Lazuline Sunset Sky's Prelude - Part 02


The below session ran on the 27th January 2012 between the ST (Phobos or Maeko) and Lazuline's player (Glorfindel or Luthien). Some OOC notes and private exchanges are concealed by the collapsed text blocks and may be removed in the final version of this log.

«Prelude Continues - To A Celebration»

«Scene Starts»

The estate sprawled out before 'Azure Star' as she stood at the ceremonial ivory archway which stood over the path spiralling down into the hollow in which a modest mansion was nestled. Jet and semiprecious stones of darker colours stood in for gravel on the path before the Sidereal and, from here, she could trace how it wound between small clearings in the woods which filled this artifically natural 'pocket valley'.

A single breath took in traces of essence, used casually for the sole purpose of enhancing the fertility of the grounds… and those who might dwell here, and 'Azure' could feel an answering pulse within her at the thought of what would likely result from a coupling in this place.

A man and woman, equally naked with strong resemblence between which betrayed a close blood relationship, emerged from the trees close to the arch and moved to intercept 'Azure'. With so dark blue hair that it was virtually black and skin with traces of blue, they were obviously either Dragonblooded of the Water Aspect or mortals who had a lingeage boasting many such persons.

Azure Star gestured, producing a ribbon of artfully caligraphed silk as she glided forward to casually offer it to the male servant. To her back, a carriage drawn by what seemed to be white calves set itself into motion and soon disappeared from view; the Sidereal's eyes, however, lingered on the man just a bit longer than would be suitable to express casual interest.

The man, and his lack of attire made -that- obvious, smiled even as his eyes did linger for a moment on Azure Star's dress even as he took the ribbon from her. A brief glance at it was all that he required before bowing and offering his arm to the Chosen of the Maiden with a polite comment of, "You are expected, milady. Do you wish refreshments or entertainment first or should I escort you to the host and guest of honor?"

She smiled in response, one that was briefly considering before she let it fade and took the offered arm. "I would be in remiss if I avoided my dear host at such an auspicious occasion," she murmured.

His arm was warm and solid as he took hers, everything about his body fufilling a certain aspect of almost ornamental fitness, and he smiled at her acceptance while murmuring, "Of course, milady Azure Star. If there is anything else you desire then please but ask." With those words he began to escort her along the path, his feet on the bejeweled stone path and his own on the mere grass which ran beside it.

Only when she was sure he wasn't looking did she stop biting the corned of her lip and glided along the path. "Have many guests yet arrived? I aimed to make my entrance before the point of being fashionably late, yet we all have our lapses of judgement, sometimes."

"A minority have arrived, milady." He affirmed and something about his tone seemed respectful but just low enough to be intimate. The trees closed in on the path as the pair continued along it and, as they came to a split, he inquired politely, "Do you wish to join some of the guests who are indulging their appetites?"

Her hold on his arm tightened just slightly, but she shook her head and graced him with a languid smile. "I will get around to them later, perhaps. Duty before pleasure."

"Of course, milady." He replied, accepting her rejection as a polite… entertainer should, but his arm stayed linked with her own. He guided her forwards, past the several turnings off from which came sounds ranging from laughter and giggles to the noises of more… physical exertion, and deeper between these trees which had bark the color of fresh loam and needles which occasionally glittered with hints of emerald rather than mere green.

The walk was not a short one, but not long enough to be tiring and occasionally hints of scents fit to make ones mouth water could be made out.

Azure surreptitiously rolled the shoulder of the arm which carried her voluminously wrapped gift. "Mmm. I wonder how many guests do make it all the way in one go, before they are tempted to take just a little.. quick.. break."

He gave a low rumbling laugh which almost shivered across Azure's skin and replied, somewhat daringly for a man of his status, "Milday, I have heard that it is concidered the best way to ensure that guests do overwhelmed the host at once and encourages them to properly… mingle."

"I daresay my poor host might be feeling lonely and bored, having laid his plans too well," Lazuline murmured, giving him a quirky smile and bolder look, though those soon faded behind Azure's slightly more bland brand of sensual languidness. "Let us therefore persevere."

