Sinful Technologies



It's a world which hasn't slid towards the darkness, but more idly sauntered in that direction so as to mug those already on the downward spiral.

It's a world where hypocracy is the most common sin and it's set the day after tomorrow in a history where… changes occured.

Short cuts to progress were found, and used, without concidering their inherent price.

People, culturally and individually, hold themselves up as being beyond the temptations and oddities which such interactions can offer. We are good people, pure people, and so much of society would -react- if you indulged. This was true centuries ago when matters began, but as time has gone by the world has tarnished until virtue is just an expected veneer.

Some free demons lurk in a society where nothing is truly sacred. The desperate masses indulge in their vices at night in order to escape the toil of their day and the loss of their dreams while always looking for a way to raise themselves. Priests provide the 'opium of the masses' while having their own needs, desires, and indulgences. High society is straightlaced on the surface, and who dares push beyond that, but depraved deeper down.

With this background stranger and stranger things happen. You can improve yourself if you have money or some other means to play and the Otherworlds offer so much. A slowly growing craze, and a widespread 'technology', is the 'new flesh' where small ammounts of things from Otherworlds are used to supplement or enhance the body, mind, or even (as rumors whisper) soul of a customer.

From brands which bind you to confidentiality to an employer and altered eyes which see -so- clearly to drips of blood which can get you impossibly high or symbols inlaid in your bones to make you far tougher…

Companies and countries fued quietly, conficts flaring large and small, but for the quieter incidents there are people to hire. You could approach a gang, flash a little cash, and get a little violence done to a rival. Or you could make a arrangements for a specialist, a so-called Faust, to 'make things happen'.

It's things like the gaggle of Catholic schoolgirls giggling and teasing boys who look at them. Or the punk and goth clubs at night where inhibitions have been thrown far away. The aging woman smiling down at college student bound to the bed, assuring him that it won't feel bad and the paralytics will wear off soon, then injecting him with a -special- brew so that she can steal some of his youth and health. The look of the darkened streets at night and the college girl pursued by a gang from the shadows who are hopped up on a drug called 'Cubus.

The boss who exerts pressure on his underlings or the woman who is sleeping and blackmailing to the top.

And, remember, if you're not good enough then you can always become… more.

For a price. ^^

There is always a price.


Well, you can get a number of enhancements quite legally. They just cost money. Other ones, especially the more -interesting- ones, tend to need a less direct approach. As well as cash and/or favours…

And there do tend to be a few minor additional effects. It depends on the exact enhancements, but in general there is the problem that you make yourself more -Other-… you -are- more Other.

Given what they do with Others, and parts thereof, that should worry you. But that takes a -lot- of enhancements.

hmmm so more cthullu punk than hentai punk , yes ?

Sort of? Horror and hentai tend to over a bit, especially in this case, with a degree of 'body horror'. Getting enhanced gradually, depending on how much, changes your personality and urges. And with enhancements to a minor degree now so pervasive in society…

At the -very- lowest end you can get enhancements so minor that they're done at the mall with about as much hastle as getting a small tattoo or piercing done.

The various urges inspired by enhancements tend to get classified by the Seven Deadly Sins. Different enhancement contribute to these urges based on the donor or the 'lineage' of the enhancement and some can have specific quirks unique to them.


On the mental level here is a general rule: the more enhancements you have of a particular sin, the more they influence you towards that sin. Having varied implants actually makes it harded to ease the effects they have like this. Particular enhancements, or classes thereof, can have quirks or specific effects from them which may be physical or mental.

Wrath is rather infamous for having obvious physical signs past the lowest powers of implants, for example, while low grade sloth enhancements tend to make you a slob if you're not -very- careful.

Really messed up sloth ones can give you the physical appearance of rotting but, hey, you get what you pay for (unless they cheat you).

It's generally best, if you can, to get seperate enhancements of a single sin each. But the ones which combine sins are rather more… impressive.

Is there anything that handles proper healing? Sloth seems like a 'don't let you die until you get better' deal.

