Lazuline Sunset Sky's Prelude - Part 01


The below session ran on the 24th December 2011 between the ST (Phobos) and Lazuline's player. Some OOC notes and private exchanges are concealed by the collapsed text blocks and may be removed in the final version of this log.

«Chronicle Begins - The Forge Crown»

«Prelude Session Starts - You Were Invited…»


It was a place and wonders and marvels, where the Celestial gods who ran Creation dwelled, where the sky overheard signified the victories at the Great Games of Divinity which maintained Creation, where a thousand tongues spoke and proclaimed matters of import…

Yet it was not, as young Sidereals discovered, the quietest of places to get rest after a long day (or week) of working. While the various departments of the Bureau of Destiny did provide quarters for those who otherwise failed to procure their own, it could be… inadvisable to go to sleep there unless you were of high enough rank not to wake up to a list of matters passed down the chain of command.

So it came to be that, in this place of glorious and Creation shaking decisions, one junior Sidereal was sprawled out atop sapphire sheets (donated by her division, but throughly laundered first) in a single room apartment at an inconvenient distance from the Cerulean Lute.

Three days of neat solid work had sapped her energy and, finally given time away, she had collapsed there to catch up on her sleep with her clothes crumpled on the floor between bed and door.

"Mmmmmmoooh," Lazuline mumbled, for once sleep-slurred (if sensual) and not awakening instantly and alert as morning people do. Turning and spreading her thighs, a silken sheet slipping down smoothly to reveal her naked form, she opened her sky-blue eyes and prepared to grace whoever was touching her with a pleasant smile.

A similar pair of clear blue eyes met Lazuline's own and the smile on the lips beneath them was a gently amused one. The other Chosen of Serenity raised the silver brush from where it's soft tip had been teasing Lazuline then, as though it had been dipping into an ink well, was moved to the mostly blank prayer strip that she had obviously just started writing. After that small motion, which almost caused Lazuline's eyes to cross, it took several moments to place the slightly tanned woman in the billowing and translucent white blouse as her own sifu.

"Good morning, Lazuline." Meridian Aubade said in a soft tone which was just languid and casual enough to set minor alarm bells ringing in her student's mind. She made another brush stroke on the paper then added, "I hope you rested well? You have certainly improved a little in terms of awareness…"

Lazuline shook tousled red locks out of her face, then decided to dispense with the smile and bat her eyelashes instead. Sleep-slurred turned to languid and breathy. "Why Sifu, have you decided to develop a more intimate relationship with your favorite student, after all? I am rested well enough for that, provided you do most of the strenuous work…"

"Is that really an offer to let me do things to your body?" Medidian asked with a pleasent smile of her own, turning her brush so that she could lift slightly with the end lacking bristles. "You seem to have liked it so far after all. At the far end of the balance though…"

Of the two the student seemed to possess a far more lush body, outclassing her sifu who was 'pleasent' to look at and had common forgettable looks which might be seen on a servant almost anywhere in Creation. Much to the jealousy of certain other, more easily noticed, Sidereals.

Lazuline straightened slightly, not minding how obvious this made the difference in lushness, and adopted a patient look; the very patient look of a long-suffering student listening to ramblings of a teacher gone eccentric with age. "…yes?"

"Excellent." Meridian stated brightly then the end of the brush tapped her student on inside of each knee sharply, almost caused Lazuline a flashback to when the elder had 'corrected' with a light switch her first attempts at a martial stance, "You will need to get used to this so I shall draw it upon you as we talk."

She looked over the redhead, her gaze sweeping over curves and fair skin as though she were a farmer judging the ripeness of wheat, then added, "I arranged for you to have the morning free with the afternoon assigned to 'preperations for intra-bureau cooperative activities'."

The younger Sidereal spread her legs as obliquely directed, incidentally putting to rest any question whether she was a natural redhead. Her expression became even more patiently polite, as a student trying not to react to obvious, sad signs of senility. "Beloved Sifu, my pardon, but I must have been still asleep when you explained the important part. Could you please indulge our humnle, lazy student?"

"Why, my ever eager student," Meridian replied with surprise equally as false as Lazuline's humility had been, her brush starting to paint a series of lines along the younger Sidereal's stomach without any regard to the lack of ink that should have hindered it, "It has become apparent that one 'Azure Star' has been invited to a party in an official capacity as a representative of the Cerulean Lute and so she must be ready to attend. In as many ways as need be concidering the situation."

"Azure Star…" Lazuline murmured, frowning in deep thought. "Oh, her. Isn't that hard-working colleague due an entire month of sabbatical, after all that overtime she pulled? Maybe the Bureau had better send a less auspicious personage, a minor but pretty godling maybe…"

Meridian continued her brush work, the soft strands distracing as they moved lower and around while laying out the foundation of a pattern across belly and along the thighs, "Oh, but this should not be too much work for her and they do say that a change is as good as a rest." Judging by her chatty mannerisms, Meridian was obviously already in a persona for some reason, "Her name is, apparently, on a list of available personnel so the invitation is for her alone. Do you want to see it?"

