing to block the kitsune's sight, danced between and around builds and murmured to each other in a foreign tongue while the clouds above were were crystal clear mists of Water which swayed around and about the silver of the Air itself to form the clouds. Buildings, the concrete and tarmac, were stoic collections of Earth and Fire in varying ammounts as they sung songs in disjointed harmony depending on their precise composition.

"Oh… Wow…" Her breath was taken away by the sights. Her face pressed up against the glass, her new ears wide open, and her two tails swaying pleasantly to the voices of the elements. She realized she should be worried, scared even, but she was in awe. You could almost imagine being in a cheezy Disney movie, but it felt liek so much more. Unable to hold back, she turned around, swung the patio door wide open, and almost flew outside on the patio to catch a better sight of it all. Only for a moment, she looked at the Tome, glancing at the meaning of all this wonderment.

It was hard to tell if the elements, swirling around or locked into shape, were singular or a multitude yet their songs seemed to change as she moved onto the patio. The words were alien, but even very the stones beneath her feet sang in tones which spoke of welcome and greeting. Lightning sung the song electric from where Fire and Earth formed metals and channeled them through appliences. Long dead Wood, verging on its cousin Earth, made up plastics and its voice was an almost inaudible ghostly whisper.

As Air stirred slightly of its own accord, brushing across her face in a fleeting touch, the open page of the Tome showed a simple sentence,

"Perception Of The Composite World Through A Personal Theme(Five Elements)."

She shook all over under the effect, shivers of awe spreading through her as she slowly came to her knees on the wooden patio. It was like having your eyes closed all your life, and suddenly opening your eyes wide. She let out a small, whispered greeting back to them, waving her hand gently. "Everything… Everything is speaking to me." A smile drew over her lips. "This is… Amazing."

The Air swirled idly around her, a small breeze at odds with the larger streams and winds but a playful one, and it was as though the more she looked the more she could see and hear of them. True comprehension didn't come with the ability to perceive, but the tones of the songs welcomed her and a few seemed to just beg her to add the right words to make them have new meaning… and perhaps a new way of manifesting in the world.

How could she say no to such an invitation? It was liek saying helo to new, cheerful friends. Absentmindly, she closed the book, and slid it back in the appertment as she got up. Listening to the playfull tune, she hummed along with the energetic breeze, twirling with is, before whispering along. "Please… Grant to me… The Blessing of the Zephiiiir."

Something heard her plea directed towards the world and her very words gave meaning to the songs of the elements about her. Silver winds twisted and spun as they engulfed her, spiralling in towards her and brightening from the color of dull metal towards the mirror bright sheen of quicksilver. Beneath her, where the winds touched the element of wood, a spiral design briefly shone as the now joyous winds almost drowned out the sounds of the other elements.

The magic girl felt lighter now, bouyed up by the Air which embraced her, and any fear of heights receeded from her mind. She felt as though she could run forever and that she could jump high enough to seize the moon itself.

"Wow." She let out. "What a feeling!" She felt almost giddy, reflexivly pushing her skirt down as she felt the winds embrace her whole being. Her heart was beating rapidly. The joy was contagious! She'd always had a potent fear of heights, but as that slowly faded, she felt the urge to simply leap out over the railling, high into the air… And after a moment of judging those wonderful feelings, she lowered herself, and sprung right out into the wide open space, as high as she could. "WOOOOOOOOO!"

The Air rushed past Mystic Kitsune, smoothly nudged aside by the song of the zephir in the Air still swirling about her slight form, as she leapt in a way which seemed perfectly natural to her yet would be concidered 'impossible' by mundane standards. Winds made her costume billow, made her skirt flare up, slid beneath fabric like cool impersonal hand, and supported her as she soared upwards into the sky.

Yet every good thing could come to an end and so, far short of the endless sky above, she found her ascent slow until the zephir was speeding her downwards towards the ground below. There was no feeling of fear despite the speed of the descent and, as she came close to the ground, the Air whirled about her in a rush so that her feet finally came to rest with only a slight jar.

About her, across the railroad tracks and the barren surface of a parking lot, dirt and detris was pushed away by the motion of the winds as they spread out from where the Zephir had displaced them.

Mystic Kitsune shivered at first as she felt those cold sensations over her new set of privates. She'd been so far been able to ignore that little fact, until then. But it was soon replaced as she saw the ground come up so fast, and somehow, she knew, she felt the wind was going to catch her. "Oh. My. God…" She let out as her feet touched the ground once more. It was so exiting. A little cold, a little invasive, but she looked back, and saw how far she'd just leapt. She thanked the swirling winds with glee as she leapt in victory. "Heeheehee! Sweet!"

While cold, perhaps due to lacking more than the faintest traces of Fire, the Winds were supportive and while she glanced back up towards the balcony they settled about her in a slightly different manner as though preparing. It struck her then that the balcony, so far up and distant, -wasn't- out of reach if she cared to jump back up once again.

Now that was rather odd. She knew it was far, her older self would have known that down pat, but now that she was looking? It looked easy. It felt easy. It probably was. And she did feel exposed out there. She felt the wind, almost asking if it was ready, and with another bound, she leapt off back from where she came from.

Like a leaf carried away by a storm the magic girl was almost snatched up by the winds as she leapt upwards and forwards. this second time it was easier to percieve the song of the Zephir as it chorused about her and seeped through her body. Other songs were harder to make out as she soared shrouded in Air and the faintest murmurs were virtually inaudible as she went up and up towards the languidly closing building… and her feet touched down lightly on the railing of the balcony as she cut it a little -too- fine.

"Wah-wah-wah-WAH!" Her arms went in wide circles, her tails flailling as she fell forward, barely catching herself before hitting the wood. "Wheh. A little close there." Even with the danger though, she couldn't help but giggle. It was so amazing to feel all this. It was so unique… She was goign to enjoy this spell so, so much. "Thank you, oh element of air."

With a final swirl, something that seemed like a flourish or a bow, the Zephir took those words as a dismissal and seemed to collapse upon itself. The thicker strands of silver began dispersing into the larger masses of Air as their song fell back into a murmurs, bring to mind nothing less than a choir shuffling off stage now that their performance was done.

It was as that occured, as the querilous rustling of the Wood to which she clung become clearer, that the sheer distances (and more importantly the -heights-) involved emotionally hit her.

Mystic Kitsune rolled on her back, smiling as she heard the choir, and thanked them one more time for such a wonderful performance… And slowly, her reaction changed… until the horror dawned on her. "Did I… Really do that?" She asked as she looked toward the lot where she'd just been moments ago. She pulled herself up, looked between the bars of the railling, and saw how high she was.

"Did… I… Do THAT?"

Through the patio doors, inside the appartment, the faint rustle of pages could be heard as the Tome reacted to even that question form its owner. The response it gave was easily guessed though, but the sound provided a potential distraction from the magnitude of what she just did.

Mystic Kitsune groaned, and could have so many guesses as to what that meant. Edging toward the tome, staying on her knees, close to the ground, she looked over the tome, and it's 'response'.

A single word stood out on the page, black ink forming the neat letters on the crisp white paper, and simply said one thing in answer to the question asked of it:

"Yes, You Did."

«Scene Fades»

Notes: Due to the long period between the last 'part of the scene' and this one, the scene was introduced afresh. It also ended mostly due to GM loss of focus.