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This was based off the idea of how things could go wrong when adventurer's met an old man in a tavern. What it progressed, quickly, into was how a group of teenage wannabe adventurers meet said old man who is happy enough to have a couple of drinks with them and talk about their yearning for adventure and what they'd want to become.

That they woke up the next day each with a headache and having signed a magically binding contract concerning the fulfilment of their stated wishes was some cause for concern, but it wouldn't be until after their initial training that they discovered exactly why…

Timeline of Events

The progression of events will start off as:
Meeting in Tavern -> Training Years -> Meeting Again -> Change -> Character Interaction -> Small adventure -> Your Testing -> Quest

Story Arc One

stuff here.

Meeting in Tavern

An old man, lots of drinks, and a contract.

Training Years

Each individual learns the basics of their new profession.

Meeting Again

Meet up and see how the years have effected you all


Initially seems like being separated for more training, but is worse than that.

Character Interaction

People panic and get used to the alterations

Small adventure

Some sort of small and local adventure to get into the swing of things.


The rogue, and others, are checked on to see if they are doing what they should. Warnings are given and plot hooks inserted.

Story Arc Two

stuff here.


Going to help a young officer at an outpost.


Details of the characters can be found on the appropriate characters page here.

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