Mini-Scene: Good Girl

Scene played out on 21st September 2012 with Lumina

«Scene Starts»

The young elven woman in velvet and brocade smiled at the figure standing before her, notice the faint tremors in the homunculi's body, then put a hand on Lumina's head and murmured softly, "Good girl. Very good girl. You did the right thing."

The woman, and several other less martially inclined elves, had come out from the door which the other elves had been guarding. A few children were present, their mothers and aunts surrounding them protectively, but this lady had come to speak to Lumina specifically.

Something about the words, despite being condesending as though she were reassuring an animal, were actually helping with the spasms of guilt which still wracked Lumina after her attempt to -hit- someone…

…well, the condescension probably seemed reasonable to her, given she was taking to a scared, shaken up little (ample) manufactured girl of human design, wearing little more than a ratty old shirt. Still, while the shakes were calming, she was still a bit shocked even without all that. "I… I hope so… What was even going -on- here? Why were you being attacked by someone in power armour and his gang?"

"It's just some of those bad men who think that our House is taking money from then somehow." The woman said softly, continuing the petting as though Lumina was an animal which had done well. This tangible reassurance felt pleasent and helped distract Lumina from the (BAD THOUGHTS!)… previous events. "As if their merchants would let the money get to -them-. Now, are you Mistress Wreniel's property?"

Lumina took a few deep breaths, calming herself down a bit more. "Technically… yes? I'm not sure how I feel about her killing her way through to here, but those people didn't look like they were simply after money… one of them called me 'race traitor', and they seemed manic…"

The elf looked at Lumina more sharply when she proved capable of such big words as 'technically'. After a moment she smiled and patted Lumina's hair again, stroking it for moment, then added, "Well, you've been a very good girl though. You helped save many lives and you -didn't- hit anyone. Because you're a good girl and stopped."

The repetition was helping in its own way although other feelings were starting to well up at being so… praised by someone and given such touches.

Lumina was certainly not about to complain about the stroking really, it was quite nice after all… though she was going to have to hope her 'skirt' was long enough to sit between herself and any chairs, if it kept going like this. "Mmhmm… I was -trying- to stop them peacefully, for all the good it did. you know if they're treating Wren? She was nearly dead when I pulled her out."

"She's being tended to, although we are pleasently startled to see her here." The lady replied then noticed Lumina fidgetting and offered, "Are you allowed to use furniture, dear? Some of your type are barred from using… most of such."

Lumina looked up at her oddly. Ok, so maybe she was fidgeting; her hands all over the place (though, mostly on her own arms and 'dress'), and feet tracing circles, along with more general body motion. "Why on earth would someone be barred from -furniture-?"

"That depends on if you concider a bed as furniture." The lady replied with a fant smile, obviously amused at Lumina's naivety, "I take it that you weren't primarily a 'show girl'?"

Lumina shook her head. "I don't think so? Though, I imagine I'd rather not know what you mean by that?"

A smile, a small pet, and the lady asked softly, "So, you came here with Mistress Wreniel?"

Lumina nodded. If she had been built for it she'd be purring right now. Either way, if the lady started going somewhere, she followed. "Yep; I'm Lumina, by the way. And you?"

"You can call me Lady Rinalio." The elven lady said then smiled indulgently, "Or just Rinalio when we're in private. Have you been allowed out and about much?"

Lumina shook her head. "Not until recently, no, after I met Wren. Though, it's something of a mixed blessing since no-one mentioned anything about giant exploding rats… Hence I changed into this thing." She tugged at her garment in emphasis. The slightly blood-stained one. And that's to say nothing of the revealed skin, which was equally bloody.

Rinalio nodded fractionally before offering, "Do you want to get a little cleaned up before we talk about what to do with you? I mean, you might stain something otherwise and we can find you something more appropriate to wear."

Lumina nodded integerly. "Yes please… And maybe some brain bleach too, I'd -really- like to not think about where this blood came from…"

"Well, the baths won't be hot just now but let's go get you a bowl and some proper washcloths." Rinalio told her, looking briefly contemplative, "You can be a good girl and get nicely clear, won't you?"

"…Yes, I -do- know how to bathe myself, thanks, Lady Rinalio." She remembered the formality!… though, that likely wouldn't last. "Though, are you talking to me like this because I'm a homunculus, or because I look human?"

"I'm honestly surprised to find that you can understand things so well." Rinalio replied, not at all embaressed by the 'reprimand', "Most homunculi have an intellect which does, admittedly, surpass that of a particularly smart dog but beyond that…"

Lumina nodded. "That does make sense, actually… for 'showgirls' it's likely the entire point to be dumb, too. Would it be too much to hope that intelligence would affect my legal status?"

That got an amused and faintly rueful smile before Rinalio said simply, "Let's go get you cleaned up."

Lumina sighed. "That'd be a yes, too much. Lead on?"

"Just follow me. That's a good girl…"

«Scene Fades»

Notes: As a mini 'side scene' this only count as half a session for advancement.