Scene played out on 13th August2012 with Lumina and Wreniel

«Scene Starts»


Fire was everywhere and the world seemed to have been devoured by streamers of burning aether which swirled and twisted madly. Something bubbled and boiled, steam escaping with shriek akin to a kettle, but all that could be seen was light.

In the midst of flames Wreniel found herself not burning yet still writhing. The fires had engulfed her and, rather than agony, they brought different sensations entirely. Almost against her will she found her voice rising in reaction even as her eyes widened unseeingly against the pyroclasmic light…

Wreniel wasn't expecting to 'find the Light' this soon. She'd even made a caution by preparing herself… Still.


Even through the heavy iron door the outcry could be heard by Lumina as the homunculus continued to fuel the aetheric effect on the other side of the door. She could feel the drain on her, feel how something was growing 'empty' in a way which ached, and how there was an increasingly tight sensation from the choker locked around her neck.

…Giant blobs of jelly didn't swear did they? On the other hand, they didn't usually attack, either. Still, she may not have thought her cunning plan all the way through, as she attempted to reign in the remaining power, aborting the prolonged spell and if she could stay upright afterwards, peer through to see what just said that. Despite the excessive light.

Wreniel flailed a goodly bit as she attempted to feel out her position, to check if she still had limbs, if she still had a pulse, and then attempted to expand that search outwards to 'did she still have clothes on and was she on fire'? Still, she wasn't quite sure what to make of the intense feelings that just washed over her… anticipation was on agony but… that felt almost—She

Wreniel tries to focus on something else, anything else to get away from that for now…

Without mana fueling the temporary inferno, albeit more of light and fury than anything else, went out like a snuffed candle. With little light left Wreniel had difficulities seeing what was around her, helped not at all by the protests of her body at the sudden… lack, but there was a greenish glow somewhere off to the side…

Through the peephole of the door, Lumina could make out the vague emerald color of the 'blob' which was now glowing faintly even as it oozed out of the cracks which it had tried to hide within.

With a bit of a whimper that she couldn't help the elfin figure took as deep a breath as she could manage and started to approach the glowing spot… a light source was a light source and she wasn't going to worry about specifics for the moment.

Lumina stomped one foot as she saw all that power just… go. Gone. "Poop! Please be absorbant… ]Proof Of Phlogeston[!" She had no idea if she could cast that through the peephole, but it was worth a go, wasn't it? Maybe the glowing green goo absorbed enough to make it flee.

Light blossomed, a softer glow than the hellish light from before, and Lumina felt a slight tug on her already low reserves. Out in the corridor, with the surfaces looking oddly faded and slightly pitted, the figure of an elf stood with her back to the door and facing the oversized translucent green amoeba-like form of the ooze…

Wreniel blinked at the green slime (to her perception, at least, the first blush, as it were) and starts swearing in very colorful language that perhaps gets censored but definitely includes profanity and implications of improper birth parentage as it doesn't take long for her to realize that her swordskills are going to mean damn little against the slime… it'd be like cutting Jell-O.

Lumina… did not expect another person. Elf or otherwise. And presumably the spell did diddly-squat to the now-dull translucent pile of goo. So, Wren may hear the slamming of bolts and bars before the door behind her creaks open, and a pale, dark-haired girl wearing what is almost certainly victorian lingerie urges her to come through. "Quick, hurry up!"

"What the hells are you doing?" A man cried from behind Lumina, moving as though to shove the door shut, and with the door open the ooze suddenly began moving with a previously undisplayed speed in a path which would take it over Wreniel and through the door.

The elf attempts to fling herself back through the doorway as quickly and as directly as possible, and if she makes it through will attempt to help the man shouting push the door back shut. Hopefully, they can pull it off, or it could get bad quickly.

Lumina was going to help shut the door too, as and when either the slime proved to be about to enter, or the elf was safely inside. Preferably the latter. Either way, there was hardly any time to say anything before one of those two things happened.

Joseph, alchemist and owner of this little bolthole, was muttering dark things as he put his back to the heavy door and tried to shove it closed even as Wreniel slipped inside with inches to spare. The door shuddered as the large wet mass struck it and even with Lumina's help it wasn't managing to push out the tendrils reaching through the remaining openning…

Tendrils, on the other hand, could possibly be lopped off without as much of a risk, so with caution for her potential saviours Wreniel moves to 'tendril cutting duty'. She just prays that the thing doesn't have acidic blood or that puncturing it will doom them all to a painful melting death.

