Scene played out on 9th July 2012 with Lumina.

«Scene Starts»

It was amazing how fast time could go by when one was busy.

This was a fact that Lumina probably should have kept in mind before she began puttering around with the alchemical equipment laid out before her. Before she started having to work out the processes which would dissolve the gunk corroded onto the lump of metal which she had begun working on.

Tweaking things this way, then that way, then the other… Figuring out the exact process turned out to be as preoccupying as any puzzle game had been on the computer, at least if Lumina wanted things to work and not just fall apart and leave her with a useless mess.

Finally though the metal was clean and mirror bright, gunk and corrosion now dissolved away, as she found herself in possession of a polished heavy brass key.

However she finally registered that the 'something' from before was now clinging to her neck with cold and hot hands as it crooned softly, "Tasty, tasty, pretty?"

The prick of tiny, but very sharp, claws hinted that pulling it away too quickly might be a bad idea…

Lumina… was allergic to dying, so most certainly did not make any sudden movements. Though, the peculiar temperature thing at least reminded her who that was. "…w-what are you doing?"

She's at least happy to have finally finished this stupid key though, and fully intends to get out of here if that thing isn't going vampire on her.

"Very tasty…" The thing murmured and then she felt a faint, but not entirely unpleasent, rasp against the soft skin of her neck as it licked her.

"Oh dear!" A certain perky voice announced in a far too happy tone, "Your spell seems to have worn off. Various spells have different durations so be sure to keep in mind when you cast them and when they'll run out!"

Shitshitshitshitshitshitshit… and, well, her internal monologue went in that vein for a while, before tracking over to 'ok, spells, spells, what other ones were there? That don't involve keeping vampire demons around. Oh!" Well, she takes a quick breath, praying this didn't involve anything too neck-intensive. "]Like poles repel!["

The motions required for the spell weren't too large, mostly being about changing her stance and the set of her shoulders before making a gesture involving bending her thumb as well as her first, third, and smallest finger down. With her attention so focused on her body, and how the touch of that rasping tongue wasn't unwelcome, she felt something cool inside her shift and her bones and skin tingle for a moment.

The sudden scream and the shove on her neck as the creature leapt away, leaving a small scratch or two behind, prevented her from focusing any further on the analysis of the sitituation though.

"Eww! Bad thing. Bad pretty!" It screeched and she could hear it 'spitting' as though to get rid of a foul taste.

Once free from it's grasp, no matter how nice that grasp may have felt, she glanced around quickly. Well, she apparently had an absurdly spacious victoria's secret compartment, so if there was anything expensive or glowing she could see, it was going straight down there along with the key. If not, well, the first thing on her mind at the moment was to get as far away from that thing as possible, as fast as possible. If it's not still friendly after her boob-thrust wore off.

Jars of alchemical, handfuls of brass parts in a small jewel case, a selection of what looked to be tools, several books (one of which had glowed gold only after she had accidentally opened it in the process of picking it up), and more were stuffed into her inventory.

Hot embers and flakes of ice swirled around the still indistinct floating 'figure' even as Lumina busied herself looting without a care for what she was taking. Yet a sudden urge had her ignoring the potential threat and instead checking beneath the workbenches. Pressing at certain points, just in case, until with a soft click a hidden compartment popped open.

The homunculus reaaallly should have been looking behind her but… Well, what was under there? She just had to take a look.

The compartment was small and thick walled, an intricate array of lead runes inlaid on its surface, and contained a small red velvet cushion on which an 'egg' constructed of brass, ruby, and iron lay.

Well, that was going right into her bra, if she's wearing one. If not, it was going right in her bodice. Either way, it signals the end of this round of looting, and probably a full inventory by now, so Lumina spins up towards the door, and prepares to make a dash for it, followed quickly by another dash to that mirror. Hopefully without running into the thieves or anything.

The egg felt oddly right in her hand, warm despite being made of metal, and picking it up off of the cushion revealed a small winding key at its base. Tucking it away into her inventory was easy enough but as she turned to head away the perky voice spoke up once more.

"Did you hear that?" It asked rhetorically, "I think that something you did, maybe one of the reagents you spilled, did something bad. Who knows how far underground you really are so you'll need to get out quickly before anything bad happens. Hurry now!"

"Ok, ok, going now!" She was going to -anyway-, but the perky voice, and the complete lack of any sounds, just made the need to flee from this apparently underground base even more urgent.

The route to the mirror should be a simple enough one to follow, there not being enough turnings to really get lost in the limits region which had eben open to her, but as she stepped out from the Guardian's room she was surprised to see that someone else was in the corridor already. The man in rough but hard wearing clothes, one arm a thing of cogs and steel which hissed as he raised it to point at her and which dripped blood from a splattering which coated it, seemed almost as startled as she was.

fuckfuckfuckfuck… no, so not doing boob-thrust again… what else?… no, that makes no sense… those were kind of rubbish looking… Oh, nevermind,maybe I can escape first. "]Unlike poles attract![" She called out as she…tried to do something other than thrusting her boobs, but desperate times and all that.

There was a moment of hesitation, of uncertainty, as her desire not to do -that- warred with the reflexes to move such and so and to thrust her chest out at this point. Finally the moment passed though and she found herself smiling (a very controlled expression) even as she shifted her posture in that embaressing manner.

Something cool seemed to flow out of her, to take shape from how she held her body, and left her feeling a little overheated even as it folowed towards her intended target. Slowly he closed his mouth rather than cry out and, instead, walked closer even as he pulled out a rag to wipe off his bloody arm.

"So, whatcha doing down here then?" He asked, his accent a touch of cockney but definitely that of a Londoner.

