Female Moon/Silver Elf
Inherited Class : Elementalist

Body++, Mind+, Soul

Moonlit Madness (Passive)
Immune to negative effects of any insanity effects.

Ancient Inheritor (Passive)
Automatic access to any basic Ruins and reduced costs to access Ruin structures or effects.

More Then Flesh (Passive)
"You've infused yourself with elemental energies in order to enhance your heritage."
Moderate resistance buff versus elemental effects.
Low resistance buff versus mundane damage.

Elemental Strike (Active)
"When infused by the elements even a casual blow can become a devastating strike."
"Blows enhanced with the earth element have increased blunt impact. use them against heavily armored, or fragile, foes for best effect!"
"Blows enhanced with the water element degrade healing! Use them to deal with creatures which recover too rapidly!"
"Blows enhanced with the wind element flay defences away! Use them to erode your opponent until they are vulnerable!"

Earthen Shroud(Toggle, Exclusive)
"Soil and rock heed the call of its kin, shrouding you in a protective shell."
Gives Elemental Strike the 'earth' element.
Provides an extra (but far smaller) health bar which can't be healed.
Extra health refreshes each time toggle is invoked again.

World Breath (Toggle, Exclusive)
"The winds aid their mortal sister as your every action echoes their motions.
Gives Elemental Strike the 'wind' element.
Buff movement rate, accuracy, evasion, and parry.

Blood Tides (Toggle, Exclusive)
"Blood is merely water infused with life. The waters refuse to abandon their cousin."
Gives Elemental Strike the 'water' element.
Prevents bleeding effects.
Heal over Time: only damage from wounds which drew blood and at the cost of extra mana.

Elemental Vortex (Toggle, Active)
"Small scraps of elemental power add up until they are released all at once."
While active, inflicts a very low damage AoE elemental attack on surroundings.
Each elemental effect occurring close to, done by, or effecting the user adds a stackable buff onto this power.
Mana cost to maintain increases based on the buff it accumulates.
When deactivated causes a large scale AoE, medium damage AoE attack using all elements encountered.
User is immune to the damage from this power.