Lazuline Sunset Sky's Prelude - Part 03


The below session ran on the 31st March 2012 between the ST (Phobos or Maeko) and Lazuline's player (Glorfindel or Luthien). Some OOC notes and private exchanges are concealed by the collapsed text blocks and may be removed in the final version of this log.

«Forge Crown Prelude - Oh What Joys»

«Scene Resumes»

A few more individuals had arrived while 'Azure' had spoken Tabrince, none seeming of outstanding note and only a few who she recognised. It seemed that the Sidereal had arrived just in time and at the point where those of importance had settled into place before the later arrivals were forced to arrange themselves around the others.

The twin goddesses, bound to each other as they were, had apparently finished their conversation with the rotund god and found a place for themselves on a low couch where they watched other guests slow trickle in and called out to a few by name.

Parad, Azue could only assume, remained with Tabrince for the moment but as the pair were now behind her it would be obvious if she turned to check but she could her the newcomers presenting themselves to the 'host'.

Ahead of her though the emerald skinned god who the twins had been speaking with still sat, eating absently with one hand as the other did -something- beneath the skirt of the servent on his lap. Her face was a picture, strained and flushed, but he seemed utterly distinterest in her as he directed an inviting look towards Azure herself.

Azure Star tilted her head, taking in the little tableau, something vaguely approving flittering around her lips as she considered the god's effect with such a minimum level of interaction. As she did, she spent a modicum of essence and set her tiny little spider secretary to retrieve the god's name from the Loom.

Azure Star sauntered over, casually snapping up a glass of liquor from a tray. "An auspicious pleasure, Jehanal, seeing a fellow member from the Lute here. We haven't met; I was lucky and astounded to receive an invite to this happy occasion, addressed to Azure Star, refering to my humble self."

She put just subtle bit of extra emphasis on the 'addressed' and the 'Azure Star'.

Jehanal gave a nod in response, either catching the cue or simply following the standard procedure when speaking of a Chosen of the Maidens outside of the Lute, "It is a pleasure indeed to be here, along with yourself, to celebrate the results of Tabrince's efforts… and to have the chance to admire the cut of your lovely garment."

His gaze moved over Azure, taking in the look of her as though the dress in question was not there, but his eyes lingered just long enough to show that he was 'appreciative' of her looks.

"Is the dress comfortable for you?" He asked as though honestly concerned, his fat fingers moving and the servant closing her eyes as she arched and gave a silent cry, "It is a thing of beauty and some may remark upon it if… exertions caused it to be ruffled and unsuited."

Azure.. no, Lazuline obligingly dipped a little (only a little) to show him her, ah, dress at an especially good angle. "It is entirely comfortable, and it would be a shame if that delicate surface which you are admiring would be ruffled," she agreed. "Still, this seems a genteel party, where such incidents can be easily avoided if one is careful."

Jehanal gave a rumbling laugh which brought to mind memories of proud fathers smiling at their daughter, his belly bouncing as he laughed, and he nodded, "Oh dear, you are such a humorist. Don't let an old god such as I keep you from exploring the odd dark corners and finding someone. I have to admit that I once did see you and Meridian working up a sweat in a very vigorous manner so, please, don't hold back from seeking out a nice man to show what you can do."

"Speaking of whom, Meridian may object to me casually indulging in vigorous activities, given the circumstances," Lazuline said with superficial regret. "I thank you for your advice. It's good to know that colleagues such as we can depend on each other."

She smiled and, after inclining her head, she hesitated just long enough for Jehanal to either or invite her to sit here or not, her stance already shifting slightly towards a likely range of other seats nearby.

The god just gave her another of those a beatific smiles, his bronzed lips upturned, as he gestured with his free hand and joked, "Oh, be off with you before I'm tempted to 'bless' you with some -very- pleasent memories." The girl on his lap made a soft helpless sound as though in response to his words, but his eyes remained on Azure's own… and there was no humor in them.

She allowed a bit of jealousy to shine through in her gaze as it involuntarily dipped to where his arm disappeared under the girl's skirt - but only briefly. "Not such a terrible fate if you put it that way, Jehanal. Still, I thank you for both your words and your mercy."

With that she slipped away, blue eyes taking in the gathering crowd with mildly appreciative interest.

