Global Change



"Well, the fact is that there's problems with the world and they need sorting. All that prejudice about little things like skin color and too much which is -know- to the point that there is little room for wonder. So I've dug around, looked in the most obscure of places, ended up having -amazing- luck, and now I'm going to make a difference."

"If they want racial differences then I'm going to -give- them racial differences. I'm going to make a wish and the world will change. Or, at the least, every last human being in it will. Humans are one thing, lets see how the world handles a dozen or more -races- rather than ethnicities. Elves, goblins, drow, dwarves, and more. Many with a spark of something -special-."

"Sure there'll be a price for me, but at least I know you won't be stopping it. After all, this is a recording and by the time you've heard this things will be changing right about… -now-!"

Imagine modern life spiced with a little magic and liberally overwritten with fantasy tropes. And the divying up was as random as could be made so that there's no real groupings. Initially anyway.

Major Races

Also referred to as the "common races", especially by those of the other races


Drow as a race are very similar to elves, but there are several differences over and above the literally ebon coloured skin. Female drow are the larger and stronger of the genders and tend consistantly towards a rather… curvacious build. Their passions burn fiercely in certain directions and they find themselves debautching, competing for the sake of competing, or holding a grudge unduely.

Light can burn painfully bright to their senses, shadows are acceptable illumination, and they can see at least vague outlines by the 'glimmer of darkness itself'. They have pointed ears, as one might expect, but these are not much more elongated than a human ear. The elven similarities tends to come more from their slightly longer hands, the shape of their faces, and is stronger in the males.

Drow age well, but not as well as elves. They age 'well', but it still shows to an extent. You'd be hard pressed to tell the ages of a twenty year old elf and a sixty year old elf. But an older drow might be fit, but you'd be able to see her as older.


Elves are often somewhat delicate in built, but not nessisarily peite or whimpy. In general they have the best senses of the major races and their ears are longer as well as capable of some motion by themselves. Anime elf ears, so to speak. There is a vague draw to 'go with the flow' or to simply appreciate what your senses are telling you.

While not actually more coordinated than others, per se, this sensory superiority helps in subtle ways as it extends the kinesthetic sense (the 'what is my body doing?' sense) and your sense of balance. A remakable number of elves can actually do tricks like pointing out magnetic north as well.

The details of the sensation aren't quite as important. The 'soothing sound of the wind' can be appreciated in its own way, but elven rock fans would -really- dig the tunes.

Elves also age rather gracefully and more slowly. The oldest living humans, if they turned into elves, might have white hair but they'd appear early thirties (and good for it) at the oldest. Once an elf is out of adolesence they tend to develop towards 'early twenties' and stay there.

Elves have their head hair, which tends towards fine, light eyebrows. Eyelashes. And no body hair. Drow tend towards that, but there tends to be some body hair around the genitalia unless shaved. And males do sometimes grow facial hair. Gnomes are about human in these terms.


Gnomes are a rather… energetic race. Imagine having the metabolism of a teenager, with that ammount of energy and robustness, for most of your life. You have a surprising degree of mannual dexterity as well as intuitive and spacial awareness. Rubix cubes would be -boring- as are most mazes where you can see the whole thing.

You need less food or drink, but with plenty of both you can recover at a rather shocking rate. If bored it's ease to 'daydream', or actually dream, while awake which helps deal with boredom and come up with imaginative ideas easily.

As a side note, a gnomes fingers a pretty delicate and a touch longer than would be expected for their size. Their skin tone tends towards 'tanned' as a race and their eye color is generally dark, but their hair color… Well, let's just say that you only get some of these shades in humans with dye.

Blonde, light purple, leaf green, orange, and a whole pallet more are natural hues for a gnome and they go black rather than grey in old age.



Goblins are, compared to the elves and drow, distinctly muscular but nowhere near a troll or even a dwarf. There is a greenish tinge to their skin, becoming more pronounced if they haven't had much sun, and their dental work hints that their diet is a little more… carnivorous than humans are used to. There is a definate hint of fang.

That said, a goblin can eat about anything they care to. Up to and including things which would give a human food poisoning or just poison him off in general. Their sense of smell is distinctly better than a human, but not up to par with elves, and they have excellent night vision albeit with a touch of light sensitivity.

Mentally there is a degree of divergence. They're more tolerant of pain and long term stress or mental trauma is shrugged off in remarkably short order, but they can find themselves -appreciating- seeing someone hurt, be embaressed, squirm, or suffer a little. Schadenfreude would be an enjoyable part of entertainment as a consequence of this.

