Mistakes And Retakes (Part B)

Scene played out on 23rd May 2011 between the GM (David-Visage) and Shining Guardian Jade's player as a continuation of Part 1a.

«Scene Starts»

"Command Canceled."

The two simple words drifted there as the Tome obediently halted what it had been doing. It waited to see what it's hero would tell it to do with all the mindless patience and obedience of a machine as she concidered what she had chosen thus far.

Jade let out a bit of a grumble. "This isn't going as I planned. Clear all selected themes, we'll start at the beginning of themes once cleared." There. That should avoid that horrible feeling from before and give her a moment to refocus.

There was an actual pause this time, perhaps indicative of the Tome not quite understanding, but then three words inscribed themselves:

"Are You Sure?"

"Yes I am sure."

Where the Themes had slipped into her mind and soul almost noticelessly, and the clash of switching two had caused nausea and confusion, this action was far more percievable to say the least.

There was a sense of violation hit her as some careless force reached inside her, in ways which would have made an assualt on the intimate parts of her new form far preferable, and -tore- something infinitely precious out which she had hardly realised had been there. In its wake was an awful hollowness that left her mind scrambling desperately for something she couldn't properly place any more.

The force returned reaching for something else. She simply couldn't move even as she wanted to scream or beg or do something, to promise anything, so that it wouldn't…

Then the force was gone and she was left with what felt like a hole in heart and tears in her eyes even as two words greeted her horrified eyes.

"Themes Cleared."

Jade felt the soul-searing sensation tear through her with a speed unthinkable. That deep-root shredding left her shaking, red-faced as much as she could be as she placed her forehead against the page weakly. "Theme purification" she croaks with a raspy voice.

Something slipped into her mind once more, almost making her flinch until it blossomed into something which partially filled those aching and raw spaces in her sould, and this time she was quite aware of what it brought. It was the space where Order touched upon Seperation, of ice cold and clear water, of toxins dissolving under heat, of baptsim and repentance, and so much more.

Purification became part of her, or perhaps she part of it, once more and it was Right.

"Theme Registered."

The young woman let out a slow breath and took in another. That… She felt somewhat better. "Theme luck", she utters with a smoother voice, almost reborn from the first theme's impact on her.

The rattle of dice echoed in her ears, the rush of a gamble poured along her veins, and her heart beat quickened as the rules of a thousand games of chance flashed through her mind. Atoms sang to her their hymns to probability and, somewhere, men and women wept or cried as their luck was shown to be good… or bad.

More ephemeral than the other Theme this one wove itself through her and welcomed her into its heart.

"Theme Registered."

For something so bright and light, for something so impossibly ephemeral, Jade needed balance, and from her life experience she reaches back as she feels ever more complete. "Theme earth"

Something inside of her, not as deeply imbeded as the Themese had been yet there never the less, welcomed this choice and it did feel right to become part of the earth. To feel the battle between the molten beneath and that paper thin layer of the hard which floated upon it. To know the feel of soil and that which gave plants life. Mountains let her bruised soul lean upon them for strength even as precious metals and crystals of untold worth danced prettily as though to distract her from her problems.

Jade drew on the strength and durability of the theme, even as she returned to a level of calm she had missed after her foolhardy mistake not so long before. "Thank you." she utters to that aspect within her. "Done with picking themes."

"Theme Registered.
Command Not Understood.
Do You Wish To Use Pre-Set Costume And Accessories?"

The Tome displayed the words dispassionately as it had before and, almost, she felt well. But there was the echo, the memory of what had been lost.

"Yes." Given the meatgrinder she's been through the last thing on her mind at the moment is selecting clothes and trinkets. Part of her wants to wear some all-concealing robe, to hide herself away from the world, but the Purity shines through her and demands something more visible, and the Luck insists on being a bit random and the Earth wants to protect her and hold her. That dull aching echo didn't ease, though.

Words appeared slowly, almost as though the Tome was having to make an effort now,
"Setup Complete.
Shutting Down For Recharge.
May Destiny Favour You, Shining Guardian Jade…"

"Thank you." Jade closed her eyes and let out a slow breath, taking in another deep one before rubbing at the middle of her chest to try and ease the 'ache' she felt.

The Tome snapped shut sharply, the clasp clicking into place as the lock fastened, and the void around her faded as though it had never been at all. This simply left Jade in the kitchen in which she had been before she had started things with the book.

The jade bracelets around her wrists were a reassuring weight, reminding her of the Earth and that she was still part of it, but as she looked at them and the Tome in her hands she did notice that her arms were a little… bare. An abreviated mantle half covered her shoulders and provided a collar, but a glance further down revealed that the emerald dress showed off her chest a little too well and (from the feel of the ruffles lower down against her thighs) had a rather high hemline.

The young lady looks down at herself and makes a strangled noise for a moment or so. She had been working on the assumption that the book-place was some sort of immersive environment and that she'd be 'back to normal' when she came back to 'reality'. Her chest pounds a bit, but something is keeping her stable at the moment… possibly the influence of the Earth. She tries pulling the dress down to cover more of her legs. "Gahhhh."

Despite the appearance, and feel against her body, the dress turned out to be rather tougher than it seemed as it neither stretched nor ripped despite the force being exerted.

Jade is impressed and frustrated by the strength of her new outfit and the shortness of the garb. ESPECIALLY when it doesn't stretch to cover below her knees. She runs to her room and grabs a hooded forest green bathrobe, pulling it over her outfit and tying it tight. She's rather wiped out but doesn't want to be displaying herself if she suddenly has to open the door. This accomplished she flops onto a couch with the television on some cable channel doing some law procedural marathon.

«Scene Ends»

Notes: That went better, at least OOCly, and after a fair few days or trying to explain about Themes OOCly.