Shining Guardian Jade


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Mental Integrity is Excellent (+2).
Physical Toughness is Good (+1).
All others are Poor (-1)

Boons & Special Traits

Courtier of Metal And Crystal

As a member of the Court of Metal And Crystal, Shining Guardian Jade is granted certain advantages through the patronage of the court. The single least costly Artifact she possesses will require no maintenance costs and such costs remain at flat rate for the three cheapest Artifacts she comes to possesses. Additionally Shining Guardian Jade will pay less to obtain mundane items, mundane wealth, or low grade artifacts.

Jade-Mountain Garb [Artifact]

The bangles and 'armoured' attire which Shining Guardian Jade wears combine to form this artifact. It will reduce the effective power of against corrupting or poisonous influences, or damage which armour would protect against, by one rank. In addition, until it's protection is broken, any attacks of these types of Poor rank is utterly ignored.

The armour's protection is breached for the scene if it protects against an attack of Excellent rank or higher. If the attack was of Incredible rank and Shining Guardian Jade survives then the Garb will require repair to offer any protection at all.


Shining Guardian Jade has two basic power from her transformation in addition to her finisher.

Hammer of the Mountains

Reaching down into the ground, the user pulls forth an oversized sledgehammer formed of the local earth and stone to crush her foes. It can not be wielded by anyone but the user and, to her, can be wielded as though it were a feather weight.

Shining Soul

Letting the power of purification radiate around the user in a swirling and cleansing aura of light, this power attacks every being, object, or effect within arms react which could be considered 'corrupt' or 'tainted'.

Perfect Fortune [Finisher]

Gathering a thousand golden shards of luck, this power endows great fortune on the user while 'shedding' all bad luck onto any enemies nearby for a handful of moments. In addition to these obvious benefits it ensures that while active random chance never, in and of itself, harms the user.