Mild sadism would be far more common, but when directed towards another goblin it isn't as bad as one might assume. As things evolve and people get used to their new race, it wouldn't be uncommon for one goblin to actually slap another to chide them or give them a light kick to get attention.


Dwarves are solid. That is usually the impression that someone gets once they look past the surface appearances. Shorter than humans were, but not by so much, they tend towards 'well muscled' and are literally heavier than one might expect. Their vision in the dark is on par with the drow, but short sightedness is endemic, and they have a body built for the long term.

They're hardy and hard to wear down. While you can over come a dwarf, they can withstand deprivation to a remarkable degree or cumulative damage in a quite startling way. Dwarves require far more minerals in their diet than the other races and it's put to work in their body.

So that they could walk barefoot on tarmac, or gravel in some cases, and not wince while broken bones are… uncommon. A lot of drugs and toxins which effect other races don't have the same effect on a dwarf and doctors are going to have -fits- trying to sort out what their body chemistry is like.

Mentally there is a sort of tendancy towards pattern recognition which can be startling. Once a dwarf knows what he's looking for it's -easy- to pick it out again and there's a vague feeling of comfort in surrounding yourself with vaguely familiar patterns… just so they're there if you look for them.

A dwarven student could quite easily pull two all nighters in a row before an exam. Just to study up on it. Of course, he'd need alot of sleep afterwards but…

Alcohol is one of those 'drugs' which has a lessened effect on them. They get a mild buzz fairly easily, but it takes a -lot- to get more than that.


Trolls are the common race which have the most variation between their genders and only the satyr/nymphs of the lesser races match the sheer difference. Males are large to say the least and a 'weedy' male troll would put most linebackers to shape for height and sheer mass of muscle.

Toughened regions of skin annoint te male troll body and is visibly 'calloused in places into almost bone hard nodules such as on the backs of their hands. There is some loss of sensitivity in such places, but the protection offered on the tougher regions can be compared to wearing a thick and well padded layer of toughened leather.

Female trolls are perhaps as tall, on average, as a human male would be. They lack the general build of the male, tending towards cruvacious or even Rubenesque, and the only toughened build up concerns the slightly elongated finger nails and their feet where it can leave them with apparent hooves. Oddly, females also possess a flexible tail of sorts.

Both genders possess forehead horns which curl back, and sometimes to the sides, of their head. Hair color is a surprisingly limited, with black or the very rare shades of red being the only ones observed, but their skin tone can vary from white silk through greys to blue black, drow ebony, or beyond to certain shades of crimson.

It's rare for a male to have eyes any color except for black, but is normal for females. In poor or dim light a crimson refection can be glimpsed from their eyes betraying their cat-like vision. Otherwise their vision is worse than average with bright lights being painful and mild defects common.

Mentally trolls of both genders tend towards a tribal mindset. People, especially those who aren't named or even aren't properly introduced, can seem somewhat unreal to them. Not -real- people at all. This will lead to some unfortunate incidents and a somewhat odd reputation.

Mentally I've got the image of male trolls as somewhat similar to the trolls from Shadowrun, but with some individuals possibly being Hellboy-esque, while the females tend more towards the AD&D teiflings in looks.

You know how it you look at a crowd and you just see the crowd rather than individuals? It's something like that. You look at someone and it's 'some guy'. Maybe it's some guy who you've seen before, that guy who is the bus driver, that guy who is a cop, that bastard of a guy who stole you bag…

But still 'some guy'. There's no real emotional attachment there and it'd be easy to shrug off something happenign to them as 'none of my business'. Equally it'd be easier to justify doing something to them because it's 'just some guy'.

im imagining it more of a hard callosses nail or nails that grow together over the toes and forming around them

If they didn't keep them filed/treated then it can end up like that. It seems to be vaguely protective and, with the tendons in the leg as they are, it's not uncomfortable. Equally, female trolls would find that high heels aren't as uncomfortable as other women claim. If that makes sense.

I think if I was a troll girl and fashionable id scrimshaw my hard hooflike footnail

So they have a human foot structure, but the soles of their feet thicken into something like a horn hoof shaped like a heel?


By race, but others can be learnt.

Race Magic
Elf Divination
Drow Fleshcraft
Gnome Figmentation
Dwarf Runecraft
Troll Naming
Goblin Alchemy
[Other] [varies]


Goblins excell at, and have a knack for, alchemy in ways which other races can't or daren't try to match. This is the art of mixing things together, getting to -know- what your dealing with through touch, taste, or smell, and putitng them togther in ways which make sense. The results are mildly magical and, generally, short lived in both senses.

The average goblin might pick up a few recipies or 'mixes' which they can use to minor effect, but just having the recipe doesn't work. You need to walk through the process, get a feel for how it 'goes' at each step, and to personalise it to your own quirks.

