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Scene played out on 19th March 2011 between the GM (David-Visage) and Milo's player.

«Scene Starts»

Life sucked.

"And don't you getting inta causing trouble while you're out!"

That was Milo's opinion anyway.

"Yes, mom."

The young teen glanced over at the door which he'd just been ushered out of and his mom smiled at him briefly before closing it and heading back inside the house. She was on a belated spring cleaning kick for the beginning of summer so, once again, he was being booted out of his room and out from underfoot.

It wasn't raining yet, but a glance up showed grey clouds overhead that indicated a good chance of it sometime this afternoon. And it was a Tuesday so he didn't have much to do especially not with most of his friends, well acquiantances, away for vacations with their families.

So what was he to do? Well, apart from seeing if they were doing a reshow of the Lady Lightning movie again in the cineplex. He had enough money and it wasn't too long a walk so…

Milo's feet had already started taking him along the sidewalk and towards the centre of town. The mall, and the 'cineplex' which only had a couple of screens, awaited and his allowance had not yet spent itself.

Maybe it wouldn't be that bad after all?

Milo had only walked a couple of blocks, barely half way there, when strictly speaking Mio ceased to exist.

He looked around a bit jarred and missed a step almost stumbling , this wasn't his bed and this definitely wasn't his PJ's ..looking around he tried to recognise where he was, the neighborhood is decidedly different.

It was obviously Worthington and where he was, compared to his home, was obvious. Although the concept of 'home' seemed to no longer be a singular idea. The thought came to mind that this confusion might not be natural, maybe something had happened? Drugs, a passing mutant, something?

He started walking again, but slowly, as he took in everything he passed like it was new to him. His gait seemed a bit off so he made sure to toss a bit of hip wiggle in as he walked … 'Where were my breasts?' he thought which seemed a crazily stupid question in retrospect, but they definitely weren't in his shirt .

Milo looked about than ran my hands up my chest just to make sure everything is where it should be in tru freak friday fashion .
A scrawny male chest, despite memories of -trying- to get muscles, met the exploring hands. Luckily nobody was really about to see him acting so oddly though…

Milo breathed deeply then muttered, "Okay, maybe I struck my head or something …" before digging around in his pockets for a wallet or phone

Habit had him reaching into his left pocket, the right being where he kept his keys instead, and for the cheap wallet that he used. It wasn't as if he had much cash after all and he just had his allowance plus stuff like his student ID in there…

Or so he 'remembered'.

He slid the student ID out of the wallet and studied it while rubbing his face and asking himself, "Maybe a tumor…?" He turned and walked towards 'his' house but picked up his pace more than a bit.

It was only a few minutes walk back home and, when he reached it, everything looked okay. The porch, the garage, the garden, the front door. Yet these familiar sighs seemed new. Or was it that these new sights seemed familiar?

The keys were out in a flash as he tried to find the one that fit the door to let himself in.

There were only three keys on the ring: the obvious door key, one for storage cupboard at school which you'd meant to give back, and one for the small lockbox you kept some money in in your room.

"Obvious doorkey is obvious " Milo slid it into the look and turned the the door knob before stopping to think for a second. 'Will my family be home and what do I say..? Mum, dad, I'm having a bit of a panic attack…'

"Milo, is that you?" Your mother's voice came down the stairs after a few moments as she'd obviously heard the door, "Didn't I tell you to get your ass out from underfoot for the afternoon so I can do the cleaning and stuff?"

"I… err, that is… I'm… I forgot my… wallet… Just dashing in to grab it real quick… Mom and, umm, I'll be right out." He did indeed dash in and headed straight for his room as the idea of suddenly telling a angry mother that your having a spazz attack seemed a good way to get yelled at.

"Okay then, but you better not come back again." She called, but there was an odd note to her voice even as she continued, "I'm gonna do the carpets and I don't want you clunking about on 'em."

"I'll be gone as a ghost in a second , honest injun . " he looked around his room hoping for a solid sense of familiarity

Yes, it was almost a relief to get back to his room where he knew were everything was. From his signed Knights of Purity photo of one of the squads to shelves and cupboards (with a couple of skin magazines hidden behind them where they couldn't be accidentally seen by mom) everything was in its place.

He took a few seconds to touch things and look them over before rushing back out while calling, "Headed out to the movies again, I'll see you later mom." He added, almost as an afterthought, "love you "

Okay that was strange, but the room felt right… Maybe everything will feel right after the flick?

"Love you too." Her voice called back, from the upstairs bathroom from the sound of it, but a vague and momentary ache behind his eyes didn't help him feel optomistic.

"Does she always run me out of the house when she cleans?" He mumured to himself as he hustled out of the house and back onto the street, his panic attack having cost him a bit of time and he'd miss the previews if he didn't hurry.

The answer was already there when he thoughts about it: not always but when she was trying to get things really clean or just wanted to try moving things around mom always got irritated at having him or his brother in the house. Although she did tend to appreciate having dad there, like today.

That actually brought a smile to his lips as he continued his brisk pace to the movie house… Everything felt a little bit off, but not totally off… Maybe he had eaten some bad food? 'What movie was I rushing off to anyhow?' he thought as he racked his brains for the answer.

