Under Grey Skies Again

Scene played out on 11th March 2011 between the GM (David-Visage) and Rei's player.

«Session Starts»

Raindrops splashed against glass, driven against it by wind and speed, and outside the day was grey and cold.

It was a nightmare.

It had to be.

Rei sat in the bus, feeling out of sorts, and fidgetted absently. At least his body did while a part of his mind which was a distant observer watched a scene which was far too familiar. That inner Rei, the true Rei, had sat on this bus before yet now he was a helpless observer.

Pleasent warmth drifted into him , the massed heat of the other kids in the bus making the temperature tolerable enough despite the storm outside, and he found himself starting to relax.

A few of them were seeming to nod off as the trip to school drew out due to the weather and traffic and, out of the corner of his eye, Rei could see one girl just close her eyes and rest against a blushing young geek.

Rei knew what was going to come next. He remembered it through fuzzy memories. And there was nothing that he could do in a dream as they approached a bridge…

Except, as he tensed against the expected, he realised that he could act.

Rei took in a deep breath, enjoying that warmth for just a little longer. Somehow, the dream felt more real than it ever had. He looked at his hands, testing himself at first. "This must be one of those… You know, lucid dream, or…" The memories soon came back though, and he remembered what was coming up next! The driver! "Crap!"

Rei leapt from his seat, and checked on the man at the wheel, hoping it wasn't too late!

"What are you…?" A boy of those on the bus, vaguely recognisable from somewhere, started to ask when Rei made that announcement but then jerked away with a surprised sound when Rei suddenly jumped up. Ahead of Rei the aisle had a few bags on it and one larger boy had his legs stuck out into it as yet another obstacle to rapid movement.

"Quick, howlonghaveI-wherearewe-ohwhocares!" He blurted out as he ignored the other boy, and made a mad sprint to the front of the bus, leaping over the bags and stretched legs. "Sorry, coming through, 'xcuseme, can'tstopnow!"

<@GameServ> Rei rolled 1d20: 15 <Total: 15(+2) = 17> (Acrobatics roll to get by the crowded aisle without incident)

<@GameServ> David-Visage rolled 1d20: 3 <Total: 3> (Driver's Wisdom roll to react properly to commotion behind him)

There was a chorus of protests, many of them muted or muttered due to fatigue, as Rei lunged down the bus. His body felt as light as a feather and while the motion of the vehicle as the storm wind pushed at it did cause some problems it was easy enough to hop over most obstacles. One bag, a sports bag stuffed with something heavier, did catch his foot but in this case the foot won and he sent it skittering along the floor rather than it tripping him up.

"What's going on back there?" The deeper voice of the middle aged driver called with an odd slur to the syllables and, ahead of him at the front, Rei could see the man half turn to look back at the cause of the commotion rather than trying to see it in the view mirror. The bus swerved slight as the driver turned the wheel with his own motion then started to skew as he hurriedly turned back and yanked the wheel in the other direction in overcompensation…

"HOLD ON!" he screamed as he leapt forward as hard as he could, trying to grab hold of the wheel, ignoring the weights stil on his shoe. If he only had a chance to change things, just one chance, he wasn't going to let it go. He tried to grab the wheel, and somehow keep it steady.

<@GameServ> David-Visage rolled 1d20: 17 <Total: 17> (Driver's roll to realise that Rei is trying to help)

<@GameServ> Rei rolled 1d20: 5 <Total: 5(+4) = 9> (Reflex save to avoid disaster)

There was a scream as Rei lunged forwards, someone's arm having briefly been in his way before his momentum brushed it aside, and then he was there wrestling at the wheel with the driver. The next moments were confused ones as Rei glimpsed the driver's face, saw the confusion there, felt their hands both wrestling with the wheel, the realisation that Rei was trying to -help-, and the moment when the driver reflexively hit the brakes without thinking.

Glass shattered and the wheel was ripped away from beneath Rei's hands as he continued forward while the bus attempted to suddenly stop. There was pain as he burst through the windscreen and out into the rain as he could see the bus behind him fishtailing as it spun out of control.