Directly healing is hard. Accelerated healing can be done via gluttony and if you've put it in place in advance sloth can be used to 'revert' to an undamaged state. Wrath and envy, in their own ways, can also provide metabolic boosts but aren't too hot at healing.


If it deals with sensation, general health, interaction with people, or superficial appearances then an enhancement is likely associated with lust. This can range further than you think as correcting short sighted vision would be easiest done through a lust based enhancement as would an illegal implant which allows you to avoid notice when active.

While analysis generally falls under greed or envy, lust is the way to go if you're augementing your normal senses. It also can be used as a sound 'basis' to integrate more extensive implants into someone without obvious signs of inhumanity or, at the higher end, directly use its sin for purposes of energy draining, mind control, or even mind reading.

Of course, those later options are military grade and it's not as if there is a thriving black market where… extra options can be added.

As a basis?

Effectively you're merging an aspect of one sin into another enhancement in order to gain a specific benefit. Merging the sins in individual implants makes them significantly more difficult to design, make, or implant.


And, yes, cosmetic surgery implants or ones of a sexual nature often are lust based.

better than the 'old ways' I assume?

im not sure id want breast implants of the great old ones or the boobs of yog soggoth

That is something you never get (unless something went wrong) with Lust. The result might be inhuman, but it'll be attractive.

At the lowest end, lust tends to be a common 'tattoo' enhancement. Think about a 'tramp stamp' which really did make you better at sex and generally resistant (or even immune) to sexually transmitted diseases.


were getting you one of those trusting baby

It wouldn't, however, do a thing to stop you from catching the flu from the guy you slept with last night…


so, very domain-limited.

At the low end, yes. The higher you go the more generalised it can be especially when you combine sins. A 'one of a kind in the world' masterwork enhancement of Lust and Envy might let you -literally- mind rape someone for their secrets and memories through a moment of eye contact.

So, next sin?


Resilience, resistance, and reverting to a previous state. These are the factors which makes sloth enhancements prized by the military, the paranoid, and those performing trauma medicine. This can be used to enhance finger nails so that they won't spilt or damage easily, let someone cling to life and survive despite multiple or serious wounds, or protect them from being influence by other enhancements or substances of the Otherworlds.

So… stasis effects. anti-entropy.

While it is no good at fighting -off- disease, wrath being generally used for that, it's the most protective of the sins. When used as a basis for an enhancement based on another sin it can end up preventing, alleviating, or generally making less of a problem what would be unwanted side effects or quirks.

passive, but powerful?

Often, yes. You endure, remain, or revert under its influence. Oddly enough, the cheapest available 'youth' treatement combines sloth and lust to retain apparent youth for long period or even until the end of your life span. Cheap knockoffs are available, but they seem to adversely effect how -long- you live.

oooh thats a question "would you want to always look youtful and vigorus if it caused your life span to decrease . "


Envy in enhancements concerns theft, evaluation, indirect harm to others, and self-improvement against a standard. Anyone working in the enhancement business at anything but a purely theoretical level will have some sort of envy derived enhancement to let them see what is actually happening. It can be used for tattoos which let you know how drunk you are, eyes which can tell the composition of metals at a glance, or glands which let you abruptly be -better- for a short time.


so would a treasuresense thing qualify as lust or envy?

Or would it be more context sensitive?

A lot of people will get a temporary and cheat envy enhancement before they start a course of exercise or dieting to improve the results they get. It's often concidered to be a more 'intellectual' sin though given how useful its analysis can be.


In the sense of 'detect valuble stuff'

Envy. You could even get an envy enhancement to detect things such as letting you know, roughly, what someones credit rating or worth is but that's sort of higher end.

Hmm.I could see something like that being useful in street crime.

Although a high grade Envy enhancement, with a lust basis, would even allow for altering your own appearance on the fly…

Know thyself, and in knowing grow stronger?

Or just now how many people aroudn you are -better- in some way…


I think so. You mentioned wrath was used for healing infections?