"I have been complimented on my… endurance." He told her as he led her further along the winding path until a certain turn brought them between two trees and out into clearing which had obviously been carefully altered for the purposes of the celebration.

From what Azure had seen from above this open space with artfully raked sand and carefully placed rocks, of sunbaked soil, sculpted stone couches, and pits fueled by aromatic woods and firedust hadn't been visible at all and the path had not possessed any of the turns which they had passed. Naked servants lingered, dark skin showing at Southern origins or grey hinting at more fiery birthright, and one casually drifted closer with a tray of small glasses even as a firepit flared and the scent of expertly scorch meat wafted through the clearing.

"The heart of the party," Azure observed, her tone pleasant but just a bit ambiguous. She still allowed the other to lead, giving no hints she might want to linger to partake yet, but looking properly appreciative even so.

Perhaps five people of importance are immediately visible, tended by the discrete servants in various ways.
Judging by the gasps from over to one side the rotund figure with emerald skin and bronzed lips and nails might be entertaining the serving girl who is on his lap, and whose lap he has his hand in, but you wouldn't know it given that his attention was on the dark red mixture of meat and black beans he seemed to be snacking on from a small bowl.

Two goddesses sat near by, bound by silken scarves at waist, thigh, and bicep along one side, alternated bites from a jewel scaled lizard as they explained something earnestly to that same god. There white silken dresses mirrors each other in their slanted cut which doesn't -quite- expose the breast furthest away from their twin. Blue blood, or perhaps sauce, drips occasionally and the forgettable young man at their side attentively catches them on a napkin.

Parad is obviously present, not putting himself too far forward as he is not the one being honored, in one of his favored forms as a Chosen of Earth Dragon. Of close to seven foot in height, with yellow-brown skin the hue of sandstone and a loincloth barely concealing other attributes, he sips at a comparitively small steaming tankard of silver decorated with red jade dust.

The last figure, who moves to greet Azure as she enters, is rather less… impressive. Slight, perhaps even reedy in build, solid black eyes judge the Sidereal even as their owner moved closer. From the description she had gotten, which included such details as his papyrus like skin and newly gifted black and crimson robes, this could only be the guest of honor: Tabrince.

Azure *smiled* at the god, her dreamily detached attitude vanishing like the morning sun shedding a cloud, a smile of beauty and warmth that was exclusively for its intended recipient. Bending like a willow, she allowed a rather nice view down her 'slightly conservative' corsetted dress. After just long enough to be appreciated, she straightened and stepped closer. "Lord Tabrince. I am most honored to meet you at this auspicious occasion and extend, from me and mine, to you and yours, my best hopes and expectations for future prosperity."

The servant who had escorted Azure here discretely slipped back a few steps, moving out of direct sight and away from the attention of both personages with an ease which sent a vague pang of envy through the Siderel, and so it was Tabrice himself who was struck by the full effects of her smile and dip. The cut of the dress allowed the god a good of matters, revealing enough to get his attention and concealing just enough to make him unconsciously curious about seeing more, and he swallowed hard before mustering a reply.

"It is an honor to have your attendance at, and assistance with, such a minor celebration," Tabrice told her, his tone dry and all too easy to imagine written in a neat but cramped script like that used by Guild clerks, "I am certain that you will prove a credit to your sifu and Fellows, Azure Star, and look forward to seeing how your expertise can assist this event."

Azure dipped her head, her eyelashes lowered before she met the god's gaze again. "I will endeavour to make this occasion a pleasure for all present," she said, a faint hint of breathiness in her voice. "Should an encounter turn inauspicious, as unthinkable as such is, then do not hesitate to call on me."

There was a brief pause as his eyes, pools of ink rather than what one might normally call eyes, met Azure's own for a long moment then he replied, "Your enthusiasm and obvious skill are laudible and your offers of such aide are appreciated. Please, partake of what is offered to our guests and I shall speak to you anon after I see to the state of the other guests."

"I am looking forward to it," the Sidereal murmured, not specifying whether she meant the party or the other or both. Inclining her head, she took her leave, putting a slight sway in her hips as she went. Her eyes drifted over those present to discreetly gaze at her host and his state of distraction.

«Scene Pauses»

«Sessions Ends»

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