To make things clearer for players, or casual lurkers, I'll attempt to provide definitions of some terms which have come up in the game. These can be looked up in ones Tome so feel free to use the basic knowledge IC.


A Title is the statement of who one is against the opposing Themes of the world. It is what makes a magic girl a protagonist or, at the least, an actor in a scene rather than a faceless extra, scenery, or just a mook.


A sufficiently powerful individual being, or a group of beings with a shared Theme, can 'loan' part of their theme to an individual to grant a advantage which would otherwise be unobtainable. There does need to be some sort of tenuous conceptual link initially and, in magic girls, is often simply related to their Title.


This is simply a statement of how the "fixed" energies which make up the magic girl's transformed state are ordered. To compare it to a game, these are her 'attributes' or 'permanently enhanced skills'.


These are a type of "trade off" where a Themes being is tie more tightly to a concept. This grants a distinct advantage, but it has consequences/side effects on your personally and possibly the enviroment around you.

Failure to maintain ones Themes and Title can result in reflexive or involuntary adoption of a Restriction to help maintain such ties.