Worldrpg : Character : Dissent


Race: Female Unseelie Court Sidhe
Class: Incarnation[Fire]

Sidhe Glamour (Passive)
Enhance all influence effects.

Unseelie Glamour (Toggle)
Enhance all fear or awe based influence use not magically defended against.

Iron Death (Passive)
Reduced defences and recovery versus iron. Only iron, sacrifice, or holy may cause your death by damage.

Faerie Born (Passive)
You treat Underhill zones and regions as normal areas.

Welcome To The Show [Fire] (Passive)
"An incarnation around their own element is an unholy terror to be run away from."

Part of the Act (Passive)
"You can't drown the ocean nor burn the flame."

Incarnation Blast (Active)
"You can't avoid something which is all around you."

Setting the Stage (Toggle)
"Where an incarnation goes their element is already there."

Starring Cast (Active, Toggle)
"They say those things aren't real. That doesn't mean they can't kill you."

Backstage Crew (Active, Toggle)
"Not all performances have to be about destruction."