"Yes," Lazuline said, careful not to shift her torso as she lowered her gaze to regard Meridian's handiwork with mild disapproval. "I have to wonder, is warpaint part of the dresscode?"

"Not per se, but once I am finished you can go bathe." A faint grimance of distant twisted Meridian's lips before she added verbally while her brush inked a carefully curved line, "Have you taken Maiden's Tea? I have a purgative here if you partook recently."

"While I will be the first to admit my salary is grossly inadequate compared with my modest needs," Lazuline murmured in a pensive voice, "I am able to afford simple mortal medicaments such as that, yes. Despite being mundane and affordable, it is also quite reliable."

Lazuline gave the aforementioned handiwork one last, especially doubtful look.

The brush dipped down, taking a little moisture before inscribing a twisted swirl barely higher in a way which had to take care to avoid the 'natural redhead's proof', and Meridith recited in a singsong manner which hinted at memorisation, "The member of the Division of Serenity, within the Department of Destiny, known as Azure Star has been invited and bid welcome to the celebration of the ad hoc elevation of the great and worthy divine being whose name is Tabrince into orders of merit." She took a breath, likely just for show, then continued, "This celebration shall be held, and sponsored, by the Adjudant of Lytek, Parad who requests 'Azure Star' in an official position to enhance and smooth the celebrations for the worthy of note."

"Delightful," Lazuline murmured, her tone of voice ambiguous. "Tabrince. Is that a name I ought to know? Certainly, everything else about the affair appears positively routine. I would almost wonder, would the Bureau stoop to assigning one of its hundred most valuable assets to babysit a gaggle of minor gods, to curry favor?"

"It has been signed off as, through a number of loops and copies so that I can't be sure who did this, intra-bureau cooperation. And he is, at present, in the Department of Universal Human Affairs in the Bureau of Humanity as the God of Recorded Genealogies." Meridith explained before adding a careful line in a shade of purple which stood out starkly on Lazuline's skin, "You may want to give a nice prayer to Ryzala, thanking her for the complexity of the paperwork as it meant that I could catch the 'urgent request' for Lazuline Sunset Sky to assist in mediating a disagreement in the far West at the same time…"

She paused then looked Lazuline in the eye, her gaze suddenly stern rather than languid, "I would not concider Parad to be 'minor' as, lately, he has been changing his habits in ways which indicates that he is both pleased and worried."

Lazuline remained silent for a bit, appearing deceptively relaxed. When she spoke, she muted her earlier airy tone. "What course of action would be most advantageous; to the Bureau that is? A lesson about proper requisitioning protocol is, well, tempting, yet…"

"I am going to be spending my day tracing this back as I suspect that the wording is not what either of those named would have used of their own accord." Meridian replied as her brush strokes picked up speed and she worked at filling in the pattern with a series of smaller symbols. "From what I have picked up from other sources, and know of those involved, this is not quite likely to reach the point of an orgy but expect to see a few individuals 'involved' quite publically. Conception would get you blessed, quite throughly, by several parties there but normal methods of preventing that would be concidered insulting their areas of influence."

She took a slow breath then bent down to -breath- over the already drying ink, the breath hot against Lazulein's more sensitive parts, then straightened and advised, "Put on a good show, but you might do well to 'sell the sizzle, not the steak' if you can. This is just a precaution."

"Merely a precaution, assuming this joyful event does not hold further interesting surprises…" Lazuline mused. "I certainly hope this turns out to be a misunderstanding rather than, say, an anonymous agent intent on causing trouble for someone important's humble student." She did not bother with the false humility this time.

"I think that you would prefer to avoid the other sort of 'joyful event' though." Meridian commented as she flicked her brush to the side out of habit, despite not a drop of ink coming free when she did so, "You have the day to prepare, including finding a suitable attire and obtaining a gift, so I shall have to simply hope that you make the best of it. Ur-Gandril, in the Sub-Department of Constructive Pursuits, is expecting you."

The younger Sidereal glanced with mild regret at her large and sinfully soft bed, or specifically a wide drawer worked into its base, even though she appeared far from tired. After taking a deep breath she smiled. "Then I best get to it. After all, I am looking forward to this exclusive event I am so graciously invited to."

Her sifu nodded then, unexpectedly, reached out to put a hand on Lazuline's shoulder. The hand was warm and, as she squeezed lightly, stronger than it seemed at a casual glance. Meridian looked at her student and told her, "You do your best and I will deal with whoever arranged this. Be aware that Parad may not be the source of the difficulties, but he can be touchy about matters. He may be the trap to avoid springing."

"I acknowledge that," Lazuline said in a softer voice as she met the other's eyes. "As well as the possibility my part of this challenge might well be the safer of the two. I will report back to you as soon as I can afterwards, my Sifu."

Meridian smiled then turned and walked away, hopping down from the raised sleeping area then crossing the large empty expanse which formed the centre of the studio style apartment. As she reach the door she glanced back and with, a little teasing humor in her voice, said, "Now, you have a little time before you are expected but try not to spend too much time with the contents of that drawer after I leave…"

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«Sessions Ends»

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