A Walk In Town (Part 2) - Whateley Theory Prelude

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[21:56] <@David-Visage> Most people who didn't frequent them thought of expensive clothing stores as places which held high fashion. Which fancy and formal outfits, things for formal occasions or to be worn to 'special functions.

[21:56] <@David-Visage> Those people never concidered that rich people often had children who they often threw money at in place of attention and didn't think that such teenager were another source of income for the right sort of establishment.

[21:56] <@David-Visage> Those people would also have twitched at the sight of the price tags on the custom t-shirts, many showing famous bands and tours, or accessories which Steve was looking through. He hardly noticed that though as he found himself studying things emblazoned with things from bands such as 'FeatherLight' or 'Slasher Ballad' and chosing between them…

[21:56] <@David-Visage> "They're not that bad…" A voice said in a bored tone from nearby, startling him slightly as reflexes had him turning to see the speaker. The pale faced girl about his age, with dark makeup which verged just on the right side of tasteful, gave him what must have been a much practiced ironic smile, "FeatherLight, I mean."

[22:07] <SteveP> Well that was unexpected! He turns to her, glancing briefly at the shirt again. "Oh, no, but I don't think they're really good enough to advertise across my b- chest." Still, he's a teenage boy, so he's legally obligated to advertise some sort of band on his chest, though something was telling him 'Slasher Ballad' probably wasn't a good idea.

[22:12] <@David-Visage> The girl's eyes dropped to Steve's own chest, her gaze moving slowly down his body then back up to his face as though daring him to comment on her forwardness. The faint tinge of red on her cheeks hinted that she wasn't as confident as she was trying to be though as she said, stumbling a little over the words, "W-well, I hadn't heard of jeans which did the same thing…"

[22:19] <SteveP> She's not the only one who's red! He seems torn as to whether he should thrust himself out proudly or back away and hide behind the slasher shirt he was holding. Still, he laughs a little awkwardly. "Well… not really? It'd only be the metallest of bands who'd adverts down there, wouldn't it?" His own eyes couldn't really help but scroll down her body as well after that, though even then he seemed a little conflicted! "Umm… what would you get?"

[22:24] <@David-Visage> The blush on his face faded a little as he looked her over, memories of sessions with Eliza going over how to be calm and not be overwhelmed by golddig- by any girls he happened to meet coming to mind. Being a teenager, even if a pretty one, she was nowhere near as filled out as Eliza or her sister were.

[22:24] <@David-Visage> "The only metal I'd want down there would be a zipper." The girl replied gamely but he caught the way she automatically glanced to the side as though expecting someone, possibly a parent, to have scolded her for the implications of her words.

[22:24] <@David-Visage> For a moment she faltered then asked, "Do… you want to look at some of the other ones? I found this rack which is a bit awkward to get to so there's probably better ones there?"

[22:36] * SteveP nods! It's a fancy boarding school as he understood it, so plenty of them must have shopped here too. It wouldn't do to be wearing the same things they are would it? "Sure! These ones are all…" Similar to what he already has! "You know? So… do you live around here?" He glances around though; was Eliza watching? Not that he imagined she'd stop him at all, but still.

[22:40] <@David-Visage> "No, but… Well, my mom wanted to get a few things so we came down. I hate flying, but since I was here I thought I'd see if there was anything worth getting?" The girl began to lead the way across the store, with plenty of sideways or backwards glances to be sure that the boy was following her still, "I'm Ros- Rozalin, by the way?"

[22:47] <SteveP> Of course he is! Even if her name doesn't really have a Z in it. "I'm Steve," Ok, so it's not a glamorous name! But he likes it! "I'm just passing through really? I'm starting at a new school, so I need new clothes for it?"

[22:51] <@David-Visage> "And you want to make an impression?" She gave him a knowing nod even as she started shifting the hangers on a rack, obvioulsy searching for something Impressive! for Steve. A little distracted by her search her phrasing became somewhat more formal, "My mother moved me between schools a few times, trying to find one which 'fitted expectations', so I know how that is. You need to show people what you want to from the start."

[22:52] <@David-Visage> She glanced back at him, obviously trying to see how well he took her words.

[23:04] <SteveP> He took them well enough! Nodding in agreement. "Oh, I know. Some schools are just… not worth going to? And you can't just appear in the same look as you have before? It just gets… kind of repetitive?"

