Whateley Theory


Due to trying to bring up a random topic at the wrong time, and a few people talking me into actually doing something based on the idea, a Whateley based game will be running on IRC. As of the moment we have a full roster of four PCs but we'll see how well things go before changing that.

PCs and their backgrounds were generated via a semi-random system based on lots of references to the Cyberpunk 2020 Lifepath system and some random tables of my own. The players rolled and, after a while, I told them what the sum and result was with a little embelishment to make them interesting.

The actual mechanics are a horrible mess of M&M, some of the rules from JoeOutside's homebrew from this forum, and a lot of 'blackboxing' details on my side.

"You have all these theories about what you'd do if you were at Whateley. Now let's see how well you put them into practice…"

The basic concept of the game is a rather self-indulgent one with the players having suddenly, and in some cases unexpectedly, found themselves thrust into the life of a teen in the world where Whateley Academy exists. Cue confusion, panic, or 'ignoring the dream'.

Given that within a week or two of their arrival, with several identity crisis in the offing, each of them manifested as a mutant for the first time things were…interesting.

As yet none of the PC have met each other, but the first session will be meeting or two on the train.

I'll be leaving it up to the RL players what, if anything, they wish to let people know about their characters (but it might be useful to put a physical description on this thread).

I can reveal that in total they've caused at least one death, ruined a nicely painted skirting board, caused a bus full of injuries, been responsible for some significant SAN loss, poked holes in the fabric of space, and unforgivably terrified a number of fish.


Cleaned and annotated versions of the logs of non-private sessions of the game will be kept here for reference. Logs from prior to the hiatus may eventually appear, but there are no promises about such. (Which does fit the problems some character may have recalling matters…)

Preludes & Reintroductions

Cast & Crew

As things progress notes on various PCs and NPCs, as seen in the logs, will be put up here. Spoilers for all the existing logs should be assumed to be present in any pages in this section so be warned.

Player Characters


Non-Player Characters

Post-college age gadgeteer known by Rei. She considers Rei a younger sibling.

Notes & Information

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