Shared Log 06 - Formal Attire

Scene played out on 26th September 2012 with Lumina and Wreniel

«Scene Starts»

On this day Wreniel has a servant who brought her a… dress. White, not -precisely- sheer, and of a quite different style than anything either of you saw in the London streets. Lumina would also, basically, be pushed into the room as well with a jewelry box, cosmetics, and a 'suggestion' that she help Wreniel prepare.

Wreniel will look at all the stuff and be at a total loss. Undergarments are easy enough, though she probably fumbles with any brassiere-style top…

"Lumina… could you please help me, I'm still feeling a bit groggy from the fight."

Lumina sighs. Fun times being basically a servant. "And I'm sure this has nothing to do with the whole boy thing, does it?" Nonetheless, it wasn't Lumina's first experience of any of these things, though it parhaps -was- her first experience of dressing an elf, outside of character generators or paper dolls etc… So, roaming eyes aside (ears especially), she helps out where needed.

"Um, actually, it has everything to do with that and we should ah, probably not ah, be talking about that too much because well, um.." It's probably hard at first to get the makeup thing going through her blushing, so a part of it would be assuring the elfin marine that she's not going to screw it up…

Wreniel will follow directions and allow Lumina to help out and move along to the next encounter, a bit nervous. Which may be odd given her 'reputation'. Perhaps she's… reformed?

The dress was simple enough to put on, having only a lacing at the back and a sash around the waist to deal with, but the jewelry box was a bigger problem. Inside was a necklace with two broach sized coats of arms on it, one of the current House and another which was less recognisable, but beneath that was a wide selection of items from rings to earcuffs to bangles to anklets to what looked like tiny silver clamps.

Not all of it would surely be there to be worn but to provide a choice.

Lumina is… rather amused when she opens the box. Surely they wont mind if she 'borrows' some? After all, while they may be aware that she's not bound to wren as such, she's still claimed wren as hers (or vice versa, depending on your perspective). "Wow… Ok, but do you have any idea if they're planning on making you look like mr T, or do you want to pick which bits to wear?"

"Okay, um, the necklace should be worn, that looks all official-like. Um… the bangles and anklets do you think those would be overdone? We're not doing the earcuffs and um… rings… do any of them look ah, plain and somewhat functional in comparison to the others? I'm not very big on the pretty and fancy stuff but um…"

The contents of the box didn't actually change, but there was an impression that it did if one wasn't careful to keep track of what was where.

Wreniel is looking at the contents as a 'loan' and she is definitely going to be returning all the jewelry she's wearing when she's done if she has a chance. Unless she's told otherwise by her gracious hosts. "What do you think?"

The last was directed to Lumina.

Lumina nods at wren, and plucks out the necklace, followed by anything relatively simple. "…I'm not sure there is such a thing as functional jewellery, unless there's a pocket watch in here… Other than that, how does one of each sound? And it's formal, so you'll probably want to stay symmetric…" Ok, she's no expert on it either, at least not when it comes to expensive stuff, but still.

A light silver bracelet worked in the shape of a silver vine presents it's, but so too does a heavier band which holds a number of glistening green stones.

Wreniel ponders the heavier band.. then thinks of how she's a Marine and it kind of holds to her style so she selects the one with the stones.

Lumina is so going to swipe the other one if it lets her. Unfortunately, she's been in the game long enough to know that's probably not going to happen. Still, minigame senses tingling.

There does seem to be a sense of a minigame of some sort around the box, apart from the necklace which has the definite feel of an 'inventory item', but how to access it is unclear.

Wreniel will see if any other designs have a 'resonance' or a theme or 'fit' to her style. It's probably drawing on her fashion skill even though she doesn't realize it.

"Should I wear more makeup, Lu? I mean, it doesn't look like I have much on?"

Lumina shakes her head. "No, that looks good… you could do some amazing things with earrings, but given this box just gave me the evil eye, I think this is your minigame, and it looks like you need to complete it to get to the necklace." She will help though, until they've finished the 'minigame'

"Minigame?" The elfin marine in recovery looks at the box and tries to figure out the secret of the jewelry, drawing upon all available thoughts, feelings, and resources without straining herself.

A faint crimson glow had crept into Lumina's vision when she had tried taking the other bracelet, that it seemed 'caught' on another piece of jewelry not helping, but Wreniel had no such impediment. A little thought, a little focus, and it became 'obviously that only the necklace and certain other items could be removed but by taking them out would be something she was -expected- to wear them.

The trick would be to get the right ones…

Lumina in the meantime wanders around the room to see about doing her hair, and maybe popping on a bit of makeup to make herself look a bit less fake. Though she'll point wren in what she feels is the right direction when it seems needed.

