Mistakes And Retakes (Part 2a)

Scene played out on 14th January 2011 between the GM (David-Visage) and Shining Guardian Jade's player.

«Scene Starts»

Nothing was there.

There was nothing around her, nothing that she hear, nothing that she could feel, a nothing which pulled at her through sheer absence and denied her even the feeling of her own body as it tore at something deeper and far more precious.

She was crying, she knew it, but to hear her own sobs would have been a marvel compared to the emptiness surrounding her. Purity and Luck were esoteric things which yet lingered but where was the Earth, the solidity which promised to be her touchstone, and why was even the idea of being a Magic Girl so uncertain?

These core certainties, these Theme which made her who she was even more than her own name, were so distant even as her voicelessly begged for them to come back…

…and then Shining Guardian Jade awoke, a gunshot sounding from the television having startled her awake from the nightmare. The robe around her seeming smothering somewhow, despite being no different than it was when she fell asleep, and on screen a laboratory technician was giving earnest exposition about ballistics.

The green dress-like garment under the robe didn't feel as confining as the robe as the young lady woke, and the robe went flying off into a corner of the room after a moment or two of struggling with it. She blinked after the cloth restraints were clear, and rubbed her eyes a bit as she looked at the television, trying to remember the show or the episode for a moment, trying to figure out what was amiss. Something wasn't right.

Jade bracelets clinked at her wrists reassuringly, their weight a comfort and anchor after the nightmare which was still clear in her mind, and throwing away the robe revealed her uniform with its ruffles and somewhat revealing design. Nothing immediately clicked as 'wrong' and unveiling herself as being in costume was almost as good as the continual but vague sense of the earth beneath her.

No stiffness bothered her, despite having been curled up in what should have been an awkward position, and the show on the TV seemed to be one of the variations of CSI.

She blinks a couple of times as the factors trickle in, and with a casual flick she turns off the television via remote. With a casual hop to her feet and a bounce or two around the couch she made her way towards the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. THAT was what was wrong. No coffee and waking up not a happy time. She pauses for a moment at the machine, the filter full of grounds, the water in place to percolate through—she didn't remember setting it up the night before. No matter, though, as she turns it on and starts it through the process. A couple of breakfast burritos were brought out to be microwaved.

Her Tome lay innocently on the counter as though just waiting for her, its cover closed and the clasp locked tight, but looking elsewhere and out the window showed that 'morning' wasn't exactly the correct time of day.

That 'time' being off was enough to catch her attention. She looks out the window to try and pin down the time of day a bit better while taking a sip from the cup, the dinging of the microwave indicating the less than tasty 'morning' meal item was done.

A more careful look at the sky put the time at being a touch after noon rather than before it, but such was hard to judge purely from the sky. Inside the kitchen an envelope of heavy, and expensive looking, paper was on the table alongside a dull kitchen knife and seeing that brought back memories of what had happened after openning it earlier…

The memories… the vast vista of different experiences washing over the girl for moment before her left hand began to seek out that comforting device, the implement that figured foremost in those memories. If her hand reaches it, it will begin to almost stroke it absently, as if she was feeling it for the first time and not wanting to miss a centimeter.

Contact was made easily enough with the memories doing nothing to impede coordination. And, after all, why should it as this _was_ her body… Under her touch the leather and brass bound Tome felt comfortably warm, like a book she'd been holding just a moment ago, and it would be all too easy to pick it up.

She takes another sip of coffee from the mug in her right hand, holding off for a moment on the picking up of the massive book. Jade trails her fingers off it as a lingering promise to pick the Tome up as soon as her brain reaches a greater level of wakefulness when the coffee kicking in. Her hand pulls back as a moment of clarity starts to register within her brain.


There is a glance downwards at herself as something shakes her for a moment, even as the jade bracelets stabilize her.

Glancing down revealed what one part of her expected, and another part is still rather startled to see, but with her 'talent' confirmed other matters took precidence. There was still coffee to be drunk and the mug of it seemed a little more in volume than she normally drank… but there was an understandable explaination for that.

