Scene played out on 14th August 2012 with Lumina and Wreniel

«Scene Starts»

The mismatched pair, elf and homunculus, had been working their way through the building room by room and seen signs of fighting and looting almost everywhere. There had been a few dead elves, many dead humans of the roughest sorts, and a number of almost frenzied men who threw themselves at the two given the slightest provocation.

Like, for instance, spotting the non-human pair.

From the look of things the actual inhabitants of the merchant house had performed a fighting retreat, refusing to let themselves get drawn away from each other, further and further through the building.

Following the trail of devestation, and both noticing how several of the door ways seemed damaged, lead to where could be heard the sounds of metal on metal, of hissing steam, frantic cries in elvish, and low curses in the common tongue.

They could see that the room directly ahead was empty, bar a silver symbol of glowing motes floating in the air, but the one beyond it obviously held an ongoing fight…

Wreniel lets out a momentary breath as she assesses the situation, and glanced to the homonculi. "Can you figure out what that is, if it's good or bad? I don't want to trigger a trap by blundering into it, but we also have to be quick about it."

Lumina had spent most of that time hiding behind Wren, and hoping that, sooner or later, they'd find someone who -didn't- attack them crazily. Not that any such luck had happened, but a construct can dream… In any case, she frowned at the silver symbol, and looked up to Wren. "I… have no idea? It'd be nice if it was a save point, but it's probably some sort of spell… }}Degaussing!{{" She didn't expect it to

She didn't expect it to work as a general counter-magic spell, but if nothing else maybe it'd help her by now inevitable PTSD.

For perhaps the first time Lumina finds the spell baulking. While normally the magic would be aimed anywhere she wished, up to and including random point in the air or purely hypothetical 'invisible monster sneaking up on' targets, this was indeed an odd thing.

Lumina instead ended up firing the spell on herself, though she was one confused little magic user. "That… was weird. I think it's anti-magic? Is there anything you can throw at it, it might be a forcefield too?"

Wreniel braces for pretty much anything, including explosion, implosion, or cheery helpful narration-voice chiming in about how they've reached the final battle for all the marbles. At this point she's just about exhausted enough mentally to charge in… but being in one piece would be kind of nice for that. As it becomes obvious that Lumina has no effect, the elfin marine strides forward, hoping for the best, fearing the worst. She takes an experimental swipe at the mark with her sword when the possibility of a force field is mentioned. "Hmmmm."

"Congradulations! You've found the boss battle!" That every cheerful voice, starting to seem like a harbringer of doom to those who could hear it, informing them of things either useless or which they wouldn't want to hear, announced even as a stirring music swelled from nowhere, "Have fun and keep in mind that bosses are always stronger than a normal enemies…"

In counterpoint to the voice, and the admittedly quite good music, someone could be heard to scream from the battle ahead. It was an agonised sound torn from a man's throat which grew louder until it cut off with a worrying suddeness.

Wellll… the game said it is time to fight… and Wreniel blinked for a moment or two as she understood what that cry was from the man who got cut off, hopefully not literally. "Lumi, help the person who just made that noise, I'll try to keep the boss distracted. Ready? Going!" Without much more pre-amble or time for preparation the marine goes to war.

Silver motes flowed from the symbol, seeping into the two as it dissolved, and leaving both feeling oddly refreshed.

"Well, that's not good…" Lumina… did not like the sound of that, and decided to stay waaay back behind Wren, attempting to duel wield her lodestone bars of dubious utility in front of her. She blinked as Wren asked, and headed forward to wherever the voice came from, mumbling. "I'm not a doctor…"

"You can do basic first aid, right? Please tell me you're not completely inept with that?" Wreniel blinks as she feels re-invigorated and she braces herself, willing herself to hold out as long as possible in this fight. If she has the 'drop' on the boss she'll attempt to load everything into a single blade-stroke. If it's not so easy, then she'll attempt to dig deep for any reserves of durability to withstand any of the boss's assaults.

Lumina shrugged, looking around carefully on her way. "I know about as much as anyone really? I -usually- avoid situations where it's needed, beyond the basics. And I'm worried he's going to be no more treatable than anyone else here."

A hiss of steam could be heard through the doorway ahead and, as the two approached, they could see just what had been damaging the doorways on its path through the building. Surrounded up by over a dozen thugs, several with mere crowbars but others with more dangerous looking weapons, a bulking shape of metal shrouded imperfectly by a tattered long coat stood.

