Everyone has the following traits, but their specifics may be altered by specific talents, items, or effects.

Items need to be worn or carried to grant benefits. If carrying multiple items which could apply (such as multiple weapons or several amulets around your neck) then you must 'equip' one which you gain the benefits of. Some items can only be used by an individual (usually the first to pick it up) and are called 'Life Bound'. A small number of Life Bound items automatically equip themselves and can not be unequipped. Those are called 'Soul Bound' items.

Every character starts with three slots of 'inventory'. Placing, or removing, items into an inventory takes a random time between two to ten seconds. This activation may be aborted. Items in your inventory vanish from the real world only the character can bring them out.

Multiple items of sufficient similarity may 'share' a single inventory slot and, if properly prepared, an entire set of equipped item may be placed in a single slot. Accessing a set of equipment which is in your inventory in this way swaps it for your current set, but takes minutes rather than seconds.

Sometimes defeated creatures drop small intangible crystalline shards. These slowly gravitate towards players and, when touched, vanish. Players are aware of how many shards they possess and can spend them at a Shop or Auction.

Carrying Items
Nothing prevents players from carrying items without them being in their inventory except the normal issues of weight and bulk. Some items may not grant benefits unless equipped.

Health Points & Healing
Players are aware of their current health as though viewing a red bar which shrinks when they are hurt. As their level goes up the amount of damage they can take increases as does their tolerance for the sensations of being hurt.

Players heal rapidly and in proportion to their maximum health. It takes eight hours of comfortable sleep or utter relaxation to recover their full hit points with greater degrees of activity slowing this rate significantly. Taking large amounts of damage at once can inflict negative 'status' which hamper the player. A common negative status can prevent a portion of damage from being recovered until the 'wound' is treated and another slows healing rate until removed of the player reaches full health.

Magic Points & Recovery
A player can sense how much magical power they possess as though a blue bar was visible in their visions. This bar shrinks as they use most talents, a section 'greys out' and becomes unusable when they commit magic to a toggle, and slowly recovers when resting. As their level goes up the amount of MP (magic points) that the bar represents increases.

Players recover magic points very quickly and most talents take only small amounts of power to use. When at rest, and not exerting their self physically or mentally, they can recover an amount equivalent to their entire magic bar in two hours. Being active significantly slows this.

Each active toggles slow your magic recovery as well as temporarily reducing the maximum size. In addition running out of MP causes a stackable reduction of the player's magic recovery rate which persists until they have reached their full maximum once more.

At times the game will offer players Quests which, upon completion, grant rewards of various kinds. The world 'pauses' for the player in the same way that it did during character generation as a floating screen appears showing a very brief overview of the Quest that may be rejected or declined. Directly attention away from the Quest for more than a second or two also declines the Quest.

For a player simply thinking about Quests has the game 'remember' any active ones for them.

Some Quests 'expand' themselves into a series of sub-Quests which are automatically put into play and all must be completed to finish the Quest. Conversely some Quests are part of a larger arc of Quests which may be performed separately with rewards accumulating for each found and completed.

A few Quests which can be accomplished unknowing, such as collecting a set of special items in a zone or discovering a hidden area, may start, announce, or complete themselves without giving a player a chance to decline.