Mistakes And Retakes (Part A)

Scene played out on 12th May 2011 between the GM (David-Visage) and Shining Guardian Jade's player.

«Scene Starts»

There were many things that one might expect to find when coming down into a kitchen for breakfast on ones day off. A mess from a party the night before, a dish which had been overlooked when cleaning up from the previous meal, or even an SO wearing just an apron and a grin.

What was a little less expected (or dreamt of) was the sight of a telephone directory sized book, bound in what looked to be a steel and pale leather cover and securely locked, with a small but fancy looking envelope proped up against it.

An envelop which read, in beautful golden calligraphy, "To: Wageslave".

The first priority of any Wageslave morning is the coffee. There must be java and bean inside the body to get the eyes to open fully. Fortunately, someone was kind enough to already start a pot of the substance, and he loads up a latte mug as he heads over to the rather curiously large tome with ornate envelope. o O (My birthday isn't for another month yet.) A sip is taken of the mug as he sits down, shifting his bathrobe under him. Book and envelope are examined briefly to determine origin.

There wasn't any obvious sign of where the book, or note, had come from but they were both high quality. There was gold leaf along the exposed edges of the book's pages and the envelope was both a heavy paper and -sealed- with green wax.

With the latte mug half-drained, Wage rubs at the stubble on his face then pulls out a dull kitchen knife, with great care working at that green wax seal so as not to tear the envelope overmuch. "Hmmm. What do we have here?"

The seal broke, the letters 'REEIAG' pressed into it in a full circle clearly visible before the wax fragmented under the slightest pressure from the knife into shards, but the envelope was left intact and easily openned.

Wage quickly grabs a pen and writes that down on a scrap sheet of paper before he forgets it. He frowns a bit at the fragmented wax then lifts the flap open, slowly withdrawing the contents of the envelope.

The only things inside were a small key, which did look the right size for the lock on the book's clasp, and a single slip of paper written in an elegent hand with a few sentences on it:

"Thank You For Your Agreement. The Contract Is Sealed. Details Will Be Available At A Later Date."

"What the heck? What contract?" He looks around warily to see if there's a camera watching, before taking the key in his right hand. He moves to the book and attempts to open it.

The key turned in the lock smoothly and soundlessly without even giving a telltale click as the clasp sprang open. That the book followed suit a moment later, as though the cover had been somehow spring loaded, almost caught Wage's hand but that the pages riffled through in one direction then back again until settling on a blank page was just… disturbing.

Wage gives the book a second or so before grasping it firmly by the spine. He places the tip of his forefinger and middle finger against the page, trying to see if he can determine anything about the paper properties by touch.

The paper seemed good quality but otherwise unremarkable under his fingers. Yet, on the page even as he examined it, words appeared as though being written in gold by an unseen hand.

"In The Beginning Was The Dream And In the Dream You Were God."

"Whoooooaaaahhhhhh!" The man looks a bit baffled and puzzled, his hand going up to stroke his stubble for a moment. "That's cool." He looks at the gilt-edged pages, then reaches to turn the page.

"Command Not Understood." The words were black now as they appeared in response to his words, "Setup Is Not Complete. Do You Wish To Realise Your Dream?" Turning the page reveals the same thing written there as though whatever was increasing the letters had somehow pressed them through the entire book.

"Yes." There was a temptation to use a more complex wordy response, but given how literal the 'book' took his spoken word Wage decides not to push the issue.

The words 'scrolled' upwards as though the page were a screen and, after a moment, a new message showed itself to Wage, "Realisation Will Begin Presently: Do You Wish Passive Or Active Shaping Of Your Realisation?"

"Define Passive Shaping, Define Active Shaping."

"Passive Shaping Will Use Knowledge From This Tome To Comply With Vague Statements. Active Shaping Permits Direct Manipulation And Design Of All Aspects." The response was prompt and perhaps not -that- helpful.

There's a moment or two of consideration. "Passive Shaping. Commence."

"Returned To The Dream, It Is Time To Build Your Legend."

The gilded words were somehow still visible, still intelligable, as all sight and sound of the world vanished from about Wage. There was no up nor down, no left nor right, no feel of his body or scents in the air. Just a perfect void waiting to be filled as black words explained what was expected of him:

"There Have Been A Thousand Champions For A Million Beautiful Dreams.

Each Calls Upon Images And Elements Of Dreams.

Chose For Your Legend A Title Which Will Bring Glory To The World As Had Others Such As:

Lovely Winter Knight.