[23:12] <@David-Visage> "It's what they expect you to be like. Exactly what they want you to be and nothing more." She agreed, nodding as though this an issue which had bothered her, "You want to be what you want to be. You want to stand up and stand out."

[23:12] <@David-Visage> Fumbling a little with the hangers she extracted first one t-shirt then another, holding them out for Steven, "Here, look! They've got one of the early Slasher Ballad shirts, not a really rare one but nobody has their Iowa tour ones, and if you want a FeatherLight then they've got the new ones which hasn't sold out yet…"

[23:12] <@David-Visage> She trailed off then gave him a smile, bring to mind a puppy which was almost wagging its tail at having found something good, then said in almost a conspiritorial murmur, "They've even got some 'Straight GATC' shirts still…!"

[23:12] <@David-Visage> Some bands were disreputable. Some where contraversal. And there were some that people couldn't figure out how the hell they away with their lyrics. But the band advertised by black t-shirt with a four color swatch which she passed him was infamous for songs which were blatantly based around various famous villians.

[23:18] <SteveP> …In a superhero school? That would get him lynched like, five times! Not a good idea, nope not at all! "Iiii… you're not a fan of theirs, are you?" Because while controversial is good… that might be a bit of a line! Maybe once he's established he can wear that, but not now!

[23:23] <@David-Visage> From the look on her face Rozalin wanted to say 'Yes.', but after a moment her expression fell and she admitted, "I liked some of the songs they did, they're good at them, and some of the covers. But I keep getting lectured about politics at home when I mention them. They are brave though, aren't they?"

[23:24] <@David-Visage> It wasn't as all the songs they were infamous for had been nice to the villians in question. And people were expecting for the first attack on them to happen when whatever villianess who 'Bouncy!' was about worked out who it was aimed at…

[23:30] * SteveP paused a bit, thinking, and nodded. "If they're singing like that… you're right? They're…" He pondered. He'd really not listened to much after jumping to a few conclusions, but thinking on it… "Maybe you're right; it might send the right message actually." He smiles, and keeps ahold of the shirt! iTunes will hear of this later.

[23:35] <@David-Visage> Rozalin almost beamed at him for a moment before quickly covering up the expression with nonchalance. Glancing around the store, and definitely not sneaking another look at Steve, "I've got to pick up a few things too, for myself I mean, but there's a cafe near here if you want to sit down and talk about it more. Maybe tell me where it is you're going to be going to school or something?"

[23:42] <SteveP> "Sure, and I could always help out? Return the favour?" He holds up the shirt, and maybe one or two other less controversial things. Though it was a secret school so… "I'll need to go in a while though? I don't want to be too late?"

[23:44] <@David-Visage> "If you're going to be in town for a couple of days then maybe we can meet up later?" She asked, not quite supressing the hopeful tone in her voice, "I think I know a couple of people who are in Boston and we could all meet up to… talk about things together?"

[23:50] * SteveP nods. Sure, he can see what's going on, and he's not going to be here in a couple days! He needs to be in school, and it's not like he can be in two… OH WAIT. "Sure, we can talk? How umm… when were you thinking?"

[23:55] <@David-Visage> Rozalin dug into the pockets of the loose jacket she wore open, the better to display the 'Rock of Gauges!' t-shirt she had on, then grinned as she pulled out her phone and brandished it at him before asking rhetorically, "You've got a number?"

[00:02] <SteveP> …Must be rhetorical! As if a teen with money wouldn't have a fancy smartphone. Which he pulls out! "Sure, it's" He then provides a number! Score for the goth girl! Sure, she's no Eliza, but they only just met! And it's someone to go clothes shopping with and distract from the sudden weirdness from earlier.

[00:04] <@David-Visage> With her phone in hand Rozaline had been smiling but then she seemed to spot something on it which made her expression become shocked and a little guilty, "Ah! Sorry, I do need to go and meet mother. I'll call you soon and, if you want, text me before that."

[00:05] <@David-Visage> Turning back to the racks she rumaged through hurriedly, pulling out three which she had obviously spotted during her earlier search, then grabed them and dahsed towards the till, "Bye! Call me…"

[00:07] * SteveP waves back! That solves the problem of telling her about superhero school at least? Still… Now there's just the matter of paying for his new stuff, maybe digging out a couple other bits and going to find his friendly neighbourhood nanny!