Do you know how to make that mixed drink which is -really- alchoholic but doesn't cause a hangover? Or the rich chocolate cake which hardly contains sugar? Or how to mix together some ink so it comes out a nice silver?

A gardener might have picked up how to mix a fertilliser to water plants with which works amazingly well. Or that grandmother has the -special- chicken noodle soup which can actually get rid of a cold.


Elven magic is the deceptively simply, and perhaps mis named, art of divination. It's the magic of the senses and of knowing, of perceiving more or better than should be possible. This generally covers physical things, with non-physical ones getting unreliable, but traces of events past can be picked up and hints about a fraction into the future noticed in advance.

With divination a glance can tell you a girl's three sizes exactly, a deep breath could let you track down an unopened bottle of alcohol, or hefting a bag of sugar can let you know the exact weight or even how many grains were inside it.

Elves excel at this magic because they are used to percieving more and their senses are already more acute. They can filter through for the information they want in a way which could leave an unfortunate drow helplessly confused.

Las Vegas will very quickly learn to ban elves from many games. Especially card games since 'glimpsing' someones cards form the back isn't too hard a trick to learn… and not too much harder to learn to do without much of a sign.

Other tricks which elves tend to pick up concern bypassing enviromental problems with divination. Seeing in fog or the dark. Or listening to things in a noisy subway. Getting the texture of something without actually touching it. And, yes, you can use divination to perv although actually seeing it as opposed to becomign 'aware' of what's there is significantly harder.


The magic of a drow is one of blood and passion. They know intimately the arts of fleshcrafting, of changing, rearranging, or altering flesh. Of all the magics this is the one which takes the most emotion or energy to use. To force a small nick to close of its own accord, to burn away fatigue from tired muscles, to makes fingernails claws, to bring back and maintain an erection again and again…

Large scale changes, especially those which visibly alter the body, are extremely complex and changes effecting another person are always harder than those effecting yourself. But most drow pick up small things. That boost of strength to yank something clear, brief toughening of skin push aside thorns, a little magic to help her breasts stand out a bit more…

Keep in mind that most people will only know a few 'tricks' of their own magic and even with an instructor you're less being taught and more being guided into reinventing the magic in a way which works for you.

The main limitation with effecting other is it requires physical contact and, unless you're -really- good, it'll wear off once you aren't touching them.

Changes to an unstable or inherently damaging/damaged state are actually extremely difficult to do. Which is good because it makes messing up and hurting yourself extremely hard, but bad because directly doing such to others is generally out of the question. If you're good enough to do it then it'd be more effective to boost your own strength enough to rip their arm off and feed it to them.


The magic of gnomes is the rather badly named Figmentation. It's the magic of conveying and transmitting imagery or ideas. It can make fill out the skipped details of a verbal explaination or make a simple whistled tune sound marvellous. It can convince somone that, no, there's a bush here not a gnome or make a song get stuck in someones head.

The magic tends to spread, making it hard just to direct against an individual, but that makes it easier to effect groups with. It adds to, or overlays, what is there and removing something is far harder. Simple tricks might be learning to whistle in harmony with yourself, enhancing sleight of hand, or making that neckline of your dress -really- draw the eye…

A sufficently powerful drow mage could rip chunks out of someone who annoyed them. An equally powerful gnome magus would just convince a nearby drow mage that the guy just said something -really- offensive about her mother… details varying by what the drow would concider offensive even if the gnome doesn't know."


This is the magic of dwarves. Of learning the pattern and underlaying nature of what things are and do then how to… extend it with the correct symbols. Chalked on, written in pen, or engraved in a more permanent fashion, the manner the symbols are written only matters in how certain you wish to be about them not being erased.

It's the magic which lets you take an object or machine and push it -beyond- it's pattern. Make it more than it could or should be. At the most basic levels this can seem simply like enhancement, such as the symbols on the side of your tv which give it better reception or the little bit of penmanship on the tablecloth which helps make other stains slide off.

But even at this level it's not hard to add runes to your front door to make it harder to get through without the right key. Or write on a beer label to keep the content cool for an amazingly long time.


People have long claimed that names are important, but trolls know this intimately. Those who are not named and acknowledged aren't… real are they? So it is that the magic which comes most easily to any troll is the magic of Naming.

Naming is the magic of attaching importance to a physical thing, be it an object or a person, and using that connection. A Name describes, and in some cases proscribes, what something is with the simplest uses helping maintain the named as it is or restoring it to an undamaged state. But it can be more.