Lady Lightning. Because it'd be really cool if real superheroes were like that rather than mutants and stuff. And, despite the squicky feeling when thinking that the actress was supposed to have been a guy, the main was really hot looking…

He checked his wrist to see if he have a watch on and then debated how fast to run, or if a jog is in order, to get there on time. He wasn't meeting anyone there, was he?

Most of his friends were out of town just now, off on vacation through the marvel of bad timing, leaving him stuck in town so there wasn't really anyone to meet up with. Excepting Sandy and while he could call her up she was probably still angry about last night when she caught his hand 'brushing' against her by accident. It was still a marvel to him that Sandy, always one of the boys, had started to fill out a little…

Even if Sandy wasn't mad at him he wasn't feeling quite worked up about brushing up against girls at the moment and a super hero flick even one about a guy turning into a girl would give him time to try to clear his mind, escapist fiction at its best. Hopefully he wouldn't miss the previews he loved previews… he was fairly certain he loved previews… maybe?

He stepped up his power walking straight into a jog.

The mall, and the cineplex, was thataway… but after getting most of the way there falling back into a walk seemed the smart thing to do. After all, he wasn't sure about the movie times and it'd be stupid to run only to find that he had a half hour wait.

He got the hint both his body and head gave him and moved back to a casual walk his hands resting in his pockets as he strolled casually and took in the sights. He wasn't sure who to actually tell about the feeling of things not being quite right and had a idea that statements like those usually led to lots of medication and time alone in padded rooms .

And ones without kinky nurses, no matter what porn said, a small corner of his mind realised.

Then there was a part of his mind that was becoming more vocal and pointed out that kinky nurses were indeed solely the purview of fanfiction and porn and that most nurses were qa bit too overworked to have time or the inclination to be that kinky during working hours .

The internal argument between desire and practical thoughts went on a for a while, distracting Milo from the walk and the way that the sky was greying over with clouds, but by the time he ducked inside of the mall he was well aware of his lack of jacket and how the sky looked fit to open at any moment.

"Oh effing great! Hopefully this rains and it's over with by the time the movie lets out." He muttered darkly, "I'm not sure I can count on the folks to give me a ride tonight …"

He sulkily made his way through the mall towards his destination.

Walking through the mall he idly saw the big screens in a store window showing CNN. Apparently there'd been some sort of conflict in Seattle and a couple of hero teams were having trouble with a small horde of animated examples of 'Seattle steel' yet something about seeing this really seemed -wrong-. But something about just seeing this struck him as wrong… and it wasn't just 'glorifying mutants' 'cause CNN was pretty fair about that sort of thing.

Milo watched for a minute longer and drew away. It was probably better to avoid things that made him feel more off at the moment

On the screen a hero fighting went down, one of the animated tangles of metal following him and landing on him with gravity on its side, but the footage from the news helicopter was at too long a distance to make out details beyond the man in the colorful costume not getting up as it bored down. At least until a dull red glow wrapped around the thing and tossed it off to one side.

Inside his head two sets of thoughts conflicted as each claimed opposite things: there were heroes and mutants / that heroes didn't exist outside of comics. Both seemed right and both had memories backing them up, but…

He didn't like these dueling thoughts in his head and it was starting to get worrisome. He rubbed his forehead, turned away from the newscast, and followed his gut instinct to avoid things that felt off

Unfortunately avoiding his own body was out of the question, even though the way he moved was entirely from one set of memories alone, but neither side of the arguement had a problem with watching a purely fictional movie. Or, as a growl from his midsection prompted, maybe getting a burger or something to eat.

"Hokay on to the movie," He turned and strolled towards the cinema, "Or maybe a bit of food…"

He wanted… one side said burgers with cheese and hot grease whereas the other voice kinda retched at the thought of mall kiosk fast food, "Burgers it is then."

There were a few options available in his price range if he wanted to see the movie after. There was the open plan food court proper, a TastyBurger place, and some place called 'Cindi's' which promised 'hot, hot, hot!' food.

Milo looked in his wallet as he thought this through. A sit down place would have better quality food, traditionally, and may well have burgers… He nodded to himself in agreement and made his way to Cindi's

"Hey, Milo!" A voice called out, making him pause just on the threshold of the land of hot sauce and chicken, but he couldn't place who it was just from the sound.

He spun about trying to place the name, face, and direction of the voice and plastered a smile on his face, "Hey there."

Max grinned back at his younger brother then reached to to ruffle Milo's hair, "Hey there, kid. Mom tossed you out of the house then or did you just run away in fear of TMI?"

He was older than Milo and had come home for the summer just a couple of days back from his his first year at college, but seemed happy enough to see his younger sibling.

"A bit of column a and a dash of column b," He smiled sheepishly, "Howsabout you what brings you to the mall going to catch the lady lightning flick?" Okay. Maybe he could talk to Max, a bit at least, about the conflicting thoughts in his head.

"Haven't you seen it at least once already?" Max asked casually then gestured to the restraunt they were in front of, "Want to have a bite to eat before it? My treat? The next showing's in an hour and -I- haven't seen it yet so was planning to."

"Free food and someone to hang out with, like you'd have to ask me twice." Milo grinned

He laughed at that and nodded Milo inside, "There is that. Come on, you can spoil the move for me first by telling me all the good bits to watch out for in advance…".

«Scene Fades… For Now»

Notes: Um, it took a lot more cleaning up than Rei's log. The boxed text at the top was the 'set piece' before the character became primarily player controlled.