[00:10] <@David-Visage> As Steve stepped out of the store a quiet, but familiar, voice commented from nearby, "Well, she was an… eager little thing wasn't she?" Eliza gave Steve a small smile as she fell into step beside him, "Do I have to give you the 'birds, bees, and fluffheads' talk again?"

[00:13] <SteveP> "…No. I can talk to her without random wildlife getting involved, can't I?" Or other things! Still, he grumbles as they head off. "We were just shopping for a bit, really. Then she had to go see her mom?"

[00:17] <@David-Visage> "So she took you to the back to show you a… t-shirt?" Eliza teased, keeping up easily with his stride as he unconsciously hurried, "The one she was wearing, perhaps?"

[00:21] <SteveP> "I could already see that one? We went there to get some for me that maybe the other kids wont be wearing." Unless they found them online. Or you know, a different, better organised shop. "They were pretty cool too?" He lifts up the bag of examples! Proof they weren't just fooling around!

[00:25] <@David-Visage> "I'm sure you looked at… it a lot." She assured Steve in a knowing tone, but a faint frown crossed her face as she spotted the 'Straight GATC' t-shirt and her tone became less relaxed, "Oh."

[00:31] <SteveP> "Not that much!" Aand he turned red, looking down awkwardly. Though… "What is it?"

[00:33] <@David-Visage> "Just a few rumors about that group." Eliza said, her eyes wandering over the crowd around them as the two continued to walk along the avenue, "Likely not true, but…"

[00:36] <SteveP> "What kind of rumours? I know they're kind of sketchy, but not that bad I don't think?"

[00:39] <@David-Visage> "Apart from the theory that they're being set up as martyrs and bad press?" Eliza asked in return, a small shake of her head making her blonde hair sway. Stopping by a lamp post, the passersby rare enough not to be a crowd per se, "It depends on who you ask, but the more… annoying of their songs are apparently mostly aimed at some of the nastier mutant villians. And what would your little friend there think if 'her' band got killed by a literally 'evil mutant'?"

[00:42] <SteveP> "Oh… Well, maybe she'd blame the fact they're evil? Don't they have any songs complimenting heroes to balance out?" Also called 'Bouncy!', but in a good way!

[00:45] <@David-Visage> Eliza coughed slightly and murmured, "Well, they never say who the songs are about but there is one called 'Flamin'' which is apparently about Lamp Lighter. His reaction wasn't godo even if it was, technically, a compliment."

[00:49] <SteveP> "Well," He looks around! The guy's Boston based, so best make sure he's not in earshot! "He has a bit of a temper anyway; but he didn't really do anything against them, did he?"

[00:52] <@David-Visage> Eliza concidered the quest for a very long moment then shook her head, "Steve… They may be one thing or they may be another, but some people see them as a subtle thing. A way to get people thinking in some ways, to invite an incident, which would benefit certain groups. After the MCO purges and the corruption charges against the Friends of Humanity things seem to be going a different route."

[00:52] <@David-Visage> She looked at him directly, seeming less of the confident figure she normally was, and said more softly, "I want you to take care of yourself, Steve. Learn what you can and do what you want, but do your best to keep going and not get dragged down."

[01:00] * SteveP is quiet for a moment, slowly nodding, before speaking up again. "Thanks; I'll try do my best; and maybe I'll look up the band first, ok? I'll be sure to keep you up to date too!"

[01:02] <@David-Visage> Eliza nodded then smiled at him, "And when we get back to the hotel we can talk over what you're going to do about your little date…"

[01:05] * SteveP blinks, and looks back behind them, then back to Eliza! "Who said it was a date?" Especially with someone who said they were only in town briefly!

[01:07] <@David-Visage> Eliza grinned and began to explain, in the same careful tone used to inform small children of facts, "Well, Steve, when you get asked by a pretty girl for your phone number and she asks you out for coffee…"

«Scene End»

Session Notes:

This session was run on 25 May 2014 between David-Visage (acting as GM) and SteveP (playing Steve ). Minimal alterations to content (primarily in formatting, removal of OOC comments, and correction of spelling) have been made.