Naming your prized car could help keep its paintwork immaculate, Naming yourself as a drinker could let you chug down booze with goblins, Naming your house as immaculate would make it easier to keep spotless…

The longer that a Name is maintained, and the more that it is acknowledged, the stronger the effects can become. More complex Names, ones which are harder to attach to soemthing, can have more impressive effects.

That is where it can get -nasty-. To Name something which can think, you need to get them to accept the Name. To acknowledge it and its meaning. That means that while you could baptise a kid with a Name (although holding it when it can't answer to it would require maintaince) it's hard to force a bad Name onto someone.

A very powerful and skilled Namer wouldn't need to have them accept the meaning though. Just get them to answer to the name. And if you know any Naming magic then it's not to hard to work out the meaning of a Name when you've heard it.

There are some odd interactions with the other magics though. It's a tricky, but doable, bit of magic to find out if someone has a Name (and harder to 'hear it' directly). Additionally a knowledge of Figmentation makes working out the -meaning- of a name easier.

It can have powerful, and gradually culumulative, effect but it makes alchemy look speedy in terms of performance.

Character/Size Chart

Name Gender Race Height
Cocina Female gnome 3' 6"
Trusting Female Drow 6' 3"
Tal Female Drow 6' 7"
Ditto Male Elf 6' 3"
Polk Male Goblin 5' 10"


The human aesthetic isn't entirely eliminated, but there's a definate aspect of 'nature' over nurture kicking in. A lot of people, for example, would think that elves tend to look 'pretty'.


I sort of imagined many goblin females as being 'androgynous' in the eyes of other races due to how the entire race tends to be 'lean' and certain areas don't build up as much. But to goblins it's -obvious-.

The goblin ideals are oddly similar for both genders. A hard body physique, well muscled and fit but not extremely so, tend to attract their eye and the paler/greener tinges to the skin look rather inviting. Displays of fortitude and stamina also are intriguing so you can expect teenagers of both genders to show off in similar ways in general and to each other.

Despite their racial predelictions, a submissive partner isn't quite as inviting as one might expect. It's one who fights back, struggles, or has to be 'made' which makes things interesting. Someone acting too passively, in general or during sex, would be almost universally be 'eww'.

If there was a goblin language, I think 'corpsefucker' would be a bad, bad word. Lots of icky connotations.

But I kind of wonder why they're attracted to violent sex? Or would it always be violent, as opposed to maybe rough?

It doesn't need to be violent, but 'energetic' and 'active' or even 'busy'. Doing something on both sides is important, although expect some precise pinching or harsh squeezing hands on either side as part of typical making out.

No one like someone that lays in bed like a dead fish and for a energetic and physical race like goblins you'd have to imagine their love lives are …vigorous.

Great sex between two goblins might start on the bed, but would probably end up on the floor, against the wall, on the table, half way out the window, and so on with who was 'on top' switching around from moment to moment.


For dwarves the body ideal is 'well formed'. It's all too easy for a dwarf to over develop in one way or another so symetry and a good overal look beats excess. The 'normal', as opposed to overweight' range is rather wider and individuals might prefer those who fall into various points in it.

However the first thing that would register is how neat someone is. Symetry of face and body are good, but if they look a mess and disorganised it'd definately discourage more than a glance. A nice dusky skin tone, not too grey nor too pale, also helps the first impression. However, it is hair which makes a real difference and especially its color.

Long hair, either facial hair for males or head hair for either, can say a lot about attractiveness. Small variations in their lifestyle can cause small changes in the color of their hair as it grows. A dwarf who isn't handling life well could be spotted this way and having a 'solid' color of hair hints that they're on top of -everything- in their life.

Confidence and self-assurance are good things.

Skinny is… Well, have you seen the non-photoshoot pictures of the thinner models? Where they look all hollow and almost skeletal? Nowhere near being attractive?

So Dwarves don't like skinny. They like proportions.

I will note that there would be a difference between dwarves and goblins there. Goblin 'vigorous' sex might have them around the room and athletic and probably aching 'good' in the morning. Dwarves might, accidenally, smack into the plaster of the walls and not bother about the scattered bits and pieces as they're preoccupied… and come away with nary a scratch.

Goblins have sex ON the card table. Dwarves have sex THROUGH the card table.


For one of the so-called 'homogenous' races, drow are somewhat ambivilent about physical looks. Other drow always, and I mean always, seem more attractive to them than other races and most of the time both genders would agree that females are more interesting than males (which leads many male drow to -work- at their skills or look to other races if the females are unavailable).

However, it is passion which truly rules them. The more fertile a female drow is, the more attactive she will find male drow and male drow alone. It is less becoming giggly and more 'want, take, have'. In a more general sense though, drow relationships can look mighty close to a soap opera plot.