Ah! London… and she remembered something about some city in america being mentioned too… wherever the hell she was it was some sort of parallel earth. She could work with that. "Oh, you know, just looking to see what your lot were up to, ya know? This is some nice place you found; who's the sucker this time?" Well, there's the slight issue that lying never -was- her strongpoint, but… well, steampunk chainsaws motivate people. So, she did

her best to do a fellow cockney accent and prayed he fell for her ruse.

"No idea, but the idjit's not 'round just now." He said with a playful leer, even as he wiped more of the gore from his arm, before sobering, "Good thing too. Judgin' by that other construct he'd be real happy to get his hands on a girl built like you. You one of Graveside Charlie's make?"

Lumina nodded, raising a finger in thought. "Yeah; that's 'em; been a while though; if ya found competition down 'ere though, I'm thinkin' Charlie might like a tip off, eh? Is she any good?"

"Was a he, or an it, so not contest." He gave her a nod then shook a last few drops of blood from his metal hand, "Pretty good in a fight, but weren't really up to being punched right where it hurts."

Lumina nods. "Yeah, dunno about this guy's make, but yeah, an arm like that'll hurt anywhere right?" She glanced back, then stepped closer a bit, and too the side. "Anyway, a little tip, there's a ton of good crap back in that room there, but there's some kind of daemon guarding it. It's pretty small, but ya know how daemons are? You ever taken one out before?"

The man frowned even as he unconsciously stepped a little closer to Lumina, "Some idiot had a Maxwell's demon in there and it's box got busted? Someone's not got the good sense that god gave green apples… Where'd you see the little sod?"

Lumina pointed to the… completely shattered steel door. Not a good sign. "e's over there, like I said. Ya, pretty sure there was a box, but ya know what I'm talkin' about, so ya think ya can take it, or you gonna need to call in the other boys?" She also unconciously steps a little further back, though not far enough to risk ticking him off.

"Like I said, all strength and stubborn but couldn't really take a hit." He paused and rubbed his unshaven chin with his felsh and blood hand, "Did beat the crap out of Frank though. And Bob is sorta takin' a lay down."

Lumina nods. "Yeesh; woulda been nice to have on your side right? Anyway, I'm gonna go see if I can't dig up some more of 'em, give ya some early warnin' or somethin'. You see me runnin' back here you good to prep that arm a' yours? I'll get the smaller ones meself."

The man put his hand on her arm then grinned at her and asked in a playful tone, "You got some time first for a little fun? I got some clink which is burning a holein me pocket and we ain't in a rush, are we?"

Lumina winced a bit, stepping away and towards the hall a bit more. "Actually; I kinda am, mistress has this thing for special mirrors ya know? I gotta check for this crap first, but once we're cleared out she aint gonna be pressin' me for time. That good for you?"

"A kiss to promise that?" He asked as he stepped very close this time. She could smell smoke, blood, and other more… palateble scents around him as he reached up as though to stroke her cheek with his metal hand.

Lumina winces, and shakes her head, backing off more. "Love to, but ya know how we work right? Killer migraine if I don't scram… It's bad enough as-is." She then headed back a bit more, her hand to her temple. Please be gullible…

"No problem, girl. I'll live with that." He said with a grin, letting his hand drop then giving her a playful slap on the rear through her skirts, "No, get going then and be sure to have fun. I know what Graveyard sets up in his girls and be sure to keep your eye on business rather than getting carried away with your 'work'…"

Lumina eeped, nodded, and dashed off past the rubble and on in the direction of the mirror she hopes was still there. Idly, she wondered if what Graveyard set up in his girls was the same as her issue, or if it was something much worse…

The mirror looked a little different than the last time she had seen it, now rippling unpredictably, and showed twisted reflections of the scene as it shifted.

Lumina stopped in front of it, pulling out the brass key. Waste no time! She… wondered if she'd get another one of those feelings as to how the key was meant to work, as she tried waving it around until she did.

As soon as the key was retrieved from her inventory and in hand the rippling of the mirror shifted and slowly a dark keyhole formed in its surface as though awaiting it's insertion. Over and above this, superimposed over what she was seeing, translucent appeared.

The Dark Market, London [LOCKED]

Estates of Quality, London [LOCKED]

Tropica Inferno, Elseworld [LOCKED]"

"…Ok, they're all locked. Lovely. Annoying voice, a little help? Is this going to unlock them all?"

"…Nevermind, let's just get out of here…" She then took the key, and clicked it into the lock, turning it and waiting to see if cool things happened.

The key turned and the quicksilver mirror rippled violently. In it, for a moment, she could see a dozen relections of herself and all different from a spacesuited figure who smiled at her to a naked and chained version of herself who looked horribly disappointed.

"You can unlocked a new destination!" The perky voice announced, perhaps summoned by the earlier request, "Pick one of those available to unlock it for all portals you can access!"

"…Can I get details on any of them? Specifically the one where I was disappointed… I don't want to go there."

Rather than silence the perky voice, for once, actually responded, "To get details simply apply your player icon to a locked destination!"

Lumina nodded… "And my player icon is… what, exactly?"

This time there was no reply.

Lumina waits a moment, but… well, she has to pick one. So, she goes and clicks the dark market. Because inferno sounds too hot, and really, estates of quality, knowing her luck would be the chained and disappointed one. Besides, it might just be literally dark, so she can use her lights to solve that.

A simple touch dissolved the word [LOCKED] from the description and, with no more warning than that, the mirror welled up towards her in a surge and swallowed her.

When it receded she was gone with not a trace to be found where she had previously stood…

«Scene Fades»

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