Within, and supported by, a wrough iron frame and with a boiler at its back, the figure towered over all else at over eight feet tall and was a monstrosity of steam powered fury. As they watched it's right hand openned, letting something crimson and crushed fall to the floor, and it howled, "Kill the elves!"

"Death to the murderers! Break their gears and crush their hopes!" Okay, it sounded pretty weak. But at least Wreniel was giving it the good ol' fashioned try. "Come then, feeble men of warped rods and pathetic meshings." She braces to handle the incoming onslaught, hoping the boss holds off like a good boss and lets his minions get cut down first.

At the other side of the room, trapped there by the group in front of them, a handful of elves with blades (and one with what looked suspiciously like a chainsaw) defended a door. At Wreniel's battle cry a few looked slightly more hopeful, but one paid for his inattention as the hulking, steaming, figure batted him to one side with a passing swipe and several minions leapt at him.

The incoming 'rescuer' however was oddly not greated with a charge as she might have expected but, instead, was greated by the minions giving ground… and a glimmer of crimson caught Wreniel's eye as one to the side brought up a hand pump linked to a backpack which dripped oil and had a small 'pilot light' at the front.

Lumina would -really- like to not be there. Still, while the screaming person is probably so much chunky salsa by now, she can still try save the rest… maybe. "}}Sway the needle!{{" She attempted to cast it at the steam-powered behemoth, and, if possible, at full power on all the other less-than-friendly looking invaders. Hopefully it would be effective, as she immediately tried ducking back through the door and out of view.

Wreniel did not blink when she saw the flamethrower aimed in her direction. She attempted to slash at the handpump instead, if she caught the hand that'd be fine, or even one of the feed hoses - She's not picky in her efforts to brutally disable the threat.

Whatever presents itself to her is the target and then quickly, quickly she'll attempt to get out of the way before the would-be incinerator becomes doused in his own fuel and set aflame, perhaps to explode.

Fire blossomed as Wreniel was reminded of the fact that the best swordsman in the world was still vulnerable if one had, and kept, the advantage of range for long enough. Black oil burst into a cloud of fire engulfing the elf and trying to cling, but her blade came down never the less and what should have been a savage spray became something different and cut short.

Part of the pump flew off to the side of the room, the tiny flame on its end going with it, and the one who carried it looked infuriated and flabbergasted at how Wreniel still stood there looking singed but not -burnt- buy the assault.

That her coat was burning at the hem possibly didn't make the situation less intimidating.

Unfortunately it seemed that the Steam Behemoth had definitely noticed the two now and lashed out, it's fist coming down with a crash on the floor and shattering several boards, "Oh, another one… She's mine."

When it becomes obvious that the largest part of the threat has been diffused (pun intended) by her action, the elf starts to advance on the man, even with the warmth of her jacket burning. Then the floorboards go shattering and she… pouts. "Oh, no fair tin man. I was having fun with him!" She backs up and keeps her blade at a guard position as she rubs at her chest between her breasts—was that a taunt at the construct? She's definitely got its attention… hopefully the other elves or Lumina can do something in the meantime…

Steam hissed from several nozzles as the Behemoth pulled his hand back, the massive thing of iron easily the size of Wreniel's head, and splinters of what had been solid wood fell away. Behind him his subordinates were keeping the other elves pinned as he moved to personally deal with this… problem while the engine-boiler at his back suddenly began chugging away harder.

Wreniel dives to the side and away, following the battle-hardened reactions of her frame that she knows to be right in certain situations. That increase in locomotive bellowing definitely is not the sort of thing one wants damage to come from. And hopefully, it'll give a little bit of insight into the boss' fighting technique.

The construct was hiding! Though, she peeked out for more spell-time. Now for another try… "}}Sway the needle!{{" She tried picking one of the characters in the middle of the human mob, in the hopes he'd start attacking others and the whole group would fall into chaos, and give the elves a chance.

Lumina of course, ducks right back away as soon as she's pulled it off.

'Locomotive' was certainly the proper term as the Behemoth, regardless of anything which claimed it should be slow, shot forward with all the speed and force of a freight train. Only Wreniel's premptive evasion got her mostly out of his path in time, the mass of her opponent such that a parry would have been useless, and he surged onwards to -shatter- part of the door frame as he moved from this room to the previous one.

It was certainly Lumina's misfortune that she was now in the room with the… contraption of a man and Wreniel was in the -other- room yet.

"No, not the grenade!" Came a shrief of horrow from where the subordinates were fighting, most scattering away from where one had just pulled a bulky metal sphere form his belt and attempted to toss it at the defending elves.

Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck "}}Like poles repel!{{" Lumina sqeaked and backed away against the wall, into the room and the marine. "W-why are you doing all this?"

Lumina backed off through the symbol and somewhere, anywhere, that doesn't involve a giant killbot, as the door was unfortunately blocked by said killbot.

"}}Degausing{{!" He roared in response, heavy rods what Lumina could identify as loadstone pushing out of the metal that he wore and which wore him. A withered body could be made out beneath the metal, glimpsed between shifting armoed plates, and his hate filled face could be easily seen . There was no skill to his casting, but brute force was definitely there.

Wreniel attempts to approach the ginormous now-spiky being and strike at the fleshy insides or failing that hydraulic/oil lines or the such. Anything to get the boss's attention off of Lumina and back onto her. "Hey! Degaussing involves wrapping wire around stuff and running a current through it! Not spiky pokey bits! Face me, Poseur!"

Lumina continued backing away as far as she could, and waggled her own lodestone at him. "Get the bars! }}Illuminating Aether!{{" She called as she moved, attempting to manifest some light somewhere in the 'cockpit', or failing that on the lodestone.

There was no cockpit per se, more the mechanical contraption being worn and surrounding the man within it, and as light blossomed it looked all the more threatening as it simply took the first of Wreniel's blows with a small twist to catch the blade on armored metal plates. He glanced at the elf and growled, "Wait your turn."

A cheery and brought voice spoke up, audible only to Wreniel and Lumina, "Normal movement is restricted in a boss battle. If you wish to exit the battle then please use the 'Retreat' option from your player icon. This will count as a failed mission unless your remaining teammates are victories and are willing to share the victory with you."

Wreniel blinks as that unbidden announcer speaks up. "It IS my turn. Unless you really think that she's a big threat? I mean, what has she done to you? Nothing. I'm the one with the sword ready to skewer your black oil-filled heart, you slovenly dead pig." She cracked her shoulder a little bit to recover from the clanging of her blade.

"…Poop." The construct girl whined as she was prevented from leaving, instead circling around as far away as possible, to keep wren between herself and the killbot. "}}Proof of Phlogeston!{{" She decided to prove wren wrong, assuming the light hadn't yet dwindled. Of course, if it -had- dwindled she was going to have to think of something else to do.

An unseen substance underlay all the light in the world, as any scientist knew, but Lumina knew both science and sourcery so she could influence the natural worlds in ways that no mere -theorist- could manage. Aether blossomed, manifesting through the glowing connection which was the light, and exploded into white-blue flame even as it consumed that connection to be more than mere light.

Something shrieked before the Behemoth flailed at his shoulders, turning a valve and leaving his right arm sluggish down that the sudden flame had damaged him, and his curses were low and indecipherable. One hand hit the palm of the other with a metal clang and he yelled, "Stop playing with the elves! Yer not just an audience, you're gonna do something useful."

Wreniel smiled wickedly as the right arm became sluggish. "Hey, big guy. You feeling okay there? Because if you're not up for this I'm sure we can get you a mechanic. You'd like that, wouldn't you? Could make you all shiny and bright like ceremonial elfin armor with frills and flowers and stuff…" With the banter Wreniel is attempting to exploit the sudden 'dead spot' in the

tall thing's defenses from the sluggish arm.

Whether it was the banter, blinking the spots from his eyes after the flare just a few moments before, or distaction from glancing back at where his supporters were doing badly against the elves but Wreniel's blade licked out and with her muscle behind it managed to sever what looked to be an important conduit. While not -sluggish- now, the shoulder joint moved up and locked in quite an awkward position.

Lumina on the other hand… "}}Lightless wind!{{" She wasn't sure how complex an affair she could make with the spell, so, she kept it simple: a shroud of darkness over the killbot's head, while she and Wren looked for another weakness, and she slid over to a different spot. Though, not before making her own banter. "Really though… Why are you here?"

"Shut UP!" The face amidst the metal screamed, the remaining unimpeded metal hand rising up as though to lash out at Wreniel even as the engine at his back seemed to find another gear…

Wreniel doesn't need to rely on innate gut checks this time. The hand reaching up is a definite clue to her, even as she attempted to duck to the side where the 'locked' limb was frozen for 'cover'. It'd be quite difficult even for a fully limber person to make a swing like that across their own body without damaging something, and the hope is that it'll be just the same for a large

construct. While she's over there, she'll keep looking for something to poke at like the conduits. Hang in there, elfin people! "I'd rather not shut up. And unless you've got three more gears to go it looks like you're just about out of steam. Pity."