Glorious Sunshine.

Shining Purity.

Who Shall You Be?"

There's a brief moment of confusion as the Shaping becomes the focus of all reality. Another 'Neo' moment is avoided this time, though. "Shining Guardian… Jade"

The name slowly appeared on the page which he could still somehow see, inking itself there but in a way which defied the eye. It was somehow more -real- than anything he'd seen, more real than his body had been and it called to him as ju-


Shining Guardian Jade found herself taking a deep breath as she 'stood' in the void, goosebumps on her skin as she found herself quite aware that something had taken the deepest aspects of her self and rewritten them into a Title.

"Greetings, Shining Guardian Jade. The Courts Of Metal And Crystal Offer You Membership. Do You Accept?"

The deep breath is let out slowly, a bit raggedly. "Court Obligation Information?"

"Lookup of Akashic Encyclopedia Unavailable During Set-up."

The frustration from that non-answer almost helped Jade ignore how she seemed to now be a quite… healthy young woman.

Almost is not completely. The healthy part was good. The woman part, that was another matter entirely. She blinks a couple of times. "Accept."

"Done. Responsibility For Uniform And Accessories Transfered, Pending Themes, To Allied Organisation. Do You Wish To Select Themes Or Priorities Next?" Each sentence appeared on a seperate line, letters calmly writing on the page which she can somehow make out, and the older text was by now 'scrolling' up and onto the previous page.

"Priorities, Please." She shivers a bit, attempting to rub the goosebumps to get warm.

The existing text slid upwards, clearing the page, and more replaced it, "Awaiting Priority Statement Of Intent."

"Just keep it together, Wage, you're going to be okay." It's more said to herself than to the page. "I… hmmm. Be good in close quarters and keep a good sense in my head."

"Statement Accepted.
Command Not Understood.
Error: Priority Realisation Already In Progress."

Now that was just plainly worrying especially as Jade couldn't really tell that anything -was- happening except that her apprehension was a little more mangable.

It must be working. That more manageable apprehension must be a sign. "End Priority Assignment. Theme Selection, Please?"

"Done. Theme Selection Is Available: Do You Wish To View A List Of High Availablity Themes?"


The pages flipped over of their own accord, unseen hands seeming to search through the near blank pages, until finally it settled on a section which was populated by text. A lot of text from what could be seen as a list presented itself in apparently arbitary order to her eyes. Everything from Wealth to Healing to Mountains to The Dead was there.

"Hmmm." She starts to thumb through the section, looking for 'Cleansing' or 'Purification'. That's her first theme.

The Tome did nothing, letting her read through the list, as Jade looked at the names presented which occasionally had a sentence of two of description but more often lacked even that.

"Got something in Purify or Cleanse?" She says that aloud, getting a little irritated at the lacking descriptions for a moment before realizing that the reason that there might not be descriptions is because they are themes that are rarely used.

"Yes." The list shifted, reordering as requested, and now began with options such as 'Cleansing', 'Purification', 'The Void', 'Healing', 'True Order', and other more exotic choices.

"Theme One: Purification." She pauses for a moment, then considers. "Continue search for next Theme. Weapon, staff, related searches"

The word 'Purification' drifted from the list and settled at the top of the page even as it gilded each letter. After that had settled the list shifted, reordering into something which began with 'Staves' and went on from there. Although what exactly a 'Voulge' was compared to a 'Bec de Corbin' wasn't clear at all.

"Narrow search for next Theme: Weapon, staff, under five feet in length." Jade was a bit unnerved by the ease at which she was taking to this, but at the same time calm.

"Lookup of Akashic Encyclopedia Unavailable During Set-up."

Jade face-palms and then considers one of the ones that came up earlier. "Theme Two: Weapon, Bec de Corbin" It seems to fit.

"Pause." Jade considers. How did she go from something broad like Purification to something so tightly defined? "Delete Theme Two, New Theme Two: Luck"

Two sets of golden words clashed at the top of the page, turning briefly into a truly ugly mess, and nausea clutched a Jade's stomach as the void dimmed to reveal the kitchen she had been in before this started. Then it returned, but there was a vague sense of that other place which still remained even as now 'Luck' remained where 'Bec de Corbin' had tried to write itself.

The woman blinks as she feels herself somehow twisted up for a brief instant. She does NOT want to do THAT again.

"Theme Three: Protection."

"Pause. Do not implement Theme Three."

«Scene Pauses»

Notes: …second player in a row who did this. My desire to actually run the game faded significantly.