Wreniel takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. She will accept any advice and try to go on her base hunches, but on her 'wish' list after the bracer with the green stones are rings with emeralds or green stones… and the necklace, of course. She doesn't raise her hand out of the box as her fingers fiddle through it trying to find 'just the right piece' and for rings she's looking

Wreniel at something modest, one for each hand… She attempts to avoid at all costs the ear cuffs… one can only imagine what those must feel like.

A few false starts almost produced unwanted results, one incautious pull coming close to spilling two rings along with the cuffs from the box, but after a short time it came down to a choice of risking one thing or another apart from the necklace which seemed to require being removed last:

Getting the bracelet easily and perhaps one ring or getting two rings, the bracelet, and likely two little silver 'torcs' which seemed too small to fit on a finger.

Lumina's attempts at makeup were somewhat amusing. Her hands seemed to know how to emphasise her face, but unless she wished to draw attention to her wide eyes and make her lips seem especially 'kissable'…

Lumina snerked so hard at the 'torcs', even through her frustrated efforts. Her face wasn't even everything she was going for. There was also her hands, her legs, her arms if they were visible… just, any skin that didn't look 'real', by the games standards.

Wreniel will go for the bracelet since it seems to be the easiest, then the rings, that's easy enough… and if it comes down to a choice between the cuffs and the 'torcs' the cuffs will be acquired despite her reservations about such.. and then the necklace. "Have to give credit for such a creative… exercise but really who puts this sort* of thing into a game??"

Lumina shrugs, still grinning despite having to wash her face again*. "I have no idea, I could have sworn they weren't there before. Still, do you even have piercings there?"

"I… um… don't want to ah, think about that?" The Marine shudders a bit as she focuses on her task at hand. "That's just kind of creepy?"

"And why am I almost as terrified about this if not moreso than the big scary steampunk monster we fought?"

The bracelet came out easily as did one ring and, after a worrying moment, the second ring. Yet when Wreniel thought that she was in the clear Lumina's question distracted her such that one of the 'torcs' became tangled in the necklace. It, and the other, could be left but it'd mean leaving the necklace behind…

Wreniel starts swearing in a most unladylike fashion. It need not be printed for the rather exceptional language used as she sees the conundrum. "Damnit. I… I want to wear the necklace, it looks important..but… those stupid torc things are tangled in it…"

Lumina giggles a bit and leans over, to see if she can help detangle. And leave the torcs in, no matter how funny it is. "Sorry, sorry. But I think the necklace is the point. Maybe you can dangle them off the necklace? They do seem tangled after all."

Wreniel nods and tries to do that. See if maybe fridge logic and game logic can come to some sort of happy medium that isn't totally embarrassing to her.

It looked to be simplicty itself to get the torcs free… assuming one pulled them and the necklace out of the box entirely first.

Wreniel does so with a swift motion before she second-guesses herself.

"…" Lumina starts looking at Wren's and her pinkies, on the off chance they're big enough for that. If not, well, time to undo wren's top again. While doubled over with shadenfreude

Wreniel is going to be almost a beet red-purple if those go there*…

It seemed that they were intended to do just that. In a demonstration that this world had it's own quirks, the little torcs were -perfectly- sized. Even if they exchanged hands.

Well, wrens going to have to put them on herself. Lumina's to busy being curled up on a desk in stitches

Wreniel takes a deep breath then lets it out. "Here. They won't be expecting a servant to be wearing fine jewelry." She takes a deep breath then lets it out while 'docking' them with as much deliberation as a spacecraft approaching a station, gritting her teeth as she braced for the contact.

The metal wasn't as uncomfortable as it might have been, although the coolness it somehow retained did have an effect, and felt like a light touch more than anything else. However it did draw attention, through the dress, to such… prominent points.

Wreniel lets out her breath slowly then places the necklace on. "Okay. How does my makeup look? Seriously, I don't need a lot more stress right now, just tell me if I look okay?" Her heart is pounding at even the light touch which is different from the clothing pressing against her which was largely forgotten in the heat of the moment.

Lumina stops giggling, and feels the need to point out. "Umm… Wren… I don't think they have to go there? You look great though."

Wreniel keeps blushing. "No, that's where they're supposed to go…"

Lumina holds her hand out. "Ok, pass one over here?"

Lumina does however stop after she re-sees them. "Wait, sorry, nevermind." Whoops.

Wreniel shakes her head. "Make-up is good? Let's go get this done before I lose my nerve?"

Wreniel stands up carefully and makes her way to the door, and if she's been given footwear wearing them is actually an afterthought at the moment, no matter how fancy or heeled they may be.

Lumina nods. "It's great." Says the person who did it. "Mine… isn't working out." She frowned and left it at that, as she followed wren out. Her own footwear had been… somewhat less than comfortable, so much like pretty much the entire rest of the game, she remained barefoot until she found actual, nice footwear. She also remained sadly jewellery-free, unless the box was letting her have some now the necklace was out.