Lumina scooted around a bit more to see if anyone was coming up through the door, and if they were, launching a 'sway the needle' at the scariest looking one. If not, then she simply maintained the head-shroud and poured some more aether into the suit, if it's still open enough. Wren seemed to have the one-liners well in hand.

The sudden activity from the boiler should have been a telltale hint, but having only seen it once it was understandable that the two didn't pick up immediately on what it implied. Squinting, trying to out of the darkness to the lighted areas beyond him, the Behemoth was suddenly -moving- again as his previous action proved to be a feint.

The first that Lumina knew of his charge was a blur of motion, pain, being sent spinning, and slamming into a wall before sliding down it to the ground. It was only the problems he had seeing which ahd prevented the Behemoth from slamming head on into her.

The strike against Lumina causes Wreniel to wince a bit. That had to really hurt! She uses the movement that the Behemoth made to get to the opposite side of where she had struck earlier to freeze the right arm. With a brief prayer for luck that the inventor believed in some sort of symmetry she struck at roughly the same area on the left arm, dancing the blade about to try and find the magickally breaking conduit. She can't help Lumina until the boss is down.

Well, Wren is right, that -did- hurt, and it caused a whimpering Lumina to scramble away, keeping a pointless grip on her 'weapon', and calling '}}Proof of phlogeston!{{' at the man whose darkness had been removed by his assault. Hopefully she'd managed to at least get -some- aether in there, though she was far too paniced to remember if that was the case or not.

A twist of the surprisingly agile hulk moved off Wreniel's original aim, presenting his back to her, yet a combination of luck and skill had her managing to stab (a move not recommended with a blad like her own) between two plates and into a thin walled steam pipe. Ducking back took the blade with her and steam began issuing steadily from the 'wound'. Enraged he spun, trying to reach Wreniel, and managed to grip her arm in a crushing grip…

And then flames flared around and upon him again, distracting him enough to release her rather than tightening the grip into a maiming one.

Wreniel takes a step back and gasps in anguished pain as her whole arm feels crunchy. Sure, there's some tears from that sort of agony. She almost wishes for a second the whole limb had been crushed completely so she wouldn't feel the hurt, but that passes as attempts to stab repeatedly with her remaining good arm at anything that could be thin-walled like that pipe to speed up the

process… or failing that, puncturing one of the lines coming off the boiler or the boiler itself… anything…

Lumina on the other hand… keeps backing away along the floor, with a call of "}}Sway the needle!{{" At the nutbag boss, to distract him and hopefully make him start pummelling the floor again.

Wreniel stepped to the side just in time to avoid a knife, something black on the blade standing out clearly as light from Lumina's previous spell reflected off of the metal, which they bounced off of the armor plates of the Behemoth. The marine had no time to ponder her good fortune though as something -slammed- into her head and it hurt… it -hurt-. The horrified thought occured to her that she hadn't kept proper track of the Behemoth's other arm, still pinned at the shoulder as it was, and it had tilted its body around in order to bring it to bear.

Those present could only remember the sight of the thing from before, of that agonisted scream and of the wet mush which it had dropped from a bloodied hand… and yet, rather than squeeze, it chose to throw her bodily across the room into Lumina instead. The collision was painful, more so for the homunculous, but neither was out of it yet.

Sitting down is sounding really good right now to Wreniel and that was before she was thrown. She's pretty sure she's got a fractured skull, multiple fractures in her left arm… and somehow she's still in this fight? Slowly she rolls off the construct with mumbled apologies. With her good arm she brings the base of her palm and hilt of her sword to her amulet to try and 'turn it on' somehow… though it probably just looks for a moment like she's beating on her chest with her sword. She's definitely wobbling as she tries to focus on anything, something… so tired… everything is so red…

Well, the bad news: ow. The good news, if she was going to die at least it was under an elven marine fighting for her. Still, she would quite like to not die. "}}Like poles repel…{{" She mumbled as she tried to stand up, if possible darting through the group of humans and towards the elves, taking wren with her.

Wreniel may get tugged to her feet by Lumina, possibly even moved some, and then she stops, slumping against a nearby wall, sword slowly being brought up to the 'ready'. If there's one bright side, if she dies then it won't hurt anymore, right? "C'mon… lummerin' lummox… c'mon…!"

Lumina's grip slipped off of Wreniel as the protective forces of the ammulet deflected her hand at the most awkward of moments. The Behemoth looked far too confident as he stalked towards them, heavy iron shod legs digging gouges into the wooden floors, and he growled, "Oh, I'm coming..>"

"Wren! Elves. Healers." She hissed as she continued on through. She did, however, give one of the minions a '}}Sway the needle{{', followed by a good kick before making a run for the group of elves, as fast as her little homunculus feet would take her.

