Conflux (Whateley Academy Freeform)


Conflux spawns a variety of critters through which she sees and acts. Traits shared by one critter is transmitted to those nearby, letting them share the trait (or a lesser form of it) while the original is nearby.

Creating new types of critter is a slow and laborious process which is sometimes painful for Conflux. The amount of effort involved could be comparable to a devisor crafting a unique device, but once she has the 'design' she can spawn such critters normally.

Standardised Types

Faster by far than the other types, both in movement and in reactions, the blue critter and others sharing its traits pay for an accelerated metabolism with a greater need for food.
These critters have no inherent traits that can be shared. However this lack of traits makes them them the easiest, and least painful, type for Conflux to create by far.
While this critter has impressive teeth and jaw strength it is the ability to digest about anything organic, and eat almost anything at all, which makes it useful to Conflux.
Being just the colour of dried blood this critter offers to its companions enhanced stamina, rapid clotting of wounds, and somewhat accelerated healing.
Blue-grey with a hint of a metallic sheen this critter has more effective, and far sharper, talons than other types as well as improved instincts in their use. While good weapons the talons also provide better traction and can be used for climbing.

Experimental Types

Blending with shadows was a useful ability, but nigh silence even when moving and the ability to hold utterly motionless were also shared with others by this critter. Before wider use Conflux is trying to find out how it does this.
Easily mistaken for a grey critter, this creature has the odd trait of being able to stall its growth or even its healing. Conflux is trying to improve this to hibernation, but uses the trait to keep her critters small so as to reduce the cost of feeding them

Incomplete Designs

Conflux has vague ideas for others types. Thee "designs" are incomplete, but are being looked at, for the following: Aqua (aquatic), Charcoal (heat), Green (Conflux has no idea, but it feels 'right'), Iron (improved hide), Prismatic (colour changing).