Scene played out on 18th October 2012 with Lumina

«Scene Starts»

Sometimes, no matter how oblivious you were, you could tell that something bad was going to happen.

Lumina was getting that feeling as she stood outside the study where she was to meet her potential teacher. It may have been the way that the other servants had carefully refrained from answering questions about the gentleman in question. It may have been the way that she had been loaned an outfit which chosen for how expendible it was.

Or it might have simply been the fact that there was yelling, almost screaming, coming from the other side of the door as it scintilated with the golden glow of a Quest.

She had been standing there for several minutes as the voices inside had risen in volume, unfortunately being in some foriegn language, but finally they stopped and a moment later the door openned.

Roderick stepped out, carefully straightened his cravat while seemingly oblvious to the way that his jacket looked rather more… scorched than when he had gone inside, then gave Lumina a pleasent smile before speaking.

"Sir Leonardis will see you know. Please bear in mind that he will possibly push you and that he is one of the most knowledge individuals about aether in the Royal Society of London." He said in a slightly strained tone, "I wish you luck and that the study be intact when he departs today."

Well, that was… unnerving, exciting, and hilarious, all at the same time. Still, she did whatever she had concluded was polite to him in this world, whether it be bow, curtsey, or just smiling. It was kind of like being an astronomy undergrad and someone brings in stephen hawking to teach you, wasn't it? "Thanks; I'll do my best." And, once he left, she opened the door and slipped in, mentally running through and trying to recall everything she already knew about the substance, and more importantly ignoring the part of her brain that insisted it was all garbage.

A curtsey was polite, although the borrowed skirt was a little short so care was needed when holding it, and Roderick responded with the small nods that Lumina had seen from many 'higher class' persons to those of lesser status. Thoughts on what that might imply were swept away as she entered the study though.

The room was a cosy enough place in theory. It had shelves of books lining one wall, an oversized desk facing the door in front of a window, a roaring fireplace on a third wall, and a gentleman standing with his back to the door while studying the swirling mass of color and light akin to the surface of the sun which had replaced the entire fourth wall…

"Do come in." The man, assumedly Leonardis, snapped without turning around, "This will be -tedious- enough as it is without you hesitating."

Lumina winces when he snapped, and while that certainly didn't help with the hesitation, she gathered enough from that to know that approaching the wall and man quickly was her best option, so that's what she did, studying the fourth wall's prettiness as she did so. Oh, how she'd like to break her way through the fourth wall and return to not being in a game. "Sorry; thanks for taking the time though… Is this scene part of the lesson, or just something you're doing? I imagine you want to get started immediately?" And what is it… given the class, 'surface of the sun' was far from an unreasonable assumption.

"It is primarily a way of soothing my nerves," The gentleman said tartly, one white gloved hand clutching the other behind his back and the strange symboles painted with precision upon them visible to her, "I like to contemplate casting a few -idiots- into such a fiery domain and thus raise the average intellectus of the world."

Lumina didn't have a photographic memory, or even close to it, but noted them at least, even if she couldn't replicate and play with them. Still, she does smile a bit at that. "…That -is- a rather nice thought. Though, for now I think I'd rather know enough to do something like this than -actually- toss people into the sun. For now." She's so tempted to reach a hand out but… well, she doesn't know how hot it is.

"Do my hosts know that their pet souless abomination has a desire to let -people- burn to death?" Leonardis asked, still not turning away from the wall but instead moving a had from his back to lightly touch the surface. An action which caused ripples and shifts in the display of light.

Ouch. Maybe Lumina would get used to that kind of comment one day, but today was not that day. "Sorry… I did say I wasn't planning to." No matter how fun. Besides, they'd vapourise first. "But, you did agree to teach this 'soulless abomination'… though, I'd disagree with the abomination part, I'm still doing research on the other bit."

"I have agreed to see if you were worthy of being -instructed-." The gentlamen corrected instantly then, slowly, the aether globes which in theory lit the room began to dim and the fire in the hearth started to die out, "I can teach those with -brains- and -imagination-. We have yet to see if a mixture of nocturnal emissions and sewer fluids can manage that… Although I will admit that such describes several of my past students as well."

