Wakeup Call - Whateley Theory Prelude

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[21:12] <@David-Visage> "Are you up, Emmet! Mom says you've got to have breakfast now before she clears everything way.

[21:12] <@David-Visage> As ways of waking up went hearing his oldest sister hammering at his bedroom door and calling out like that was not one of Emmet's favourites. Denise was a few years older than him and often unhappy about being sent to fetch her younger siblings. Going through a 'goth' period she was usually the most tolerable of his siblings.

[21:12] <@David-Visage> "Wake up Emmet! If you're masturbating or have you gotten tits again and freaked out then just stop."

[21:12] <@David-Visage> Emmet had been half awake when she started pounding on his door, but he winced at her words. Denise was also, much to his mortification, flatly stated after one incident than if he kept her waiting again while 'poking at bits he didn't normally have' then she'd come in and critique the performance.

[21:12] <@David-Visage> "I'm up!" Emmet yelled back then pushed himself out of bed, almost tripping over his sneaker when it somehow found itself under his foot amidst the floor clutter, to gather his clothes. He could change in the bathroom while he got ready. "Tell mom I'll be down in a minute!"

[21:12] <@David-Visage> Thankfully Denise seemed to accept that answer as he could hear her headed down the stairs even as he stripped off his pjs.

[21:12] <@David-Visage> One corner of his mind, memories which hadn't been there the night before, protested that pink was a manly colour like gentler shade of red but the majority of him really didn't want to be caught wearing it.

Thoughts slid past each other, minds merged like drops of water, and memories merged in a container of flesh which gave them form and relevance.

From two came one and, once more, that one was alone again.

Just somewhat more than he had been before.

[21:19] <MattBrooks> It…. that was a very freaky situation. Or thinking about the situation was kind of freaky. But…. one thing stood out. "Holy crap I know kung fu," he blurts out before he can really catch himself. It….. it was true he remembered learning it to some extend maybe. Well not kung fu kung fu. But something like it. Sorta. He shakes his head vigorously. What on earth…. Going through the motions of getting dressed while parts of his mind kept going over what just happened. And a not part of error checking that part. So much things going through him. Did he finally snap, or was this just more of his powers. Walking towards the door as he tries to fit himself into his shirt. "So cool, tapping into multiverse of me's that together know everything."

[21:19] <MattBrooks> Wait what? Multiverse?

[21:22] <@David-Visage> Familiar actions helped a little. There was no 'one' and 'other' but someone who was both, like two rivers which had flowed into each other. If anything the parts of him which were Matt did seem more real yet that might just be because of his body and this place bringing such thoughts to the surface.

[21:23] <@David-Visage> Mom and dad. Denise and his other siblings. They were -his family even if part of him recalled otherwise.

[21:26] <MattBrooks> It really did help out a lot. But there were so many things felt strange. He was pretty sure dad never gave him books to read. Well not those that he keeps remembering. He's pretty sure of that. But he still heads for the bathroom. Right yes, before anyone else claimed it. He heads over there. Trying to sort things out in his head. He should probably check his looks again just to make sure.

[21:30] <@David-Visage> One of the twins dashed by, feet pounding on the carpet as he headed for the room shared with his sister, and from the grin on his brother's face Matt probably didn't want to know -why- the retreat at speed was being made. There were no screams though, no yells through the house, and with everyone else having had breakfast already the bathroom would have been empty for a while now.

[21:31] <MattBrooks> He quickly washes his face before checking out the damage. Hoping he still looked like last night. And the memories are the only change today. If that's the case surely he could go and get some food too.

[21:32] <MattBrooks> No screams, not his room. He'll find out what his brother did soon enough. It's not important right now. He hoped.

[21:35] <@David-Visage> The face in the mirror looked familiar enough and, after going through a mental check list that he was still working on, nothing seemed out of place there. The little part of his mind, the shard of another life, wanted to complain that he was not dressed correctly.

[21:35] <@David-Visage> Given that, from what he could tell, that side of himself had more… formal and old fashioned views on clothing he didn't pay it much heed. The memories were there, along with knowledge of how to use an ink well and pen, but memories alone weren't a problem.

