The Forge Crown



This is a privately run game for Exalted (Second Edition) which could be said to centre around a Twilight caste Solar as he literally makes his place in Creation. Alternatively it might centre around an overworked Chosen of the Maidens as she tries to keep a lid on the wild ideas of a certain Solar and get him, instead, to actually fix up a chunk of the area she is responsible for.

It's all just a matter of perspective.

House Rules

The house rules which are used, in this pre 2.5e game, can be found here.


? Information about the Creation and the what the characters have run into.


? Stuff which is "known" to have happened, especially historically.


? Stuff which might have been heard about

Cast & Crew

Player Characters

? The two PCs.

Lazuline Sunset Sky

xx Chosen of the Maidens

Shandalar Kerberos

xx Chosen of the Unconquered Sun

Storyteller Characters

? One line definition of each of everybody else. Will split into sub-pages soon enough.


Only prelude sessions of this game have been run so far.

Lazuline's Prelude

Once there was a Maiden…