"Now there is a euphenism I have rarely heard." Jehanal allowed with a chuckle, but he graciously nodded towards Azure as though granting her permission to depart and turned his attention upon the 'party favor' he was toying with.

Azure Star slid through the assembling gaggle of gods without leaving much of a ripple towards a likely spot for the semi-official moment Tabrince would be presented his gifts. Subtly she scanned the crowd, covering martial assessment with appreciative, languidly sensual glances. Of special interest to her would be both guests with notable prowess and, she considered belatedly, servants with the prowess and will to intervene.

An initial casual sweep of those present revealed only a few surprises as Azure Star's martial skills was sufficent to eclipse that of most of those present. It was vaguely surprising that Parad's skills, in both unarmed combat and archery, were at least her equal and a divinity with the appearance of a tiger with crimson and black stripes held the air of a brawler of skill at least as good as a mortal could achieve.

But one goddess, pale skinned and with her body bedecked with steel piercings and needles from which hung her garb, actually seemed to notice the Sidereal's attention even as Azure registered a mastery of weapons, bows, and thrown projectiles in return.

The goddess returned the look then impishly stuck out her tongue at Azure Star, gleaming metal spikes piercing it in several places, then grinned at the Sidereal before turning away to listen to a well muscled god in a swirling grey robe.

To her mild surprise, Lazuline found herself smiling in amused, and maybe even a little warmer in the face - it must be the surprise of that little display. Fortunately, the other had already turned away. That same smile abruptly froze and grew brittle as she felt the dissonant mental note of impending trouble. With a little twitch of the corner of her mouth, she looked for two combat-capable staff to grab, now. Within a few minutes, she would still be able to recruit them.

While the serving staff had obviously been chosen for their looks and marital skills, the fact that many were god-blooded made it easier to spot those who had earnt their fitness in a more legitimate way and Azure Star's well trained eye read even more from how each moved. It was unfortunate that one who she was -sure- was actually trained in a proper style was currently a whimpering puppet under Jehanal's ministraction, but looking further afield allowed her to spot a cross gendered sibling pair of dark hair and green eyed who had honest to Mars -callous- from practicing the mundane arts.

Making a beeline for the siblings with a little more urgency now, quite prepared to freeze minor godlets out of her way with a freezing look, Lazuline prepared a superficial smile for the both of them. "Ahhh," she purred when sufficiently close, adding a bit of unsteadiness to her strides, brushing up against the two of them. "I just discovered I have a -terrible- need for you both. Let's not waste time."

With a nudge towards the nearest screen of foliage, she took their hands and went.

Obviously well prepared, and perhaps even well practiced, the two fall into step beside Azure Star. A few looks follow the trio, some envious and others admiring, but the increasing number of guests paid little attention as they focused on their own pleasures. As Azure vanished into a concealed nook she noticed Parad beginning to move back towards Tabrince and -that- could only signal that the gift giving was going to presently start.

Once superficially secluded, Lazuline turned sharply on her heel, dropping both the mildly intoxicated act and the gift she still carried. "I hope I guessed correctly you two are in part here as guards, for there is a bit of trouble impending. As you are unlikely to have worked for a Sidereal before, I will give a short instruction on how you are to proceed. Attend."

Lazuline centered herself in the miniature glade, poised and outwardly serene. "Flowers grow symmetrically, the same symmetry for each species. But no two flowers are so alike as siblings off the same branch - near-identical or else mirror images…" She spread her arms, hands raising and falling as she started her kata, slowly shifting her stance like bough in the wind.

The two siblings, the relationship visible in the similarities between them, exchanged a brief look then turned their attention back to Lazuline. The boy, a little young to be a true man, held his tongue and listened to Lazuline intently while his sister seemed briefly distracted by the dress that the other wore before beginning to try and copy the motions.

"Follow my motions," she instructed the female of the pair. "It is simpler than it looks. Just do as I do," she explained, pivoting to bring up a heel, hands flowing back the other way like leaves in a breeze. "And -you-… once your sibling and I are in tune, you will follow, but in reverse, left as right, right as left, just as how you trained to match and compliment her movements in regular practice…"

«Scene Pauses For The Night»

Notes: The actual combat incident was held off until we had an entire evening to do it. Combat in Exalted can end up eating up the time and both of us were tried.