When emotions run high a drow can easily become lustful on top of other emotional states. In fact they can often have trouble becoming that passionate without another emotional focus. But that can be a positive one -or- a negative one.

Drow: Perfecting the art of the grudge fuck?

Hatesex is -good-… as many drow couples would agree. In fact they'd often do things to annoy each other simply to help keep the 'spark' alive.

A possible eventual 'stable' drow relationship model: that two drow couples together are stabler than just a single couple. They can play all sorts of 'I'm with her, not you' and jealous games. The master bedroom for the two ladies and a single one each for the men…

Dose that predisposition of appreciation for the female form make most female drow bi?

It does predispose them towards that. Those who don't have such leanings tend towards near disinterest in sex at all outside of the 'fertile' times.


Trolls, as suits the difference between their genders, have distinctly different views on what makes someone attractive. Perhaps as a consequence of this homosexual attraction towards their own gender -and- race is astonishingly rare in comparison to the other races.

Female trolls tend to be attracted to physical strength and size. Someone large enough make them seem small, to wrap them in arms like steel, to touch them with large hands which they couldn't move away even if they wanted… That's good. Size in the other sense is an almost universal turnon to the point that they're generally 'size queens'.

However, power is attractive in more than the physical sense. Someone who has power, in some form, even if it's not raw physical power can be extremely attractive as well. Power in general as well as power over -her-.

Male trolls tend to want a woman with curves. Somewhere to put their hands when they want to and give a squeeze. Most others are smaller than them and a woman who is too tall, or too heavy even, in comparison can be 'unfeminine' in their eyes. The primal part of them wants a nice -girl- who won't break.

Oddly enough, experience is something which male trolls find attractive. Either directly sexual or as a MILF who'd feature in the dreams of many a teenager troll boy. The idea of having a virgin is oddly, from the PoV of other races, something they're ambivilent about.

"oh gods above not another virgin they aren't even worth bedding , they have no idea whats going on and cry the moment you get atop em …the whimpering is like nails on a chaulkboard …man I would so love to get Miss Hargamm the senior accountant into my bed , not theres a well learned woman with curves on her "

Does troll hair vary as much as their skin tones?
Skin tones range from black, to blue, to Red, to all the human range too right?
Their hair colour tends towards 'dark'. Other colours are rare, and increasingly rare the lighter they are, but it's like seeing an actual platinum blonde in humans.

A female troll has a standards of 'attractive' which generally don't come near to being fillable by another female troll. And similarly with a male. However, a female goblin or dwarf might fill them (at least in enough respects to the 'pretty') as might someone of the minor races.
And the 'Perhaps' was because it can't be solely pinned to this.


Gnomes have, perhaps surprisingly, modest standards for physical attractiveness. Healthy, hale, a smooth or rich voice, and clean skin can make someone 'acceptable'. However, it is the non-physical aspects where things can be concidered odd. Vivid colors help show someone off as more attractive than plain, inventiveness and spontenaety can get someone a second look, and being persuasive can help get you your favored partner in more way than one.

The game between the sexes for gnomes has no single gender as the 'aggressor' and tricks are part of the game. Showing off, making a fool of someone else, and cleverness in general can end up arousing those involved. Sex, and attraction, is in the mind for the race… which can lead to a large number of quirks.

Physically gnomes don't have much dimorphism either right?

Not a huge ammount and, often, the physical signs can be covered over or distratced away form. Gnome magic doesn't actually offer any way of countering itself…

Any special prevelance towards bi or homo sexuality? or are they more attracted to personality than gender?

It's more personality than gender. Although there is a 'nesting' instinct of sorts later in life…

So young gnomes might drift from one individual who engages them to another rather quickly, without regard for gender. But once that clock starts ticking they find a nice boy and settle down?


Elves do have standards of physical attractiveness, despite being such a homogenous race, but often judging these standards can be difficulty or even near impossible for another race to properly judge. It's the subtle hints about the bone structure which can be judged from the face, the deftness of the others fingers, and other such signs.

While most female elves are somewhat flat chested compared to, say, drow those and slender legs can definately attract the eye of a male elf at first glance. And a male elf who can judge her properly, to be able to read her small gestures as though she were an open book, is… nice from her PoV.

Exotic eye colours also have their own appeal for both genders and an unhurried approach is best if anything long term is to happen. Elves are well aware that they can easily be… carried away by sudden sensations and this makes puberty and their teenage years -interesting-.

They bump like bunnies?

Especially before they learn some self-control, others might find it amusing that you can… tease an elf into cumming where it'd be inobvious to those around what -you- did as opposed to the result.

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