[21:41] <MattBrooks> It all was a little weird but still kind of cool too. If he could trust those memories. He smiles at his reflection. There's no way he'd listen to them for advice on dressing though. They had such crazy ideas. Which means it's food time. Before there's nothing left. So he runs off.

[21:42] <MattBrooks> He couldn't have dozed off again right? After he got woken up? I mean normally he gets woken up with everyone else. If this is what his brother was laughing about…. Oh he'll get him good for sure.

[21:44] <@David-Visage> The reflection smiled back, as reflections do, but gave no hint or clue as to what might have permitted Matt his extended slumber. The only answer to that lay downstairs… Well, downstairs unless he wanted to try wringin an answer out of his brother in case the kid knew something.

[21:46] <MattBrooks> Oh no, he wants to get some food before everyone else takes all the good things. It's not worth it. Especially since he already is late.

[21:49] <MattBrooks> So he heads downstairs for the rest of the family.

[21:54] <@David-Visage> It must have been later than Matt had thought, and the lack of his bedside clock could be firmly blamed on his 'powers', as almost everyone had already been to breakfast and gone. Denise brushed past him on her way to the front, not quite bumping into him but flashing him a smile for some reason, as she called that she was heading out.

[21:54] <@David-Visage> The table in the kitchen was mostly cleared off already, only his father still there almost contemplatively munching on some toast, but even as he came in his mother put a bowl down for him.

[21:54] <@David-Visage> "Good to see that you're up finally," She told him then gestured to the table, "I'd left out the cereals for you so take some then I'll put them away. We need to talk after you've eaten."

[21:57] <MattBrooks> "What… but moooooom. Why didn't you wake me up." his mind went back to that because… that sounded kind of scary. They weren't going to send him away or have him disappeared right? For his own good or something like that? When he got hit before well…. everybody had been really supportive but that doesn't mean he didn't have a nightmare about the worst.

[21:58] <MattBrooks> But he does head for the cereal bowl. Time to eat.

[22:00] <@David-Visage> Memories of news reports, of the exposure of how certain villains had infiltrated the MCO for purposes of… acquiring mutants to 'test', came to mind and it was hard to eat. The pictures that had been published were not nice to think about..

[22:00] <@David-Visage> …and it hardly helped that certain 'people' in town had protested about it. Not that it had been done, but that it couldn't be done legally.

[22:03] <MattBrooks> Exactly…. which is well… why… "Dad? What's a cravat? I mean I know how to tie one of I had it but what is it?" He moves the spoon around in his cereal. Trying to postpone the upcoming inevitability with distractions.

[22:06] <@David-Visage> That got an odd, but tolerant look, from his father who said in an amused tone, "I'd be tempted to tell you it was a type of fish, but I'm not going to make you look it up today. It's a neck tie, as you might have worked out from having to 'tie' it around your neck."

[22:06] <@David-Visage> As it turned out there was -exactly- the right amount of milk in the jug to pour onto his cereal but Matt had started to get used to that sort of coincidence now. Although a small part of his mind did wonder if there really had been just enough -before- he came down…

[22:10] <MattBrooks> "Oh, so not something long and complicated?" Eyeing the milk carton a bit. Letting the cereal soak up the milk a bit longer than usual before he actually starts eating. The whole talk thing really curbed his appetite. "Fishy around the neck could be kinda cool though." And then he still tries to eat a little bit at least.

[22:13] <@David-Visage> "Well, I was once told I looked like a penguin when I wore a tuxedo." His father said as the cereal boxes were swiftly and efficiently vanished by his mother. Something else fishy seemed to be going on though as his dad distractedly slice a piece of toast into thinner and thinner strips with just an occasional bite being taken.

[22:15] <MattBrooks> "You did?" He looks at his dad. And then quickly looks away again. "Ah… sorta can imagine that. I mean for tuxedoes in general of course." Nodding quickly. Taking another bite or two. He…. he should just ask them. He really should ask them. The heels of his feet tapping against the floor.

