Certain Magics - Affinities




The affinity of a witch concerns entropy and making things worse. It is a conceptual magic which lends itself to curses, hexes, and negative results but careful use can yield surprisingly positive benefits especially to those skilled enough to use it to prevent the effects that it touches upon.

A skilled and experienced witch can learn spells such as curses of bodily malfunction (such as impotence, muscule spasms, or even heart attacks), hexes of misfortune where the world seems to conspire to make things worse for the target, sight which reveals the weak point in objects or even information, and potentially even cure diseases by cursing the infection in question.


The magic of a were holds the power of shapeshifting within it. The magic clings to them and so they deal with their own flesh, blood, and bone while learning the ways in which those can be altered. Temporary spells perform dramatic changes, some of which can be truly unnatural, while spells held for days or weeks can allow their body to permanently shaped in useful ways.

A skilled and experienced were can learn spells which could close their own wounds instantly (albeit with a loss of vitality), temporarily become an animal of similar mass, permanently force their body to remain at the peak of fitness, purge diseases, cancerous cells, or poisons, and even take on biologically infeasible physical capacities.


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