An Inviting Warmth

Scene played out on 10th September 2011 between the GM (David-Visage) and Rei's player.

«Session Starts»

The world was moving about him and, despite the rain which soaked him to the bone, he was warm on the inside.

This realisation was what struck Rei as he slowly came back to himself, everything still seeming to be happening to someone else with the pains in his arm and head still at one remove.

The last while, since he had fled from the bus, was fuzzy and a jumble of impressions of cold, rain, and the feeling that something had gone terribly wrong. Gradually it registered that he was being carried in someones arms, held as though he were a kid rather than a teenager, and the warmth seeping into him was easing the injuries that still remained.

"Are you okay there, Rei?" A familiar voice asked. A woman's voice. "Those cuts are starting to look healed down and we're almost at the car. Can you manage to stand while I get the door open and you inside?"

Who this was, as did the events of the past few hours, suddenly clicked.

Rei groaned slowly. Everything was so blurry, and hard to make out, but somehow, a bit of reassurance seeped in. He gave a slow nod to her, even though he still felt exausted. Surely, he coudl manage that much, or so he'd have thought. "I'll be… good…"

The flow of warmth into him slowed as she let him down onto his feet, still hot and treacle thick compared to the watery rush from the bus, long enough to pull out her keys and get the rear door of her car unlocked before holding it open for him. The ran was still heavy, obscuring things beyond the near distance like mist, but that Rei had missed seeing the dark green vehicle said much about how unfocused he still was.

Rei held his aching head, one hand holding onto the car. Maybe the world would stop tumbling on it's own after a moment. It was only a moment, but he questionned if she ever actually had a car before, or if he was delusional. No, wait, she always had one. His head must've hit harder than he thought. He barely slid in past the door, and dropped into the seat. "Ooooohhh…. Thanks. Really."

The metal of the car was reassuringly solid under his hand, bring briefly to mind an amusing demonstration via baseball bat of one of the less obvious improvements to Emma's car, but the dizziness was worse when he let go of it and shifted into the car… and out of contact with Emma herself. Ignoring how the rain was soaking her, and how he was now dampening the interior, she pushed him further along the seat then slipped in and pulled the door to behind her.

Yet, despite the temperature of the interior, he felt cold as the warmth inside him seemed to seep away.

Rei shivered, and wrapped his arms around himself, trying to get back some heat into himself. The warmth felt so good. Almost familiar. Nice, tempting, comforting, yet a source of so many problems, if his strained memory told him right. He took a second look once inside the car. His eyes laid upon Emma once more, tryign to make her out through the blurr, and he forced a smile.

Emma pulled the door closed with a muffled thud and the heating in the car immediately picked up, trying to restore the warm air which had been lost while it was open. There was, and always had been, something solid about this car and a sense of safety inside it. Yet, despite the sanctuary it offered and the recovering warmth, somewhere inside of Rei still felt cold even as his clothes went from 'cold and wet' to simply 'wet'.

Rei 's teeth were clattering as he rubbed himself up. He still felt oh so cold. How was it that he was still cold inside? Shaking his head, he looked over to Emma once more. "Ho-how d-d-did you f-fuh-f-find me?"

"I put a tracking device in your underwear." Emma said in a deadpan tone while leaning between the front seats to turn up the heating further and retrieve a green first aid kit from the glove compartment. Settling back into the spacious backseat she gave him a smile as she opened the box, "Just joking. I used thermographic imaging, not many people were out in this weather, and just checked everyone else in the area. I was… wandering by after I heard about the accident and found that you weren't with the others."

Rei blinked, and sheepishly pulled his hand out of his pants. "Ah. Tha-that makes s-sense." He gulped. The accident. It wasn't that long ago, so the memories felt clearer than the real world. "You heard of the… accident? Ho-how long has it been?"

"You haven't missed lunch. Yet." She told Rei somewhat evasively then gestured to his arm, the sleeves showing damage from where Rei had so precipitiously left the bus, "Now, I'll need to take a look at that. All sorts of gunk and crud, those being the technical terms, could have gotten in."

Rei couldn't help a chuckle as he pulled on the sleeve, whincing slightly. "That far in?" He extended his bare arm to her to examine, trying to keep it still. "I really must have been out of it…"

Emma's hands were gentle as she examined his arm, but the contact let some of that thick and heavy warmth seep into Rei and towards the sorest parts of his arm and the still present pain in his head. Her tone was soft as she explained, "You seem to have healed the cuts anyway and hopefully nothing like bits of glass stayed in there or it'll be a pain to get it out. Literally."

Ooooh yeah. That was the ticket. Bring in that warm feeling. Soooo gooooood. He was in pain, but it felt sooo nice. He left out a whince at the picture of taking the glass out. "I-I don't think…" Then he remembered the way he'd gone out of the bus in the first place. "… Make sure though? Ngh." He held his head as the pain throbbed, and a flash at a different accident got to him, bloody glass in his hands.

"Just tell me if it hurts." Emma said as she began slowly pressing around, but not upon, where the still red marks on his skin showed up clearly. Inch by inch she explored the slowly fading marks then paused to yawn, "Gah. Excuse me."

Rei whinced a bit here and there, but the pain was dissapearing. As soon as she began yawning though, the realisation began to set in… And panic began again. "Em… Emma, did you… Sleep well last night? Morning? Anything?"

