Scene played out on 2nd August 2012 with Lumina.

«Scene Starts»

Normally it would be concidered an unfortunate thing for a young lady to be locked inside a low, ceiling room, bare bricks showing on the walls, and with a single bed present along with a vaguely leering near stranger who was encouraging her to take off her clothing.

However, the right context made all the difference as this instance proved.

"Jeeze and all the little gods." The alchemist, Josseph, swore as he secured the door which kept his living space seperated from the rest of the tunnels. "What in the world possessed you to make you make a squeeker blow up like that? Everyone knows they're explosive!"

Despite his words he seemed rather more concerned about his temporary 'employees' state as Lumina stood there, splattered with the vile yellow gunk which had spread from each exploding 'squeeker'. Over a dozen rodent-liek creatures, none smaller than a fair sized cat, made for a fair ammount of mess…

"Now, get yer clothes off and stand in the tub 'cause youre still dripping muck" He directed her with a curt nod towards the metal tub leant against a wall, "I got brew up some antidote you can take and get some stuff to clean that mess off of you."

"…It might have helped if you -warned- me I was going to be attacked by rats!" She glared as she made her way moodily, and slightly spooked, to the tub. Though, her clothes were staying on for now.

The metal tub clanged against the floor as it was set down and Joseph grimanced when he saw a little of the vile yellow 'mess' drip off of Lumina and onto one of his rather worn rugs. With an unhappy sniff he moved over to the side where, set into a wrought iron stand, a glass sphere filled with aether glowed faintly. A few pokes with an iron rod and the glow rose to a blaze, starting to shed more heat into the 'room'.

"The squeakers? Everybody knows about them." His gaze turned to her as he said that, becoming faintly speculative before he chuckled, "Hot house flow like you don't know much about the world then?"

"…Hot house what?" She definitely didn't know about squeakers though. Especially not why they'd be lurking down here in the dark, dank… ok, nevermind. Rats.

"Hot house flower?" He commented, turning away from her and moving to where an array of bottles and a rather facinating array of alchemical tubs and filters was perched on a surprisingly sturdly looking bench, "LIke those parastic ones they grow in the Kew Gardens? Real foreign, but they keep them in the hot and wet and they grow without ever seeing the -real- weather or even sun."

Lumina nods. "Oh, right; well, everyone's got to start somewhere, don't they?" She leans over to get a better look at what he's up to, though keeping her dripping inside the tub. "Anyway, does this gunk at least have some sort of use other than trying to drown me?"

"Kills mold, deters insects, and you can brew it up into a sort of gin if you don't mind a few hallucinations." He offered while starting to tinker with the glassware, pouring a few measures into bottle before reaching for a pipette, "You should probably keep talkin' so I don't think that it's getting to you."

Lumina nods and pays attention. If this is indeed a game, it should help give her a skill up. "So, I'll be high as a kite and insect-free; I suppose there's always a silver lining. Is that last one why you've set up shop down here?"

"Well, here's far away from the market people don't wander in to kick down my door." He replied as the goo ever so slowly oozed down her body, leaving sticky trails and clinking unpleasent to her as it seeped through her clothing (such as it was), "And not so far that we're out in the tunnels where the nasty stuff might come by and eat me."

"…I meant your shop in the market, but it sounds like I have a -lot- of zoology to catch up on."

Lumina is not enjoying the clinging or the anything involving the goo really, but has no intention of actually letting that show right now.

He chuckled as he set the flask, and it's contents, onto a seemingly frozen flame to heat, "Well, nobody down here asks questions. Especially not the sort that the coppers up top had to ask me about. Been here a bakers dozen years now and in a couple more nobody upstairs will be askin' about me any more."

"…You weren't wanted for criminally making people curious were you? Though, ok, I wont ask then."

Joseph half turned and flashed her a smile, the expression somehow making him seem for a moment like that one face which she'd know better than even her own, "Only in that if they weren't curioys then they shouldn't drink what I'd mixed for them. Sold a couple of Jekyl's to the wrong types and they had a bad time of it."

thatdidnthappenthatdidnthappen. "…Jekyls. As in turns you big and evil?"

"Make your id come out to play." He corrected with a smirk, "Take it right, and not have any real problems in the back of your head, and you're more than you are the rest of the time. A man could be handsome, strong, confident, charismatic, hung like a horse… depends on what the stuff in your head says your like. 'Course it causes problem with being all uninhibited, especially when they took it in a group and one young man's 'inner self' was of the more curvey persuasion?"

Lumina snerked at that one. Then frowned when she figured out the consequences. "Oh… and knowing how boys can be… that ended more sexily than they'd have liked, didn't it?"

He chuckled as well then added, "'Course, given how that works sometimes, she had an extra set of teeth and her using 'em was what really caused the problem. He weren't a man at the time but in the mornin' three of them weren't much of a man any more."