Another sip, and then Jade reaches for the clasp to the book. The explanation will go to the backburner for the moment as she attempts to open the Tome and see what is the topic for the day.

The key came to her hand so naturally that using it hardly registered, the need for the minor treasure moving it there without any need for thought, and the Tome opened immediate with gilded characters already forming on the page.

"In The Beginning Was The Dream And In the Dream You Were God."

After this announcement more normal text, in reassuringly black ink, wrote itself a message,

"Good Day To You, Shining Guardian Jade. What Assistance May Be Offered To You?"

She looked at the words as they flowed forth. A memory… "Are you recharged?" Before she pushes any further it's important to know what her limits could be, for good or bad.

"Yes, No Major Expenditures Are Anticipated So Functionality Should Be Unimpeded."

"Do I have greater access now? During start-up I was limited." The question sort of dribbles out as she considers the outfit she's in, and that going outside like this would be a shining beacon for folks looking for odd things.

"Yes, Limited Akashic Lookup Of Accessable Library Is Available.

Statement True."
Given the answer it seemed that the Tome might not be that smart behind the excessive volcabulary.

Though the words might make it seem more intelligent than it truly is, she's more concerned about some immediate concerns. "Do I have access to civies… er… civilian clothing?"

"Scanning… Yes."

Jade smiles absently. "Do I have any pending duties or obligations to discharge?"

"Akashic Lookup…"

The dots slowly appeared trailing the just appeared word as the Tome obviously checked whatever passed for its memory,

"Search Complete : Mundane Employment Obligation Registered, Thematic Obligation Registered.


"Could you notify me when I need to get ready for either one of these, with as much warning as possible? And… Hmmm. Hmmm. Do you need anything?" She's missing the point a little bit on the Tome, but it never hurts to be polite.


Query Not Understood."

The response were unhelpful to say the least and, above the current lines, the two search results mentioned shifted so that it was listed as bullet points.

She nods. "Does User Interface require anything to improve recharge rates?"

"Numerous Upgrades Are Available For Those With Sufficent Credit."

This time there was no delay in the response popping up, but a note in a slightly different colored text appeared after a moment,

"Upgrades Are Not Recommended Until Three Moons After Initialisation Procedures Are Complete."

She nods with a quick motion. Three moons—three months.. actually makes sense. "Do you have a tutorial mode?" She winces a bit as her stomach burbles a bit, her right hand absently grabbing for a breakfast food.

The pages of the Tome rippled for a moment and, if one didn't know better, you could swear that they were trying to move away from the greasy burrito even as a single word reply formed, "Yes."

Subconsciously she moves the greasy food away from the book so as not to smear the pages. "Could we go to active tutorial for the abilities I'm expected to use? I would like to start to *DO* stuff!"

The pages turned then, stopping on a clean one, the Tome inquired,


Do You Wish To Activate A Training Manifestaion? Three Are Currently Credited."

"Yes! Let's use one!"

The pages turned again, this time in reverse, then stopped at a page showing a shifting pattern of vividly sparkling colors. Something moved within the pattern and one part, a rich crimson fit to put rubies to shame, seemed to spin off from the mass and grow larger and larger then finally pop up out of the page. With a sound like shattering glass the ruby shard broke, fading into a waves of blood red light which illuminated the room before fading.

In the back of Jade's mind she could suddenly feel something which niggled. Like a book out of place, or a room which wasn't quite right, something was trying to draw her attention… yet in this case out of the house and away from the book which now held a single red sentence on the next page shown.

"Manifestation Deployed. Enjoy Your Fight!"

Jade peers as that niggling sensation first bounces around in her head… and then somehow outside of the house. She hesitates for a mere second before going to confront whatever is causing that feeling, and hoping she'll be up to the task. There are other things probably bouncing around in her head, as well as a rapidly cooling burrito that has been left behind.

«Scene Pauses»

Notes: It's been a while? ^_^;