"Pretty much." She reassured him, flashing Rei a smile before going back to her work, and then the motion of her fingers found a fragment in the wound as heralded by a stab of discomfort. "I finished a commision yesterday afternoon so had a long bath and an early night. Hmm, you do seem to be a regen…"

"Regen…" He gulped. "Tha-that's right." He winced as she pulled the glass out of his arm, but then pulled his arm back. Maybe his memory wasn't so wrong afterall. "Emma, I think…" He gulped. "I think I might be the one puh-puttign people… to sleep."

A trickle of crimson blood, standing out starkly on his arm, could be seen as she freed the fragment with a pair of tweezers then let his own healing handle it. When Rei made his admission though Emma looked up at him and her eyes met his own changed ones, "…why do you think that?"

Rei took in deep breaths as he tried to gather his thoughts. "I dunno why. Everyone… Everyone on the bus was also starting to fall asleep." He shook his head. "Everyone. I don't know, but… I think I might have done it."

The trickle had stopped, consuming a little more of the stored heat inside Rei as it did so, and Emma wiped away the traces of blood with a cotton ball as she thought about his words. As she finish this cleanup she tried to reassure him, "It wasn't deliberate. I know you so it couldn't have been. Do you want to tell me what you think happened?"

Rei tried to stay calm as he felt the warmth gather to his wound to heal it. "I… I didn't mean it, I know." He closed his eyes tightly, and gathered his mind. "It.. I'm not sure how. I… I felt… Really warm. Really hot, and all of it was… Drawn to me, somehow. I don't know how to describe it more, but I could feel it." His head rolled from side to side. "I was barely awake myself, until that came up."

The heavy heat, the thick warmth that he was starting to recognise as being of and from Emma, lingered in his arm where he'd been sure that he'd broken earlier. The feeling distracted him a little as she asked, "It was just drawn to you? Without you -trying- to take it? And what from?"

Rei looked at his arm curiously, blinking at the sensation. "I-hum… It was just drawn to me. I didn't try anyhting, it just.. Hapened." He gulped loudly. "F-from people."

Emma put her arms around him, hugging Rei in a motherly fashion despite her being nowhere near the age nessisarily to be his mother, which left him with the additional distraction of how good that felt. The thick heat streamed into him through the greater contact and spread out through his body, causing tingling in places which drew a reaction that would be mortifying for Emma to notice.

"You didn't mean to?" She half told him, half asked him, "Let's get you somewhere you can dry off and we can work things out."

Rei gave a low, content sigh as he felt envelopped by her. She felt sooo good like this. Sooo close. He snuggled against her, absentmindly enjoying the warmth. He shook his head slowly. "I never meanth to. Re-really." He then followed with a nod, and he slowly closed his eyes. "Mmmnnn. Sounds… Good…"

Emma yawned then released Rei and commented, her tone carefully light, "I think we'd better go before you do put me to sleep. I'm probably going to have to sit on a tack just in case but, hey, if it'll keep me awake…"

Rei snerked, and mumbled lowly. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to be a pain." He stretched a bit, and got off her, settlign more on his seat. "Just… Be careful, okay? Don't fall asleep, roads… Slippery." He rubbed his head, and frowned, trying to shake the pain away.

A little push, some internal intent, and a large portion of that thick heat shifted to Rei's head. It felt… odd to say the least, as though someone were holding a steaming cloth to that part of his skull, but not unpleasent as the pain began to ebb.

"I'll be careful." Emma promised then wriggled between the front seats to get to the wheel, obviously unwilling to duck out of the car into the rain which still drummed on the car roof, "And I'll get the autopilot working even if I'm not supposed to use it."

Rei took in a deep breath, and sighed at that new sensation. That felt good, yet… odd. He smirked, feeling a bit better about it with her reassurance. "Good. Good. Don't want this to be another accident." He did at least take care to buckle up, whincing where the straps squeezed in. "Going back… to your place?"

"Well, the moon would be a bit far…" She joked as she twisted around to get into the seat, depriving Rei of a view which he'd see again in his dreams many a time, "But, yes. We need to see what's up with you and check you out. You're eyes have changed so, with everything else, it is a fair bet that you've manfiested."

"Manifested…" The word brought a smile up at his face, but deep down, he knew it wouldn't be a happy fact for long. For now though, he'd settle for a small chuckle, and lots of rest.

Emma started the car, a low vibration running through it and Rei showing how it wasn't a normal engine beneath the bonnet, then turned out from the small side road she'd parked on. Glancing back at him in the mirror she murmured, "You get some rest there. We'll be safe and dry soon enough."

Rei let his head rest back against the seat. "That… Sounds really nice." He wrapped his arms around himself, and sighed. "Really… Nice…" Of course, now that he was picturing Emma in that pose again, rest might be a little more tricky.

The closeness of the heat taunted him but, without the physical contact, there was less of a pull on it. Despite that lack that heat's counterpart inside him was slowly eroding his pains and the more physical heat of the car was lulling him towards sleep. Sleep would be good and he just had to close his eyes for a moment…

«Scene Fades»

Notes: It's been far too long since I did anything in Theory with anyone and there's this growing urge to apologise to the players for that. But this is a nice and gentle scene as the start of getting back into it.