There is one safe spot to be in the middle of a hurricane for a brief respite. Namely, the eye of the storm. Similarly, there is one safe spot when arms require significant motion and there's an exposed pilot/driver/wearer… and that's right up on the operator. Wreniel will attempt to hold her position as long as she cansuch seductively helpless prey she is! then take a strike directly at the driver… heart or eye or neck.

With his prey, the one who'd danced about him, standing so close the Behemoth didn't hesitated even as the 'one who burnt me!' fled. His working arm reaching out even as he moved towards the unmoving Wreniel with a sickening smile on his face. Metal struck her forehead, making her vision flare with colors and blackness, while the length of that arm kept her away from the true vitals of the… thing she had fought.

Wreniel's blade came up, stabbing into the joint on the underside of the arm and making it seize and drop her even as it vented steam and froze to immobility

Wreniel felt sheer agony course up and down her sword arm as things got so hazy, so dark. "Hey… king piggy… Be seeing you soon…. ziggy…" She'll attempt to thrust her blade into the Behemoth's fleshy occupant's chest or head once more, while bracing for the inevitable.

You should never look back when you're running for your life… so, naturally looking back is exactly what Lumina did, and really, Wren was not in a good condition, so she skidded on her heels, and ran back towards the elf; at this stage sore feet would be the least of her worries. And really, the casting of aether onto her bar mid-sprint was wonderfully dramatic, and slipping it along Wren's sword and, hopefully, into the behemoth's face was something no sane person would try outside of anime. And if she could phlogeston it once it's in… perfect. If not, the big guy's arms at least didn't seem to be moving did they?

The two moved together in their attack, blade guided by superb skill and the bar guided by sheer desperation. The world was a hazy place to Wreniel, the bar an odd gleam within her vision, and to Lumina it was a place where suddenly horrible guilt assailed her even as her muscles spasmed in rebellion of driving the bar home. Instead she stood there, wracked by the need to be forgiven and to never ever do this again, while staring into the startled eyes of the Behemoth's core.

Detonating the light into flame was almost an afterthought though and something which bothered her not at all, even the Behemoth screamed and fell back, compared to the idea that she could have bruised him with her aborted strike.

Within the metal shell something was burning and the metal arms which should have allowed the occupant to free himself were unresponsive to his desperate struggles.

"Lumina. Hey… Hey… we… gotta move… f.. fast."

Lumina nodded quietly. After striking out at someone what -could- she say? Well, one thing she could say was "}}Like Poles repel{{", and grab on to Wren, slipping past the humans and towards the elves, who -hopefully- had some sort of medic to hand.

Wreniel is far too beaten to resist this time, and she's half-dragged quarter stumbled quarter crawled back to the elves. "Can… haz… sleepz… nao?" Lumina may catch the play on a popular RL website even as things proceed to darker grey haze for the marine…

"Wreniel!" One of the elves called out then surged forwards, simply -taking- blows from the two human thugs who were close enough to strike him as he passed at a run. He called something else out, something in elven which was beyond Lumina's understanding of that language, and brushed aside a jagged blade with his bare hand as he tried to move to assist the two.

Wreniel's eyes widen as she recognizes the words, though she's a bit dim on the source. "Huh, whahhh?"

"Okay… Ok…" The Marine blathers a bit as she tries to focus on the source of the words. "Lu… Lumina help them!" She looks to the man who spoke to her in Elvish. She burbles something back in the same sort of hazy attempt to remain awake.

Lumina was only too happy to provide a wreniel, though she sniffed the air oddly. "…She could have done with the help a bit sooner… did something short circuit?" She glanced at the thugs he passed by, calling 'lightless wind' to blanket over as many humans as she could while she waited to hand over her cargo. One has to wonder though, how terrible she looks to the elves given her 'inexpensive' dress and battlle damage.

That wave of darkness seemed to turn the tide, the moral effects of their boss having fallen and having an invulnerable elf charging through them as though they lay beneath his notice, as the remaining humans tried to run and were set upon without mercy by the elves as they fled.

Golden motes flared around the room then poured inwards towards Lumina and Wreniel, filling them with joy and a sensation which was indescribably good, until it cut off leaving them wanting more.

And finally, finally, that stirring music which neither wanted to hear again finally stopped.

"Battle Complete : Enjoy Your Victory!"

«Scene Fades»

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