Scene played out on 5th August 2012 with Lumina and Wreniel

«Scene Starts»

The world had fallen away.

The pair of young women felt everything vanish, fading into blackness even as everything whirled around them, from the very moment they had entered the merchant house. Yet, a mere moment after it faded, everything rushed back into place with an odd vividness to matters.

Each could feel their pulse in their veins, feel a cool rush tingling over their skin, and literally see red and blue bars somewhere outside of their peripheral vision where they should not have been visible at all.

Around them was signs of fighting, doors flung open or showing signs of having been kicked until it was apparent that they would not yield, and richly appointed hangings torn down. Sounds of fighting, of steel upon steel, and savage cries came from further into the building.

A perk voice spoke up from everywhere and nowhere even as music to stir the blood started up, "You have entered a battle scene! Leaving the area without special abilities is impossible until one side or the other is victorious or yeilds. Bonus XP is awarded for victory here so have fun…"

Wreniel was NOT expecting that as she entered the house, and started to move towards the sounds of fighting, watching out for items along the way that could give away said approach. She tosses a glance backwards to Lumina to see if she made it into the 'instanced area/battle scene' before looking for someone to beat on. She does grumble a bit at the idea of 'having fun' killing people or seriously injuring them, but someone needs their help and fast…

Lumina was… spun out would be an apt way to describe it; nothing short of a miracle she was able to hold on to her lodestone bar (or, indeed, her lunch). Once the voice finished it's little quote she slipped over behind Wren and took in the scene, becoming more and more glad of her decision to hide behind the marine. "Umm… could you tank please? I can probably distract people and so-on, and if any of them have lamps I can make them explode."

The fighting seems to be deeper into the building and, from just a glance into rooms as they passed them, both could make out fallen forms. Mostly of humans in poor clothing, their weapons improvised in forms from heavy steel pipes to a cog studded 'gun' which now dribbled oil, but with a few elves here and there…

"If you have any healing spells that might be helpful too?" The elfin figure draws her blade, making a mental note that entering an 'instance' shouldn't make her sheathe her weapon. That's a good Beta bug note, right? Wreniel has no idea of what sort of calibre of opponent she's going up against, so she draws deep to steel herself for the coming battle and braces for as fast and heavy as an onslaught as she can lay down on the enemy, motivated by the fallen elves en route.

Lumina on the other hand continued staying close behind Wren, eyeing her bar warily and trying to work out if, when the time came, it'd act as a magic amplifier. And if not, well, maybe if she could work out how to prepare a spell in advance she might stand something resembling a chance.

"No healing spells… though that would be really nice." Especially with all those bodies laying around. They're just npcs…

As the two progressed further into the build it became quite apparent that the 'attackers' were still present, over and above the poor broken forms which were litered about yet somehow night impossible to actually interact with. The evidence for this, despite the sounds of combat growing no closer, came in the form of two youths with shards of scrap brass as knives and a third who lashed out with crude prosthetic claws.

Yet both the women were sure that they'd just looked into the side room which the attack came from and no one had been there…

Lumina jumped back as the two jumped out, hiding behind the elf and waggling her bar at the pair. "}}Degaussing!{{" Hopefully, 'reducing emotional intensities' includes 'reducing the urge to murder us'.

Wreniel charges in and slashes at the two youths, crude shanks are the first target then the claws. Slice, dice, chop, hack, a reaping whirlwind she attempts to visit upon the thugs.

With improvised blade and little skill to use them, the pair seemed to have more bravado than sense as they made moves designed more for show than defense. Yet, even as Wreniel's blade flicked past those futile attempts at parrying and Lumins lashed out to smother their emotions, they maintained their manic grins…

Well, so much for plan A. With their emotions by all appearances unaffected, Lumina started looking around frantically, keeping the bar up as a makeshift guard if anything happened to make it past Wren. There had to be something to indicate what might have happened there, and how to make it stop happening.

"Oh bloody hell. Looks like we're dealing with zealots. Screw it!" Nothing is held back now, since it has become clear that the youths are not even caring. Sure, they may be drugged or hypnotized but at this point, given the bloodshed and bodies there's no cause to hold back.

Wreniel steps up her efforts to deal with the mobs in a permanent fashion… and if she happens to spray some blood, well, cost of doing business, so to speak.

The clawed man, more a boy, cocked his mechanical fingers in an odd manner then dashed towards Lumina, yelling as he did so, "Death to the Race-Traitors!"