A single swipe was, indeed, sufficent to sever the nearest tendrils but the substance neither splashed nor fell harmlessly away but instead formed into seperate blobs which came together into a single form akin to the one outside but in miniture.

Yet, now, the door was closed and the first heavy bar was being dropped into place.

Lumina hopped away from the door, and tried the tactic again // this time with much less power drain, actually trying to form the aether as a persistant sphere in front of or inside the blob, and following up with phlogeston as immediately as possible.

Wreniel will start looking around for torches, lanterns, oil, or failing that something metal/stone to encase the oozelet in for proper disposal. Her sword simply wasn't the option to go to now. She gives Joseph a very thankful look for the shelter as she attempts to discern his next action. Aside from further barring the door, of course.

Light began to form around the blob before Joseph called out, clearly worried, "Be careful! There's things in here which will //burn-…"

"Well, sorry, but do you have any better ideas? Or maybe a glass bowl?"

The blob bubbled, swelled, then fell back to a smaller size… yet it was noticably larger than before. Joseph looked panicked rather than replying, stepping a half step this way then that.

Lumina looked around for one of an appropriate size anyway, not particularly wanting to be eaten by an adorable jelly.

Wreniel looked Joseph hopefully. "Please tell me you have a back door to this place? We can come back later after we've figured out some way to deal with the slime?"

One of the tables had a mixture of items on it, but they seemed connected in a way which would make it difficul to remove just one things. Yet the faint golden glow to the pile was visible to Lumina's eyes alone.

Well, if there's one thing Lumina's picked up, it's that golden glows were generally good. So, she scooted over to the table and tried rummaging for the whatever was making it glow. Hopefully having an elven marine at her back will make this a bit safer.

Said marine is definitely not feeling very secure or confident at the moment. There is nothing she can do that will help defuse this situation and dozens of things she can do that could make it much worse. This is nothing like the island place—did she make a bad choice, there?

From a blob a long tentacle, like a lash, whipped out and around as if it was starting to get up momentum. A careful eye might also notice that, through the still open peephole of the door, more of the original blob was beginning to seep in.

Lumina was, unfortunately, too busy rummaging for all that nonsense. besides, there was little she could do to it at the moment anyway.

Attempting to avoid the mini-glob, Wreniel will approach the door and try to poke at the peephole-seeping goop in an effort to make it withdraw long enough for her to close the opening. "I'm beginning to think being burned alive would have been preferable. What kills this crap?"

Appropriately enough Lumina was struggling with a stacking puzzle (with a side order of balancing the contents of various containers against each other) while the whip strand was slowly growing longer and more deft as it was waved about.

"If people knew that do you think the thing would still be wandering about?" Joseph called as he hurriedly worked a set of lab equipment, obviously brewing something up.

Lumina couldn't really stop… whatever she was doing. For some reason. It's probably useful anyway. "You mean it's just that one thing, there's not a nest or something like that? Anyway, you said it didn't like fire, right?"

"Generally not." Joseph called as he started to grind a powder and as the blob swelled a little more again, "At least more people come back alive from an encounter where they used fire to distract it."

Wreniel continues her efforts at the door then blinks. "Fire, to distract? Oh, hell. Got anything cold? Like a freezing potion or something? Cold, not hot. If you distract it with fire it's looking for heat… or… why it charged the door…"

"…Except when I lit up outside it seemed to hide away. Otherwise I think it would have gotten you first."

"Keep working on whatever it is you're working on." She attempts to poke the slime back and close the peephole again.

The piles of objects seemed to have strange rules for what could be moved there, and some just weren't there until Lumina shifted others, but somewhere beneah then she got the impression of a solid metal tub which would be surely large enough to slam over the smaller blob… despite it growing a little bigger again.

Sections of the blob fell away under Wreniel's bladework but all too quickly they animated and slid back into the mass.

"C'mon, it's a classic. We don't have a drum of frozen stuff, though… so…" She glances hopefully over at Joseph. At least she's keeping the blob busy.

