A Walk In Town (Part 1) - Whateley Theory Prelude

«Scene Starts»

[21:04] <@David-Visage> Boston was, in a way, a disappointment.

[21:04] <@David-Visage> He had not seen much of it yet as, accompanied by Miss Eliza, they walked along amongst the shops. The car had dropped them off here, and would be waiting for their call to pick them up once more, as he looked for a few more things to take to the 'Academy'.

[21:04] <@David-Visage> In the warmth of summer it was amusing to see how many man had eyes for Miss Eliza in her light dress with a figure which would distract many unused to it, but his currently wandering thoughts pulled him away from that normal amusement.

[21:04] <@David-Visage> Steve had nothing against the city, it being cleaner than some which he had seen when with his father at times, yet it seemed to be missing a certain something. What exactly was ahrd to place but, as he walked along beside Elizia he tried to decide what

[21:04] <@David-Visage> This was the home of the Lamplighter, the famous hero, and part of his mind irrationally felt that such a place should be one of two things. Either a utopian place with wonders and not a trace of grime or a 'hive of scum and villainy' where he would have been forced to defend Miss Eliza from muggers at every corner.

[21:04] <@David-Visage> Steve chuckled softly at that thought even as he continued along, straight backed and with a confident air which drew the eyes of a few teenage girls towards him. While he might have some skill in defending himself it was Miss Eliza who had taught him such things and he was under no illusion as to her being unable to def-

Thoughts slid past each other, minds merged like drops of water, and memories merged in a container of flesh which gave them form and relevance.

From two came one and, once more, that one was alone again.

Just somewhat more than he had been before.

[21:04] <@David-Visage> "Steve?" Eliza was asking with concern, her hands on his arm as she supported him. Had he tripped? "Are you well?"

[21:16] <Steve> "Uhh…" The boy blinked, that confidence from just a moment ago gone, though not for long as he reasserted himself. That was -weird-, why would he..? And how does that even? He nods vaguely, looking around almost lost in thought for a moment, before speaking again. "I'm fine, just… is this place always so… pedestrian? I thought it'd be… bigger."

[21:20] <@David-Visage> "It is not like New York nor London." Eliza acknowledged as the surprisingly grip on his arm was slowly relaxed now that she sure that he would not fall, "You did drink water before we came out, did you not? Steve, it is not as warm as some places but with black and the sun…"

[21:20] <@David-Visage> (Yet, somehow, that strength was not surprising as he had always known that she was stronger than her looks would suggest.)

[21:20] <@David-Visage> She gestured at the slacks and shirt that he wore, the dark colour of both drinking in the hot summer sunlight, then teased lightly, "The girls will like how you look better if you do not faint… I mean 'pass out', you know?"

[21:25] <Steve> Or blush! Who even faints any more? Outside of 60s sitcoms anyway. "I didn't pass out! I was just… distracted. By his standards." Yep, that was it! And not by the weird memories hammering at his brain. "I thought it'd be colder too. We're near Canada, right?"

[21:29] <@David-Visage> "You can blame global warming? Or perhaps some mad scientist." Eliza offered as she guided him from the street and those wandering it, from those browsing in expensive store windows to obvious persons stalking along with bags which showed off one expensive brand or another. Blonde and shapely she did not look a threat nor much older than her early twenties, but Steve knew that both impressions were false.

[21:29] <@David-Visage> "Shall we have a cold drink or such until you are sure you will not… pass out again?" She asked even as she guided him back along the street towards a coffee shop.

[21:34] <Steve> "Sure… We can do that." Because you don't say no to this woman! Not if you value your kneecaps. "…It's going to be a while before I see you again after this, isn't it?" He frowned, looking up at her, concerned and rather less confident than he had been!

[21:39] <@David-Visage> Eliza looked at him for a moment even as they swept into the surprisingly empty coffee shop, her pale blue eyes holding an air of consideration for a moment, then nodded, "No. We shall not be seeing each other for a while. I shall be present at the vacations, indeed I shall be picking you up, but… I have been caring for you, and my sister for your father, for quite some time now."

[21:45] <Steve> "Yeah… I'll miss you?" He asks as they wait to order! "But there's other…" He then thought a moment! Right, secret school. "'Good people' there? I'll have to let you know what happens, maybe it'll be worth it."

[21:48] <@David-Visage> "That would depend on what you consider 'good'." She said as the line shuffled forward, turning to look at him briefly with a gleam in her eyes, "After all while I attended Maria also was there. And you know well how my sister can be so wild and uninhibited."

[21:49] <@David-Visage> She shared a smile with him at the idea of how his father's assistant and bodyguard, who was almost obsessive about neatness, could ever be described in such terms.

[21:55] * Steve looks up to her, face blank as if he's not sure if she's serious or not. "…Yes. I know exactly what you mean." He deadpans. No way. No. Way.

[21:58] <@David-Visage> The line shuffled forward a little more and Eliza was briefly distracted from the conversation as she ordered for both of them. Money came out of her purse and soon after the barista began making something sweet and iced for the two of them while they waited. Into the silence between them she said softly, "You will surely make friends there, you know? And you will not need to keep moving as you have with your father. They have -very- good security.

[22:03] <Steve> "We have good security! Don't we? Between you and Maria?" And him! Surely between the three of them many asses could be kicked? And many tasties could be slurped. Which is his immediate plan as soon as the pair find a table.

