Scene played out on 31st August 2012 with Lumina and Wreniel

«Scene Starts»

The scents of salt-water, weather-worn wood, and people crowded together greeting the pair as they stepped through the Gate. In that single step they had gone from the darkness of far below London's streets to somewhere far more open and far, far brighter.

It seems that appearing on a public street beneath the open sky, close to the docks where countless ships were moored close to warehouses and merchants yards without number, and that standing there while a cart bore down on them wasn't precisely the best of ideas.

People were everywhere, barely giving the cart room as it trundled like a juggernaught along the dockside cobbles, and none seemed startled by the sudden appearance of the two. Or, in fact, seemed to have noticed anything unusual at all about them being there.

From the red faced driver of the cart came a bellow of "Mind the way!" which seemed to be trying to prompt the pair in the cart's path to do just that…

Wreniel will attempt to grasp Lumina and pull her out of the way of the cart and driver. Momentum is not one of those things to trifle with, and if folks are used to this sort of appearance they should be moving out of the way, as well.

Lumina wouldn't struggle if removed but… Oxygen! Fresh air! Sky! Cart! It's like she'd never seen any of these things before, or if she had she deeply missed them, just standing there and breathing, taking it all in before she's yanked to safety. Not that that stopped her rubbernecking at everything.

The men and women, although mostly men, of the docks continued on the their business for the most part. There were a few looks of interest towards the quite 'noticable' figure which Lumina presented, but more common than that were a few glares towards Wreniel. Fortunately most of the men giving those looks, usually the rougher sorts, turned away when they saw the coat the elf wore… and the blade she bore at her waist.

Wreniel squints a bit when the rougher folks give her that eye, and tenses slightly, to convey the proper need for respect and personal space. When those make their way from her general location, she starts to casually glance about for signage or some sort of indication via architecture which direction she should be heading in. She, too, is thankful for fresh air, but paranoia is keeping her focused on the destination.

Wreniel's feet, and a few guiding glances at signs which seemed rather more vivid to her eyes then they might be to her companion, seem to know where she was going better than her conscious mind did. There were definte feelings of 'hotter and colder' as she went to move one way or another and this somehow reminded her of the 'paths' which she had followed back on the island.

One man, 'heavily built' in a plum suit and involved in a conversation with a dapper young man, followed Lumina with his eyes and for a moment she could almost feel sausage plump fingers trailing across her skin. To both women he glinted with a trace of crimson which only faded when they had moved far enough away.

Lumina was… not wearing a fancy coat. In fact, all she seemed to be wearing was her collar and a tatty old linen shirt, though at least in part drawn in by a belt around her waist. Nonetheless, she was shaken out of her wonder by that fondling sensation, cringing and walking closer to Wren. "Do… do you actually know where we're going?" She asked, still trying to shake that feeling.

A glance at her chest would show that, in fact, it wasn't the warmest of climates either, the sea breeze, while pleasant, totally not helping matters.

Wreniel keeps an eye out for the dangers as she moves along, attempting to do what most others do in crowded settings like this. Namely, looking like she knows where she's going, even if she doesn't, and if she takes a wrong turn, to go around a block or a little bit further along to shake any following sorts. The plum-suited man was definitely a threat and she didn't want to deal with that, given how the two of them stuck out like sore thumbs despite any precautions the elfin marine is taking. She, too, feels the distraction of bodily reaction to the changing environment as she gives a nod to the construct-girl. "Oh, sure, sure. Nothing too major about what we're working on." The tone was casual, relaxed, as she attempts to avoid being too much of a lost babe in the woods…

With the two actively looking for danger a faint scattering of crimson glows and sparkles seemed to well up from the crowds around them. Nothing was the dangerous solid crimson which screamed 'DANGER!' but many things, mostly those who were giving Wreniel such filthy looks seemed to have potential for something unfortunate.

"…go home, you filthy dandelion eater." The words, obviously an insult, came from someone in the crowd who moved on immediately.

(Just my amazing luck, I end up on the Docks with a bunch of xenophobic humans… or they hate the idea of constructs.) O o . the marine muses as she continues her cautious pace. The epithet causes her to crack her neck a bit, though she does not lower a baleful gaze on her surroundings… yet. She also refrains from calling out the anonymous heckler—that only leads to more resentment and glowering.

Lumina just continued walking right next to Wreniel, glaring at the heckler in her stead, though obviously she's not about to make any more of a scene than they already are by being there. If only she had the opposite to her 'centre of attention' spell…

With the docks as busy as they were it was likely that no one person was willing to do anything untoward with so many witnesses around. yet as Wreniel lead Lumina away from the shoreline, between warehouses and storage buildings, the glares became both rarer and nastier as did the occasional insult or muttered comment.

Finally though the two arrived at a rather sturdy looking building, smooth walls showing little sign of normal building methods in contrast to the buildings around it and with something more like arrow slits than normal windows, which had an odd sign hanging from it…

Signs are good, both for reading and for some form of direction. The location looks like a good one to investigate, even if means that she'll have to come back out into this morass to get to a different spot. The door gets examined as she walks up for any sign of a knocker, bell, or other method of signalling to the occupants of the building that she needs entry.