"Damn it!" Joseph called out as he glanced around frantically as though trying to spot something, "I need a big bowl to mix this… I had one around here just now. It's somewhere…"

"…You mean this one?" She hefted the giant bowl, glancing between Joseph and the slime. "I was just going to drop it on the thing and try burn it; but if this is going to be a more permanent solution…"

"I've got instant stone about ready." He said then glanced at where the bowl was still partially blocked in, "if you can get that out… Or I can try mixing some arctic dew?"

The elf's sword cut through the latest whip-strand… and found that the blob was now weilding two.

"Guys? Need to get this done. If you've got stone, let's go with that, if that doesn't work then we can try the dew. I can't hold this thing off forever, though."

Lumina sighed, and continued fiddling in an attempt to extricate the bowl. "Stone sounds more reliable, if you can pass me a four inch or so diameter heat-resistant bowl once I've got this thing out?"

Joseph didn't reply but, with a final stir to the large container he was working on, moved over to find the requested item.

Wreniel is attempting to use all sorts of different attacks and methods in an effort to keep the ooze/glob/slime distracted from the very hard at work alchemists.

Lumina was perfectly capable of having patience, really, but when it took this long just to get a stupid bowl, when their lives are at risk… She just yanked at it to free it from the remaining pile. As long as that bowl was intact, that's the main thing, right?

The two strands were significantly harder to deal with than a single strand, each crossing the other and bending in impossible ways, but a careful look showed that technically it was still only using one strand. Instead the other was being waved 'through' the peephole…

"Guys… if you've got something figured out now would be a very good time to try it…." She's really not feeling confident about their chances now.

With both hands on the bowl Lumina found herself having to brace with her feet as she sought to 'brute force' the puzzle. For a moment she strained then, with a sound which spoke of very expensive bits of glassware giving up the ghost, the bowl came free. A few black motes, visible to both players, drifted from the puzzle to her and a perk voice announced, "Some ways of doing thing assesses a penalty!"

Wreniel blinks. "What am I doing that… what the… hell?" She peers at Joseph, then Lumina. She didn't remember that sound-over being around before.

Joseph's expression was… pained, but he was searching through cupboard and shelves with only an occasional glance back towards Lumina.

Lumina glanced over to Wren, bringing the bowl over to Joseph and pretending all that shattering totally didn't happen. "You heard that too?"

"Bowl!" Joseph announced frantically, a jar in each hand, just at about the point where Wreniel came close to being whipped across the chest by a heavy strand of protoplasm.

The air displacement, even with her clothing, was like a whip-crack across her chest and she gasped and winced, stumbling backwards as she attempted to regain her footing. She really doesn't have a chance to respond to Lumina at the moment as she's busy not being mushed or eaten.

"Right here!" She dropped it down where there was space near him, which was exactly what she was doing //anyway-. Now, to find a smaller, less metal bowl…

The dark haired man hurriedly poured the contents of the jars into the bowl before dashing back to his earlier mixture. Not turning he called, "When I get this ready, come behind me before I pour it out…"

Wreniel nods, even though he can't see the nod, and gets ready to make a run and leap behind the guy at the appropriate time. If it does live up to the name, she doesn't want to be a statue for all time. Or even just a little while.

Lumina nodded too, grabbing a bowl from a pile and cupping her hand around it. before rushing over to the door, pointing the bowl at it, filling it with aether, and igniting it in the direction of the peephole.

For a second time fire blossomed and, as it did so, Wreniel dove for the ground as it blasted over her head. The bowl did seem to change how the flare of burning aether spread, directed it in an odd way, but it looked a little worse for the experience.

The whip reaching through the peephole broke off, its mass falling to join the blob 'inside' the room, and it was unfortunate that the elf's dodge away from the flame caused her to received a heavy blow to the ribs.

Crunch is not the sound that Wreniel wants to be feeling or hearing as she gets robustly whacked by the wayward whip, and she falls backwards as she fights for breath and attempts to make her way behind the other alchemist with tears in her eyes, fighting for breath.

This sudden retreat seemed to confuse the blob… or, at the very least, the flame had made it relucant to push forwards. Joseph was hurriedly stirring his mixture then strained to lift the bowl as he stagged to one side of the room, heedless of how some of his rugs were burning after Lumina's attack, "Get ready!"

Lumina didn't want to hear that sound either, and winces, before she seals up the peephole and helps wren get behind Joseph. Who, in retrospect, really shouldn't put rugs near the door.