Ok, so he was mean and scary, but the casual insults of people who weren't her were kind of funny… "Right… well I hope I can surprise you; at least it'll be more of a challenge than -some- people, who seem impressed I can handle basic bowel control, let alone magic." She tries to shut her mouth at that, having dug herself deep enough as is. "So, how would you like me to convince you?" She did eye the wall so

me more, wondering how complex that was.

With the 'wall' now the only source of light in the room the shadows were eerie and all she could easily make out of the man was his silouette. His voice was still clear though as he answered her question with a question, "What -wouldn't- you do to convince me? And why would you wish to learn about 'mere light'."

"]]Lightless wind[[" She tries one of her already-known spells to redirect light from the wall in his direction, and away from her. After all, it's only coming from one direction, so it should be doable? She then walks to one sida as she explains. "Well, what I already know worked in rescuing this place recently, and it lets me do things like this. And it's actually -useful- outside of combat, even just for being pretty. And, well… it is a very interesting field, though ok, I'd sooner not do anything 'distasteful' to convince you…" And casting enchanting would just be asking for fire.

"Persistance. Courage. Insight. Intelligence. Obedience." The man said as Lumina's spell bent the light around him, revealing the details once more even as the markings on his gloves seemed all the darker for the illumination now pouring down upon them. "Those five are qualities which those I instruct must possess during lessons or learn within their own time. From what I have heard you actively rejected at least one."

Lumina was invisible in the dark, at least to herself. Maybe he had a talent that lets him see her without direct light? Who knows? If so, she seemed to ponder a moment, looking a bit upset. "Oh. You mean obedience don't you?" It was technically a question, but really, it didn't sound much like one.

He did not answer her question, if it was indeed one, but instead chuckled in a low voice, "Oh, litle abomination, you say such amusing things. And yet you have not yet said what you would concider 'distasteful'…"

"Well, anything illegal really? And I'd sooner not sleep my way through class, regardless of how I look. What I'd -rather- do is be an excellent student, and impress you in a way that's relevant."

Leonardis gave a small nod then stated in a tone dry enough to make deserts jealous "Oh, I'm sure that you don't need to worry about me -touching- you. But if I tell you to do something then arguing can be fatal for at least one of us. Even if what I tell you to doseems nonsensical."

"Oh, I can do that; I think I could make sense of it after the fact at least." She then cut off the spell so he could see her, if he couldn't already. Still the same little hatless abomination.

Slowly Leonardis turned around, letting Lumina see eyes which were closed and looked to have not opened in a -very- long time, then gave her a toothy smile, "How is your… theology then? Or your irrational algebra?"

…Well, that's weird. Her eyes blinked, and seemed to have not blinked in… seconds. "Umm… Work in progress?" Of course, maybe she's a master theologian, or awesome at irrational algebra, but she didn't know what that was so guessed no. At least that answered the could he see question.

"I see that you are confused." He said, walking close to her then circling around her at a slow pace, "Should I give you an -example- of how some of such knowledge, which you may not understand, has -meaning- in the deeper mastery?"

The light on the wall began to spread, creeping along the floor, ceiling, and other ways through tendrils and filaments of light

Lumina nods, despite how he seems to be doing so already. "Please? I can see where irrational algebra could come in handy, but I haven't encountered a connection to theology yet…"

"]]In The Beginning Was The Word[[" The phrase was spoke softly, but with enough power behind it that it could be nothing but a spell and one of a power far beyond Lumina's own. There was no tangible effect, no sign of -what- the spell had done, but Lumina knew that even a failed spel off that magnitude -would- have done something. Leonardis just stood there silently for a moment longer then inquired, "What did the Father breathe when he spoke that phrase?"

Lumina frowned at that. She recognised the whole bible-sounding-ness of it, and while she didn't remember much of that, could hazard a guess. "Well, if that's what it sounds like, I'd guess it wasn't oxygen, so I'd say aether, since light was mentioned pretty early on… And it's kind of the topic. I don't suppose that was what the spell did?"

«Scene Fades»

Notes: The last of this batch of logs. I shouldn't have left things for so long… ;_;