Temporary - WorldMMORPG:Wage Powers

Race : Beast Folk Cowgirl
Attributes : Mind+, Soul+, Body+
Class : Meditant (Experienced/Soul-Based)

Bestial Instincts (Passive)
Gain buffs and/or Berserk if Mind if sufficiently reduced.

Needs More Cowbell (Passive)
Gain buffs based on Cowgirls and Minotaurs nearby or in party, guild, and/or alliance.

Martial Arts (Passive)
"Your mind is free of distraction, your soul is a source of truth, and your body is a weapon."
Initially provides a generic style with enhanced punches, kicks, elbow strikes, parries, and dodges.

Meditation (Toggle)
"A bout of meditation refreshes the spirit and cleanses the mind. Just don't do it while fighting."
Increased mana recovery, but reduced awareness of world.
May not use when moving or taking damage.

Enlightenment (Passive)
"One who has been Enlightened carries something of it with them and are aware of their own will."

Enlightenment (Toggle)
"An Enlightened mind is free of distraction, still feeling yet not hindered by such emotions."
Strongly suppresses emotional influences while active.

Mind of the Moon (Toggle)
"A mind at peace looks at the world as though it were the moon, seeing much and assuming nothing."
Perception bonuses.
Chance to envision a surprise attack immediately before it would occur..

World as Illusion (Toggle)
"Cold, heat, sand, snow… When you know the Truth such things are merely petty distractions."
Resistance to AoE and environmental damage.

Burden's Easy (Lifebound, Storage)
Adds nine additional slots to personal inventory.

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