[22:20] <@David-Visage> "Do you want some toast?" Mom called from the kitchen, obviously eager to put away the loaf if the answer was no. Or even if the answer was yes, but it'd get Matt at least two slices of cooked bread if he said so. It felt a bit odd to be sitting here with only his Dad at the table and force of habit almost made him check under the table for the -other- twin.

[22:23] <MattBrooks> He has to think about it for a little bit but…. he's not that hungry any more. "No mom. I'm good really!" He does however look around the room another time, or two. Just to make sure no siblings were listening in or watching. "You're not going to send me away are you? I mean I'll be good and everything and makes sure to do all my chores really!" He hunches up a little bit.

[22:23] <MattBrooks> He didn't mean to raise his voice but he did get to squeak a little bit at the end. It would be fine. Surely. Yes. Definitely, they loved him.

[22:27] <@David-Visage> There was one of those shared looks between his parents, his mother with a hand on the plastic wrapped loaf and his dad with the vivisected toast on the plate in front of him. One of those looks which he knew meant that there was something they didn't want to say, or that they were being careful of 'around the kids', and after a moment a decision seemed to have been made as his father spoke up.

[22:28] <@David-Visage> "We're not wanting to send you away," His father said in a tone of voice which almost screamed 'I'm trying to be careful about how I say this', "-Especially- after the fuss those idiots put up about you. No, this is just that we were contacted about an… opportunity for you. To learn more about being a mutant."

[22:31] * MattBrooks looks at his dad a little anxiously as he waits for an answer. Listening quietly and nodding along as he speaks. "Oh…. that's well… right yes. Mean that would be good yes." Most likely yes. He wouldn't even mind if it meant like taking extra classes after school. Maybe… for a little bit.

[22:35] <@David-Visage> His mother started putting things away, or in the dishwasher, with a frown on her face. She let dad speak though as he somewhat awkward tried to explain further, "There's good sides and there's bad sides to it. But you do need to learn, really Matt. We love you but if things go wrong don't you want to know -what- your powers do and that's a specialised thing."

[22:38] <MattBrooks> "But they….." maybe saying they just make things weird isn't the best thing to say to convince them you don't need help with them too much. "I mean just… so well…. what's that thing then? To do I mean?" Stirring his cereal some more. Only half done with the bowl. "Because well kind of make it seem like this big bad scary thing."

[22:43] <@David-Visage> "I mean that we found somewhere which teaches people with powers." His father said, leaning back in his chair and giving up on the fragments which had once been an innocent slide of toast, "We have checked and they teach people, teach heroes even, about being a mutant. And while what you do hasn't done anything bad, your mother and I worry that it could. Or something could go wrong with them and -we- don't know how how to handle it."

[22:46] <MattBrooks> "And it's far away? I mean… I never heard about that." Yeah he looks down into the cereal. So he wasn't really wrong but… they didn't want him gone right? Just wanted to help him. Yes that. "And… it's for heroes?"

[22:49] <@David-Visage> "I was told that the current Champion graduated from there." His father said with a smile, but his mother silently took a seat beside him and looked worried before a hand was put atop her. Slowly the smile faded, "Matt… Emett, we have looked into things. We've -tried- to find something better, someone nearby to teach you, but everything says that there's not many places in the world with experience in teaching mutants safely. We're worried that, without control, something bad could happen."

[22:50] <@David-Visage> That his father had left out -what- exactly they worried about was slightly ominous. Vague words weren't his fathers way.

[22:55] <MattBrooks> Which only reinforced his thoughts that it might be really needed. What if he hurt people with it? He wasn't too sure but…. "Right, well that's actually kind of cool you know. I mean it has heroes. Even trained big ones. Sounds amazing and neat." He tries to smile. Part of him was excited of course. I mean a school for superheroes. Could there be anything better. But on the other hand…. well there's the nervousness. "Maybe they'll teach me how to save people too."

[22:58] <@David-Visage> "That's a good thought." His father agreed then squeezed his mother's hand again, "It's expensive, if you didn't -need- this then we wouldn't be thinking about sending you, but they have some very good grades and many impressive graduates. Although I'm not going to say you need to keep up with any 'super-brain- types."