The melee was close and confusing, but the two other attackers were losing even before Wreniel became serious and the addition of a bloody 'smile' on the throat of one hardly helped.

Khorne would be pleased if this was a 40K environment, even as Wreniel works her combat back towards Lumina to provide her some desperately needed protection. "How about death to the dirtbags? You're not worthy to even BE in this building!" Okay, so she needs some work on her battle-banter. Sue her.

Lumina has awesome battle banter skills, just watch as she… squeaks and hops away, the lack of trousers, shoes, or indeed anything even remotely resembling armour qualifying her for the dubious honour of 'squishy wizard'. "}}Like Poles Repel!{{" She directed that one squarely at the metal-fingers boy, hoping it would at least do the trick. How can she be a race traitor when she's not even a race!

The clawed boy yerked back with a yelp, acting for all the world as if a jet of hot steam had vented right before him and he was trying to avoid getting hurt by it. For a moment he looked at Lumina, a scowl on his face and one eye mere blank steel, then whirled to try to support the other… who was currently failing frantically to get even a cut through the iron wall which Wreniel's blade was immitating.

That iron wall that was coming to protect Lumina finds itself directed back towards the young man and away from the construct-girl, even as the marine grits her teeth to keep a hold on her weapon and her focus on the fight when the urge to leave the area is significant. "DIE, cretin! DIE!"

"Umm… what is going on here?" She didn't have much more useful magic to do at this point, since Wren seemed to have it -well- in hand, but she did rather like the idea of finding out why people were fighting.

Gawping at someone, even if you did not understand a word they had just yelled at you, was a fatal mistake in combat and Wreniel's unforgiving blade made the second blade bearer pay the price for that error. Yet it was only her swift reflexes which turned the elf around in time to fend off claws… and those claws left marks upon the steel blade.

The strike and marks upon the marine's blade leave Wren reeling a bit even as she turns her attention on the last target, keeping in mind that the toughness of the claws seems even moreso than her standard-issue sword. Parry, riposte, hack, chop, slash, and more of those fun blade terms will be brought into play here. If those openings don't seem to open up, a jab at the eyes may

be in order. Anything to keep this clearly better equipped and skilled opponent on the defense and not looking at her partner, who hopefully will come up with something useful.

Something useful she says… Well, She was kind of limited in her options, but… "}}Sway the needle!{{" Well, she hadn't tried it yet, and who knows, maybe it'd do something, since nothing else seemed to be immediately helpful.

Black 'dust' flowed from nowhere, briefly outlining the clawed boy with lines of grey like iron filings scattered around a magnet, and the dangerous young man grinned victoriusly before delivering one savage blow after another… directly onto the still bleeding corpse of his comrade.

With the clawed boy focused on a different target, it should be quite easy for the marine to strike him down—now. Wreniel attempts to make it as quick as possible, before the distracted opponent can react.

Lumina winced, feeling kind of bad for that, but given the alternative was for the corpse to be Wren, it would have to do for now. Her work was done, at least, so she started looking around for anything else relevant, sparkly golden, or scary.

The two… three bodies sparkled faintly with a golden light, haloed in it in a way which the previous ones had not been.

Lumina of course winced again, but knelt down to one of the bodies carefully, to see what was causing the golden light. "Did you… kill them?"

"I really hope so, because I'm not sure what to do if they get back up again." She shifts from foot to foot anxiously, attempting to listen for further sounds of combat deeper in the building she needs to deal with as something clicks and she looks at the bodies for 'loose change' 'weapon/armor upgrades' or anything nifty that either she or Lumina could use.

Several coins slid easily into the inventory of the two ladies, splitting between them of their own accord, and somehow Wreniel found herself with the 'knife' one of them had been using. The name 'Shattered Gear Knive' floated in her vision in grey for a moment then fades away.

The marine blinks for a moment at that odd vision then starts to head deeper into the building. "Keep an eye out for more of this 'Shattered Gear' sort of stuff, it may be we've stumbled onto some Luddites or something." That's a throw-away line back to Lumina as Wreniel looks for someone that she can talk to, or rescue from horrific odds. The blade doesn't seem like a good option

for her at the moment, given that it was more of a dagger or knife than a sword… and she really doesn't want to mess with non-profieciency in a place like this.

Lumina stopped once all three had been 'looted', and nothing was gold anymore, following Wren with her bar once again raised. "Ok? Though they seemed possessed; I'm wondering if someone's controlling them somehow."

«Scene Pauses»

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