Lumina had no idea whether to find that hilarious or horrible, so she settled on a short laugh. "And are Jekyls legal? Because I really don't see how any of that's your fault otherwise."

That got another short harsh laugh, the sound of which seemed to rub over her skin like velvet, "You're a real tresure, you know? They're not legal, not real bad but not legal in any strength. So it weren't those 'boys of good families' to blame…"

Lumina shuddered, as much from the pleasant feeling as the following ickiness. "Well, I think I'll stick with things with more predictable results… Actually, there aren't going to be any side effects from these cleaning agents of yours are there?"

"You'd not tan right for a while." He told her before picking up the flask with a cloth, stoppering it, and giving it a long vigorous shake, "At least if you were a person you'd not. One like you'll be fine."

"Could you at least say human? It's a little less debatable than 'not a person'."

"Human, goblin, poncy elf… They're people." He said, still shaking the flash as the contents seemed to slowly gell, "You're property, girl. Valuable but…"

"…Charming. And the slave girls I saw on my way to your shop?" She wasn't going to argue about the poncyness of elves…

"Well, technically people. Least they still got souls of their own." He said with a thoughtful note to his tone before he held out the flask to her, "Here. Just don't get this on cloth or the like that you want to keep."

Lumina took it, frowning. "Lovely. I suppose a spare set of clothes is too much to ask, while these are being washed?"

He stepped back then smirked, "Well, if you want -them- clean of the stuff and to borrow clothes too… Ain't that gonna cost you a bit?"

"I don't have any plans to wander around the market naked, so yes, borrowing some would be handy. I was hoping I'd have enough money to get some new clothes -anyway-."

"Uh-huh. So why didn't your ma-" He started to ask then froze as the faint sound of something rasping against brick was heard and he switched to swearing under his breath while pulling out a knife from a sheath at the small of his back. "Gods damn it! You up for more of that burning?"

Lumina glances over and nods. "If you have a parabolic reflector or just a shield I could do it a bit safer?"

"I ain't a cogboy or a fighter." He muttered while moving toward the iron door out of this tunnel rather than the one deeper into the 'storerooms'. Cautiously flipping open a small spy hole he immediate closed it and swore more vigrously than before, the words squirming in Lumina's stomach like eels. Looking at her he said, "You get cleaned up entire right now and I'll get you the antidote and some clothes. We got a problem."

Lumina sighs and starts taking her fancy clothes off, hopefully she has some non-soaked underwear on underneath, because if not… "Ok, fine, is there -anything- here I can wear while whatever's out there is out there?"

"I'll get you something," Her master started to reply, and for a moment it was her master there in a way which made her hands briefly eager to doff clothing at his request, then it was the alchemist speaking again, "Shoes, belt, and an unused ogre's shirt to use as a dress. That okay for you?"

Lumina nodded, popping off everything that's soaked and applying her shiny new salve. "That sounds fine for now. But, what's behind the door and how do we get rid of it?"

"Fire and not so much smoke as we choke on it." He told her as he grabbed two scarves, liberally poured the content of a bottle to soak both, then tossed one to her, "Wrap that round your face. We got an -ooze- out there. How in the Gods names it got this far in I don't know…"

Lumina grabbed it, and wrapped it around her face, by now down to her underwear and rubbing the salve over the more goo-covered parts of her body, making her way out of the tub as she does so, and looking around for any convenient dishes or containers she can use to provide more fire.

The acrid scent of burn mint from the scarf seemed to force a little clarity into Lumina, at least the extent that whatever she looked at or heard wasn't invoking sensory echoes of memories past, and Joseph gave her a curt nod as he headed into the so recently relit storerooms.

The room offered many containers but most of them were full of liquids and powders of uncertain provenance. A few empty beakers could be picked up though and, with Lumina nigh naked as she was, she found that her inventory wasn't accessable to place them in.

"…" Well, pressing those between her bra-clad breasts sure mader her feel foolish, didn't it? Either way, it was time to take a peek through that keyhole and see what she was up against

Flipping up the flap and peering out caused a little confusion in the homunculus at first. With the way that the view of the far wall was wavering she was almost sure that the 'gunk' was having an effect on her vision… but when she saw a fragment of dissolving brick 'drift' by outside things became clearer.

"…" Ok, whatever that was, kill it with fire. She plopped the beaker over the lock, or whichever hole she was looking out of, and focused on it, and the area on the other side, trying to call up as much aether as she can. "]Illuminating Aether[!"

At her neck, almost forgotten, her chocker pulsed once as she called up aether and around her light flared in sheets of color. The room was washed out by the brightness, hot against her skin and piercing through her eyelids even as she narrowed them, then as the ammount became almost too much and her head began to ache from the focus required she sent it pouring through the peephole.

«Scene Fades Due to Fatigue»

Notes: Part of my catching up…