Wrath provides enhancements of power and energy. They can attack, either literally, indirectly, or metaphorically, what are there. It can also provide several classes of raw emotion, either to the beneficary or for use as a weapon on those around you. Lacking enough drive? One of the least wrath enhancements can give you a little fire in your belly. Alternatively it could provide claws on your hands, savage anything stupid enough to try to infect you, or shroud you in an aura of menace.

Oddly enough, many wrath enhancements are technically illegal or need to be licensed as weapons. But the laws are often… overlooked for the lower end or flat out ignored by those running backstreet 'chop shops'.

Oddly enough, if you don't think it through, dental work often uses wrath enhancements.

As do enhancements which help digestion (but not those which deal with heartburn).

irritable bowel? ^_-


Any questions?

wrath seems straight forward


Gluttony is consumption. Taking in. Absorption. Fueling yourself, perhaps at the expense of others. It's enhancements reflect this and allow control over these aspects. At the very least level you can control your own normal appetite and, as you look at more impressive enhancements, could be immune to ingested poisons, be able to consume object then spit back out whole, burn your fat for immediate energy, absorb heat or radiation around you, and some more impressive feats.

Unlike the other sins, enhancements of gluttony never need to worry about how much energy your body can provide as it is easy to 'wire' in a way to fuel the implant. Indeed, some of the more impressive enhancements are wrath based upon gluttony where the later provides the power to do things like toss around literal flames and reabsorb any which fall upon your own body.


Enhancements based upon pride touch upon at least one of several themes. They can permit independance for others or the outside world, 'permanently' enhance almost any aspect of an individual, ward against being effected by external forces, disguise weakness, or given an impression of strength.

You want to suddenly be faster or more coordinated. Pride is the way to go. You want to look impressive in the boardroom? Pride again. the least enhancements can give a fractional, but tangible, improvement to even intangibles such as intelligence while the greatest can have you walk untouched through a rain shower… or a storm of bullets. A fairly common enhancement obscures some aspect of the bearer against analysis by envy enhancements of lower quality.

Sloth would let you ignore hunger, wrath would let you fuel your body even as you starve, and gluttony would let you eat anything… but pride would let you simply go without sans adverse effects.

A very common adverse quirk of activatable pride enhancements is that you can't tell how much they are drawing upon your reserves or stressing your body though. Low quality pride enhancements might, instead, make you not -care- because you're sure you can handle it.

Using a basis of wrath, a pride enhancement can grant energy and confidence to be directed however you wish. One of the world class pride enhancements uses a basis of sloth and grants a brief moment of nigh invulnerability when activated. This has been tested successfully against both high end explosives and utterly twisted Otherworld enhancements.

? So pride is really a 'I don't care, I can take it!' sort of deal. WIth that belief crossing over to have physical effets?


There is sometimes confusion between envy and greed, but in this world the difference is plain. Envy is 'he's got/is better than me' and its implications. Greed is 'I -WANT-!' and the implications of -that-.

Greed is an odd combination of active and passive. It seems to take what others have, whatever it is, and never to let go of something once you have it. Enhancements based upon greed can let you know the direction of someone you've touched, draw attention to yourself, keep you warm at the expense of the world around you, prevent blood loss, and many other creative applications.

Greed, unlike gluttony, might not leave you with the ability to use or do something with what you take. A number of professional bodyguards have greed based enhancements which allow them to, literally, take a hit for the one they're guarding.

So whatever you 'take' might not actually be beneficial for you.

A low end greed tatto enhancement can be used to help you save money by adding a reluctance to waste or give away your own cash without a legitimate reason. It can also be used to have 'keyed' credit cards which only work for the person with the matching enhancement. At the high end there is a very complex enhancement which uses greed based upon sloth to 'take' an injury from someone then let it fix itself. Similarly there are various 'limited use' and illegal enhancements using greed based upon envy which can be used to steal youth from others… or their body entirely.