Whateley Theory - Revised


"You have all these theories about what you'd do if you were at Whateley. Now let's see how well you put them into practice…"

The basic concept of the game is a rather self-indulgent one with the players having suddenly, and in some cases unexpectedly, found themselves thrust into the life of a teen in the world where Whateley Academy exists. Cue confusion, panic, or 'ignoring the dream'.

Given that few weeks before their arrival, with several identity crisis in the offing, each of them manifested as a mutant for the first time things should be… interesting.


Cleaned and annotated versions of the logs of non-private sessions of the game will be kept here for reference.

Preludes & Interludes

More to come.

Cast & Crew

As things progress notes on various PCs and NPCs, as seen in the logs, will be put up here. Spoilers for all the existing logs should be assumed to be present in any pages in this section so be warned.

Player Characters

Emmett 'Matt' Brooks
Played by Zimrilim.
Emily Lynch
Played by Patches/Tsureai.
Steve Perot
Played by Kaeriel.
Kharis Antheia Speros
Played by Hat.
Coraline Lee Tolliver
Played by Wage.
Izabel Wallace
Played by Pinball.

Non-Player Characters

Denise Brooks
Matt's eldest sister. Nigh impossible to embarrass and has a mean punch.
Mr & Mrs Brooks
Matt's parents who have several other children including Denise and a pair of twins.
Dorothea "Dory" Lynch
Emily's aunt. Martial arts instructor, physical therapist, bouncer, and occasional late night nurse.
Housekeeper for Steve's father, guard and 'nanny' for Steve. Known Exemplar.
A bereaved mother living in the same trailer park as Coarline's parents.
Official guardian for Kharis. Cold and standoff-ish, but meticulous and conscientious.
Teenage girl who met Steve in Boston. Has interesting tastes in music.
A 'brick' type, true identity unknown, who slaughtered most of the inhabitants of a low class trailer park as "worthless trash".

More to come.

Notes & Information

No further information is yet available.