Wreniel feels herself gasp in pain as she's dragged behind the owner of the shop by the other person who heard the voice-over, wincing as movement brings agony. There's not much more she can do to 'make ready' from her side.

Something grey and slurry looking poured from the bowl as Joseph tried not to splash too much around while 'painting' a line of poured 'fluid' from one wall across towards the other. The blobe seemed to be recovering now, at least it was moving a little, even as a row of honest to gods stalamites started to form upwards and into a wall where the alchemist had poured out his mixture.

Wreniel is impressed. That's about all she's got the wind for at the moment, though. Far beyond her talents, but impressive.

Lumina had been assuming 'instant stone' meant 'turn the slime into stone'… oh, how wrong she was. Now all she could do was hope her outfit, and the goodies the top contained, were on her side of the new wall.

Joseph seemed to be muttering about costs and prices under his breath as he tried to continue making the makeshift wall, the first spikes of stone even now reaching the ceiling and merging into it, but both of the ladies could see the blob beginning to ooze forward. Given the alchemist's slowness itwas definitely going to get past the wall before it had been finished.

"Help… Him." It's a gasping plea from the newly arrived elf.

…No, no it wont. Because Lumina launched another gout of fire at the slime, making sure to keep joseph out of her line of fire. "So, what were you saying about the more dangerous beasties not coming this way?"

The aether flared into light and then was ignited into flame by Lumina's efforts, causing the blob to 'cower' again. It was the size of a not so small dog now, not concidering the whip it was weilding, but easy sight of it was starting to be blocked by the fast encrouching spikes of stone.

Lumina seemed to stare off into the distance for a moment after that, before shuddering, and scooting along to see if she can help speed up the pouring process.

Wreniel simply watches, attempting to make sure that a piece of the thing doesn't make it through their emergency wall construction.

Apart from steadying the bowl, and checking for any missed spots, there wasn't much that could be done. Close up Lumina could see Joseph making odd small gestures, but they didn't look like a spell per see…

Wreniel's ribs hurt, and badly, but the sharp pain of something being punctured seemed absent. It was odd though that, despite the discomfort, she somehow felt that if she needed to she would be able to get up and fight.

Lumina watched the gestures, just in case, but assumed they were this culture's equivelant to flipping one or two fingers, or tallying up how much this was costing him. Either way, she did steady the bowl, steer it towards anything missing, and keep one eye on the slime, just in case.

The last of the bowl slopped onto the ground, forming a thickening 'fence' of stalagtites which blocked out the last sight of the blob just before it could get through. Second later those same spears of stone had reached the pillar and blocked out all sight of the door… or the thing which had gotten inside.

"…I'm going to take you over my lap and spank you like a child!" Joseph panted as he tried to quieten his racing hear, "What possessed you to… I mean… Argh!"

Lumina looked over and pointed to Wren. "Well, sorry if I've not had a lot of practise fighting monsters, but I couldn't just leave her out there, could I?" Even though, technically she's very much spanking age, she just doesn't look it.

The elfin girl leveraged herself up to a better sitting position now that some of the crisis was over. "Wreniel… Swiftstroke…" She offers a hand to the both of them to shake. "Thanks for the… save?"

He looked between the two of them then growled, "You're welcome… I just used up a minor stone there. A shard, but it was a real one!"

Lumina holds out her hand for wren. It's probably about now the elf may notice the homunculus's state of dress. Or lack thereof. "A… stone? Given you're an alchemist do you mean a philosophers stone?" Ooh, curiousity. "They're… expensive?"

Wreniel shakes the hand and offers no comment on clothing as she attempts to fish out the talisman she obtained from the native person. It's about the only thing of value she has right now, and has no idea of the worth, but the man did just save their lives. "Is… this… worth… anything?"

A dull 'thud' came from the wall and, a moment later, another as though something large but yeilding had slammed against the wall. Jopseph paled and muttered, "…I think I'm going to have a sit down before I look at anything."

Wreniel nods quietly and hopes that the wall holds long enough for the thing to either starve or get bored and leave. And that there is some other exit out of here. She's just going to be quiet for a bit.

Lumina eyed the wall and the sound of it's occupant warily, sitting next to wren. "I'm Lumina. So… I hope there's another exit out of here?"

«Scene Fades»

Notes: The last part of my catching up for tonight.