<@GameServ> Rei rolled 1d20: 4 <Total: 4(+3) = 7> (Toughness save against damage)

After the brief flight gravity reasserted itself with a vengence as Rei struck the road -hard-. It was as though a giant hand had crushed him against the ground and along it, the crack of bone and the sharp agony in his arm distinct from the stunning force which had forced him to skid along the road. He lay there stunned, only vaguely able to register the way the bus flipping onto its side and grinding its way along the road to a halt, as his body ached, his arm -hurt-, and his back felt as though something had clawed its way down him…

"Oh… Goooooooooooooooood."

Cold rain pattered down on Rei's face and there were distant cries from the bus. From his current position he could vaguely see it where it had come to rest near the start of the bridge ahead and having not -quite- broken through the barrier between road and river.

That HURT! That hurt SO MUCH! Agony couldn't begin to describe this! "Not.. Dreaming… am I?" A part of him inside just wanted to curl up, and cry out in pain. The world was growing colder with every second. That was, until he heard the cries far ahead, and he struggled to see. "Oh no."

Rei tried to get himself back to his feet, using his arm that wasn't burning with pain to push himself upward. "Not.. Supposed to be… this way."

At first Rei couldn't push himself up properly, his body failing to respond for a moment, but then the warmth that had build inside him cooled slightly and he felt himself twitch before finding that he could move once more.

The rain was cold, the pain a chill agony, and from the direction of the bus where a few other teens were getting out a faint warmth beckoned…

He could at least take some small comfort. Some of them had survived at least. Of course. He wasn't in there to drain them anymore. He couldn't help a weak snort. "Urk. God, that hurts." His memories were fuzzy, but what he remembered was so much less painful than this.

The rain pattering against Rei's back, now that he had pushed himself up, sent small jolts of pain through him and the worrying smear on the road leading him to where he'd lain suggested that 'road' rash' might be an understatement. Heat had seemed to be focusing in his arm and, already, he could feel the pain there starting to fade.

But the warmth nearby was so tempting with the promise of dealing with his pains…

How far had he gone through the road now? How much blood did he loose just bouncing off the pavement? "Ngh." everything just hurt. He looked at his arm. It already felt better. And the warmth was just there. So close. Soooo close! He had an idea what would happen, and for a moment, he just reached out for them, for that kind warmth. After all, this was only a dream. Right?

A little warmth, like a mouthful of hot chocolate, slipped into Rei and added to that which already lurked inside him. His head seemed a little clearer now, the rain on his back bothering him him less, and he could think properly as he sat there in the rain watching people clamber out of the bus. A few people were crying, others were more paniced, and he could see one girl staring right at him with apparent fear.

Oh, that felt gooooooooood. The pain was easing away, and finally he could tolerate the remaining pain. The world had lifted a weight off his shoulders. But as he saw the girl though, he froze. Why was she looking at him? Why was she looking scared? What did she see? Paranoia started to crawl up his spine, and he trembled, his fear soon matching hers as he tried to pull himself back up to his feet, about ready to run for it.

His body ached as he pushed himself up, the dull pain which had come with each breath now gone, but what she had seen wasn't apparent. Except for the fact that she might have seen him having run up the middle of the bus and wrestled the driver before a crash, had been thrown out through the windscreen, and was now was at one end of an uneven smear of blood on the road.

The fact that he was now stading up after such a deadly crash probably didn't earn him any sympathy points either. A little too late for that though. He couldn't tell why, but things felt… Different from the last time. Very different, yet… He looked at the blood on the road. How the hell did he survive that?

More of the warmth inside Rei trickled into his body, pushing at the aches and more severe pains he still felt, but there was a growing emptiness as that warmth expended itself. The girl who had been looking at him turned away, moving around the bus in the rain as though seeking cover from him, and the cries and sounds from the bus had become more prominent.

He saw the girl get back inside in fear, and he shuddered. It wasn't like he wanted for this to happen. Somehow though, he knew he was part of why this hapenned. Why that warmth felt so familar, and why he had to get away from there.

Gulping, he turned away, and started to make his way off in the other direction. He had to call for help. For those in the bus, and for himself. Surely, he wouldn't have to run all the way to the park in the rain. At least, he hoped.

Passing cars had begun to stop as drivers realised that there had been an accident, but Rei's feet took him away from the growing commotion.

The rain fell from the grey skies in torrents, hiding the scene, muffling cries, and concealing any signs of injury with distance.

The need to just be -away- filled Rei and, behind, him, the rain washed away a splash of red blood from the road…

«Scene Fades»

Notes: The die roller seemed to really hate Rei on a couple of those rolls.