Lumina looked around the building, taking a wild guess as to it's function as she keeps close, and looks around for any more dodgy people. "I guess this is the embassy? Or something foreign, it looks different to everything else here…"

There were a pair of doors at the front, obviously the entrance, and they stood open albeit with one looking somewhat scorched. Yet the idea that they were a way in was ridiculous. Silly. Easily dismissed. Not anything to be concidered at all. Obviously they weren't important at all and the two should just move along…

Well, then. Wreniel needs to talk to the occupants of the building to get a clue to as to whether this is a location she needs to be at or if she needs to keep moving and if so, what direction. Given the animosity of the locals, just asking them for directions is right out. She is going to attempt to enter the building because this is rather important to her, and by extension Lumina.

Indeed it was, and Lumina seemed to be… sniffing? and looking suspicious, though disregarding the doors as wren was. "]Degaussing[" She called on herself and wren, in the hope that whatever it was she was smelling, would dissipate and maybe she could figure out what it was.

Black and white specks flared around the pair briefly as the spell took effect, weakening the hold of the unnatural influence working upon the two of them, and both could now realise that there was something wrong about how the idea of the door being a way into the building was impossible to grasp. That didn't help Wreniel though as she stopped still several yards short of the door, having found herself dismissing the idea of getting in via it in the same way that she'd not normally concider walking through a solid wall.

Wreniel finds herself pulling up and staring at the entrance… or the lack of an entrance. "Hmmm. And this is why I was telling you that magic use has gotten out of hand." She offers that absently to Lumina as the elfin marine tries to think of ways to get into the building, since this entrance doesn't seem to be the right way to go.

Lumina nodded, staring at it too. "I'm not sure if this is the stupidest way to lock a building or not, but it's certainly effective. Do you know what the sign says up there though?" She looked up, pointing to said sign.

Now that the pair wasn't actually thinking about entering the building, the spell which Lumina had cast could at least reduce a few secondary effects. Both had probably concidering the details -important-, but the doors were definitely scorched around the lock area and the sounds of fighting from inside logically had to be indicating something unfortunate was happening.

The foot long contraption of brass cogs and solid iron bars which sat on the threshold of the door was also likely not something they should be overlooking.

"Oh, that? Merchant House of the Cloudscar Family." She says it so matter-of-factly that it doesn't occur to her immediately that it may be in another language. "I was hoping to touch base, maybe get some better direction or idea, and a merchant factor's home is a good place to start looking? Oh, lovely, do you hear that? And do you see that? If I didn't know better, I'd swear someone is attempting to break in. Any ideas on how we can get in to help them?"

Lumina shrugged and moved to examine the foot-long thingymajigger, and more importantly, if it would provide them the means to make it through the impenetrable open door. "I don't know? Though, if we can get in I hope you took some tanking skills? It sounds kind of scary."

The marine blinks as her sword starts to rattle on her belt, the blade pointing towards the contraption of brass and iron. "Could that be an electromagnet of some local sort?" is offered as she gives a grim smile, keeping an eye out. "Time is of the essence, and don't worry about that part."

Lumina nods. "Right… this is actually really cool though, and they're certainly sticking with the magnets theme for enchanting… Though I'm not sure if this is actually what we need to be worrying about…" She Pondered, not actually touching the thing, but still eyeing it curiously, for want of something -productive- to do.

Lumina looked at it for a while before she seemed to reach a conclusion, and reached back into her hair, not actually having seen it for some time. "Wren, do you have anything small handy, maybe a pin or a hankie?"

"Well, could you figure out something quickly, or do I need to find a window or something to try and break in at another location? It doesn't sound like we have a lot of time to rescue anyone in here." Wreniel looks around for another entrance just the same as she steps away from the doorway and away from the magnetism. "I'll be honest, I.. don't, at least, not that I'm aware of?" She goes over her gear looking for one of these items.

"Got nothing. You sure you don't have one stashed…" This is really getting on the marine's nerves. She starts looking for a window, another door, some other way of getting in, because whoever is fighting in there can't last forever and if this is her only contact in town then she's going to be in a world of SHIT if the folks inside die to random or not so random violence, given the reaction of the locals as she was walking in this direction.

Lumina sighed, and started poking at some of the various bits of the contraption, careful to avoid anything that looked especially finger-mangling, since she had no tools to work with.

A golden glow suffused the contraption as Lumina prodded at a component, the situation problematic due to how her mind lost track when she looked at the device as a whole, and the minigram in question seemed to be able which bits to push or prod in to match the 'order' of a slowly expanding sequence.

Yet, for all that, it was rather easy and with only a small cut on a finger from a cog to show for it she was now the proud holder of a lodestone bar… and the device's influence now seemed to pulse every few seconds from 'present' to 'non-existant'.

Wreniel looks at the door, then looks at windows, then back to the door… then to the windows… "You going to be able to get that—" She cuts off when she sees the look of semi-intense concentration on the construct's face, even as she fidgets to get 'into the action."

Lumina smiled at her new acquisition, though how she was going to get some savlon in this day and age she had no idea. In any case, the next step was to drop the bar down her relatively high neckline, and hope it doesn't just get caught on the belt and make her look like an idiot. If it -did-, well, she'd take it out and pretend that didn't happen, the device causing far too many problems for her to -not- try to

finish the job with the second bar. "Ok, We can get in if we time it right? I'll be with you in a second if you could go in first please."

Wreniel will turn her attention to the door, then away, then when it seems to allow her to look at the door as the door she'll throw herself into the next room and hope there's not an ambusher there waiting for her.

«Scene Fades»

Notes: Catching up on things once more…