[22:58] <@David-Visage> The small part of Matt's mind which had appeared during his sleep wanted to formally say something, to assure them or reassure his mother that he would do well.

[23:03] <MattBrooks> Putting them at ease is something he wants to do as well. If only to calm himself down a bit too. "And…. if I don't want to go? What then?" Though he wasn't really sure that he didn't want to go. It scared him, but the weird thoughts and all the changes. Especially with his parents talking about something bad happening…. He doesn't want that. And what if he suddenly really becomes someone else.

[23:06] <@David-Visage> His mother bit her lip for a moment then spoke up for the first time, obviously trying to reassure Matt, "We can try to work something out, Matt. Something will turn up, I'm sure, if we keep looking…"

[23:09] <MattBrooks> "Just… just wanted to know really. Mean…. I'll go. Just wanted to be sure." He gets up and does something really embarrassing but he wanted to. Hugging his mom. "I'll miss you. Miss everyone."

[23:11] <@David-Visage> "You're not going away forever." His dad aid even as Matt was hugged tightly by his mother in return, "You'll be back for all the vacations, the breaks and so on, and we can do stuff. In the meantime I'm actually planning on seeing if I can poke at members of a certain church subtly…"

[23:12] <@David-Visage> "Daniel!" Matt's mother protested, giving her husband a look which wasn't -quite- as fierce as it should be. After a moment she relented and murmured, "Not if they know it's you…"

[23:18] * MattBrooks nods. "Yeah, that's true. And there's phones and facetime and everything." Maybe he could get a smartphone out of this too. Which is a small little upside. It helped him smile some more. "So would be like still going home regularly."

[23:22] <@David-Visage> "Now, Matt, we've got a punch of papers about this 'Whateley Academy' for you to look at and a site for them as well." His father said and the -name- of this supposedly place rang metaphoric alarm bells with certain newly acquired memories, "I'll let you look through them, see what you think of things, and then we can talk again."

[23:25] <MattBrooks> "Whateley!?" he squeaks before hunching up and nodding. "Right yes of course." A thread in his mind going over the idea of Whateley but it couldn't be that right? That was just stories. "So mean I can get those right? And choose if I want to go and everything?"

[23:27] <@David-Visage> "If you don't want to got then we can talk about it and you can tell us your reasons." His father held up a hand to stall protests, "I'm not going to say we'll send you regardless, not if you have a good reason not to, but… Matt, you've noticed that things you've changed don't change back?"

[23:33] <MattBrooks> "I….. sorta? Yes?" He blushes a bit and looks down at the ground. That kinda sucked sometimes. He got that. just…. to be away from everyone… His siblings were a pain sometimes but he didn't really want them gone. "I'll take it seriously. I promise."

[23:38] <@David-Visage> "It's not that we don't think that you do." His mother said, speaking up again. Normally she was the more talkative of his parents, or at least talked to him more, but nowe she seemed to have issues finding her voice, "It's just… after the things with the pot plant we were worried. About what would happen if the power changed, say, Denise?"

[23:40] <MattBrooks> Even well… if the name sounded kinda scary. That scared him more. "I don't want that!" And well… before…. the thought did kind of occur to him that maybe… maybe he could do his parents not make him go away to the school. Just a little bit….. "Really don't want to like suddenly have…. yes… Sorry."

[23:43] <@David-Visage> "Matt, let me make you an offer." His father offered, looking his son in the eyes and obviously trying to show his sincerity even as Matt was still being hugged by his mother, "If after the first year you've got everything down, if you've got your power under enough control or found out that it -won't- do that, and you want to come back then we can get you back into school at home again."

[23:48] <MattBrooks> "I…. okay. Yes. I can do that. Definitely yes. Thank you." He nods several times while holding his mothers arm. He'd do his best for that. For sure. Definitely. That didn't sound to bad. Surely it wouldn't be right? He can do that.

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Session Notes:

This session was run on 29 April 2014 between David-Visage (acting as GM) and MattBrooks (playing Matt / Emmet). Minimal alterations to content (primarily in formatting, removal of OOC comments, and correction of spelling) have been made.