[22:06] <@David-Visage> Eliza allowed Steve to carry the drinks when they were ready, an act of chivalry which had been drilled into him and just so happened to keep her free to react to anything which might occur around them even in such a safe and public place as this, and allowed him to choose their seats. With the shop more than half empty there were plenty of places to choose.

[22:06] <@David-Visage> "At times," Eliza said slowly as they finally sat down, "There have been… threats. Your uncle, amongst others, disapproved of your mother. There are feelings still."

[22:17] * Steve immediately begins drinking it down once he sits down, nodding as he takes a break! Thirsty little thing isn't he? "I know, but she's…" Drink! More drink, distracting drink. Yum! "So, you were taught here? And all the girls there are as powerful as you and Maria?"

[22:20] <@David-Visage> "We are not powerful. Skilled, but not powerful." Eliza then laughed softly, the sound pleasant and reassuring, before adding in a soft tone which would not carry from the booth that they were sitting in, "You never see us throw fire nor ice. Fly nor walk through walls. Change our shape or lift a car. There are many powers that people can have."

[22:27] <Steve> "…This is going to be awesome." Fact. "…So what should I wear? I've never met a firebender before." Wait… nor has he watched Avatar! So how did he…

[22:29] <@David-Visage> Eliza looked blankly at him before shurging and offering, "It is a school. I am sure we can find something suitably attractive to the la-dies…" She stretched out the word teasingly before taking a sip of her own drink.

[22:34] * Steve hides behind his own drink! Face buried in it and turning an interesting shade of red, folding up in his chair. "Mmh." He squirms uncomfortably a bit, before settling down. "It's going to be spandex isn't it? Knew there was a reason for bat nipples."

[22:39] <@David-Visage> Eliza seemed to carefully ignore that comment and instead grew a little more serious, "Steve, there is one thing you should think on. You recall I mentioned what an 'Exemplar' is and that it is a common power?"

[22:44] * Steve nods… "Sure? It means being stronger, prettier, and generally better than baseline, right?" Which may or may not be exactly what she said, but it's sure what came to mind. "And… Most Common Superpower?" And more drink! And trying to keep eyes on hers!

[22:48] <@David-Visage> "That is it indeed." Eliza replied, that accent which he'd tried so often to place coming through again, "In a place with many people with powers then many would have it, yes? Both women and men. It would be rude to stare or be jealous though."

[22:53] <Steve> It would! That doesn't mean he's not going to be tempted, or that he can't go shopping for things! "You're right… I can still find some nice things to wear though? If this place is always going to be hotter than I'd anticipated?"

[22:55] <@David-Visage> "Ah, so you -shall- fight for their attentions." Eliza replied as she finished her drink, having finished it surprisingly quickly, "The weather is said to have become quite variable at your new school so clothing for heat, as well as against the chill, may be the best."

[23:02] <Steve> "And not black?" Which was maybe not even a question before! But now for some reason…

[23:03] <@David-Visage> Eliza tapped the lip of her empty cup thoughtfully then said in a carefully bland tone, "I -could- find a pink leather coat in your size if that is your desire…?"

[23:13] * Steve seems… far too close to considering such a thing! Before shaking his head in the end. "No need to be sarky about it. Would they even -do- those in a town like this? That doesn't sound very heroic…"

[23:15] <@David-Visage> "It is a large city." Eliza replied, her tone indicating that explained -everything- that needed to be said, "If you do feel the need for something then say, Steve. I shall worry about you when you are away… yet I shall not miss having to tidy your room so often."

[23:22] <Steve> "It's not that bad?" It's not! It's worse. Still, at le- Oh wait. "…aww… I have to do that myself now don't I?" He moans; very teenager-esque! "I have exactly as many pink leather jackets as I need already though? So maybe something -less- crazy?"

[23:28] <@David-Visage> "We would have to wait until your twenty first birthday approached until pink leather -other- garments would ba appropriate." Eliza acknowledged then stood up, an idle toss dropping her cup neatly in a nearby bin, "You are finished with your drink, I assume?"

[23:35] * Steve nods quietly, tossing his in the bin and trying not to think about that! Because his mind is so very in the gutter.

[23:41] <@David-Visage> The sun was bright enough to make Steve squint as the pair stepped out from the coffee shop, leaving behind the customers who had fled there to get away from the unusual heat, and onto the side-walk. This was not a poor nor neglected part of Boston and there was a certain amount of wealth flaunted here, subtly and blatantly, but as they walked Eliza quietly pointed out some of the egregious examples visible through shop windows.

[23:41] <@David-Visage> Because, really, a rhinestone dog collar was one thing but an actual jewelled one?

[23:48] <Steve> …Pimp my dog? That was a little silly really, and his family wasn't all that ostentatious, for one with full-time super-powered servants! Still, as they wandered though the town Steve -almost- ended up in a women's clothing store, but thought better of it, heading into an adjacent general clothing store instead; and trying not to think about why exactly -that- happened. And hoping Eliza didn't notice! Nope, not notice at all as he makes a beeline for the angsty-teen-boy section!

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«Continued in Part 02»

Session Notes:

This session was run on 9 May 2014 between David-Visage (acting as GM) and Steve (playing Steve ). Minimal alterations to content (primarily in formatting, removal of OOC comments, and correction of spelling) have been made.