Mystic Kitsune


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The Five Elements : Air, Earth, Fire, Lightning, Water

Illusions : definition

Trickery : definition


Magic is Excellent (+2).
Speed and Magical Stamina are Good (+1).
All others are Poor (-1)

Boons & Special Traits


While it is technically not one of her themes Mystic Kitsune has been granted the status of a kitsune and may use, without clashes, any 'kitsune' themed powers she is granted. She may also have an easier time developing powers within her own themes which could be shared with the 'kitsune' theme. However she is considered a kitsune for many other purposes.

Inari's Boon (Second Tail)

Inari was pleased to see a kitsune becoming active as a magic girl and granted Mystic Kitsune a second tail to help her survive.
This grants a bonus to a mystical trait (Magical stamina in this case) which may push above the normal limit of the transformation stage and also provides an power from the 'Kitsune' theme.


Mystic Kitsune has two basic power from her transformation in addition to her finisher. In addition her magic power has granted her knowledge of a third basic power and her second tail provided a fourth.

Fox Fire

Small conjured flames which can be 'held ready' in hands or tails. Explodes if thrown, snuffs if dropped.

Runic Wall

A barrier of stone, inscribed with glowing runes, rises up out of the ground/floor. Can be smashed through, but is extremely resistant to the five elements.

Blessing of the Zephyr

A summoned wind wraps around the kitsune, aiding her speed and letting her do quite amazing jumps or fall from heights without harm. Reduces, and reduced by, other powers being used at the same time.

Dream Proxy

Temporarily lose a tail to generate illusionary decoy. Regain tail when spell ends or is disrupted. Can't use when only have a single tail. Bonus power granted by Second Tail.

Elemental Boon [Finisher]

Required Incantation : "Element of <element>, I ask of thee a boon: <request>"

Once per day, reseting at dawn, name one of the five elements present in the area. Ask for a simple result and it'll try to fulfill it. May have collateral damage, but tries to go by spirit of request.


Mystic Kitsune has received one (1) minor upgrade.

Minor Upgrades

None as of yet.

Major Upgrades

None as of yet.

Potential Advancements

The following upgrades have not been used, but could potentially be obtained.

Fox Fire : Increased Power

  • Increases the damage, area, and how long the fire 'burns' what it strikes for.

Fox Fire : Enhanced Control

  • May place fox fire in midair for a delayed explosion or influence its trajectory when thrown to enhance accuracy.

Dream Proxy : Enhanced Control

  • Gives the Proxy a voice, lets you speak 'through' it and choose when it does or doesn't seem to manifest your powers.

Dream Proxy : Enhanced Independence

  • Increase the independence of the Proxy to the point that you, as the character, don't have to direct it at all but you as a player can have it doing what would be best judging by what is around it.

Dream Proxy : Increased Power

  • Makes the Proxy even harder to see through, harder to disperse, and may even reform/not be dispersed by a solid hit.