A tall male elf in a formal suit, the very image of a major domo of a household, stood outside the door to Wreniel's room. Silver haired, although young to most non-elven eyes, he inclined his head briefly to Lumina but addressed Wreniel.

"Young Mistress Swiftblade, you and your personal servant are waited in the conservatory." He intoned respectfully, "If you would care to follow me and I shall lead you there where the Lady Rinalio and a young Master Roderick await."

Taking their acceptance for granted he turned away and strode onwards through the manor, passing rooms which were still being repaired and past a spot where a maid was scrubbing a suspicious stain on a wall of a staircase.

That they both followed was less a choice and more something which occured before they could think and, soon enough, they arrived at their destination and their ability to act of their own accord returned.

The conservatory was, as befit the area around the merchant house, not on ground level but instead on the roof so as to keep it from the 'rough crowd' who were the locals. Iron framework, painted a clean white, held plates of glass and a boarder of plants looked almost untamed as they hid the outside view from those within.

That it was warm here was nothing to ignore and Lumina immediately felt it. Dressed as lightly as she was, and used to far harsher conditions, Wreniel had an easier time of it as they were lead to a table where an elgant elven woman sat sharing tea with a young elven gentleman.

"Greetings to you, young Mistress Swiftblade." Lady Rinalio stated calmly, seemingly untroubled by how her own dress was similar to Wreniel's bar how it left her left breast entirely bare, "Would you, and your dear Lumain, join us?"

The gentleman seemed to be looking at Wreniel with an interesting mixture of emotions on his face and was barely keeping in his seat. His garb was far different, rough looking cloth and leather cut into a more 'human' style suited for a man of the upper classes.

Wreniel followed through the halls nervously and when she arrived at the Lady Rinalio's location, and moved to pull a seat open for her servant. It's probably a horrible breach of protocol, but damnit, she was always taught to move a chair for a lady before sitting herself and if it raises eyebrows, so be it. After the chair is pulled out for Lumina she'll time her seating so she sits at the same time as her 'servant'. The gentleman giving her the looks is going to be sending chills up and down her spine at the same time intriguing her, and a similarly conflicting set of emotions are probably going to be playing across her face. Is this the 'fiance' they were telling me about?

Lumina was a little bit surprised by the chair pulling out, given the treatment she had received so far, but she smiled to Wren and accepted the seat. She waved to Rinalio as well, recognising the woman who wasn't entirely mean to her when she first arrived. Though… Well, there was a bit of a blush as she noticed the Lady's dress, though when her eyes met with 'roderick', it mostly seemed to be confusion over his rather poor clothing choices, compared to the other elves at the table.

The gentleman, assumedly Roderick, had his attention centred firmly upon Wreniel but he gave Lumina a small nod when she met his gaze before it turned back to the other of the visitors. He glanced at the Lady for a moment then, at some unseen sign, smiled, "I would like to say that I am personally grateful for the help that you gave our House and you should be assured that we will express that gratitude in suitable ways."

Wreniel nods quietly and has to fight the urge to squirm a bit under the firm glance of 'Roderick' as well as the exposed breast of the Lady. It occurs to her after a few seconds that it's really not doing all that much* for her and turns her attention back to the young man. "We were honored to help and glad we were able to get to you in time. It was definitely a very close thing."

It was the polite thing to say after all.

Lumina really shouldn't be quite so entranced by Rinalio's costume, should she? Though, it's certainly not a style she's seen used in any kind of practical setting. Still, she glances back to wren briefly, before returning to the other elves and nodding in quiet thanks. Best if she shuts up this time.

"Oh, don't feel the need to sit there all quiet. Unlike some I do know what an arcane homunculi is even if you have the build of a bedroom pet." Roderick grinned, not bothering to heed the faint pained look on the face of the Lady as he went on, "We really do need to find out how those -humans- got through the front doors though, I could swear they were solid enough to hold against anything short of a full brigade of Her Majesty's forces."

"I may have something in my jacket that might provide clues as to that. Picked up a knife off of one of their fallen soldiers that was of unusual construction. Also, the door was sort of pried open with some sort of device… though the particulars I leave to Lumina here… not my field." Might as well just lay it out on the table, as it were. And she does blush slightly when

Roderick refers to Lumina as a bedroom pet. Might even help cement Lumina's perceived position, even…

Lumina nods. That wasn't why she was quiet, but it was certainly a reason. "Well, they did have a lot of other fragments of machines in the door, and they had a device in the front that convinced people the door wasn't the way in… I'd imagine either the power armour guy we managed to… beat" She paused there. Not fun memories at all. "his suit may have been able to open the door, or he could have used his enchanting abilities, that the suit seem seemed designed to boost, to just convince someone -else- to open the door from within."

"True, but we should have had a copper wire count to that." Roderick said slowly before adding, as way of explaination, "Similar to how a Farady's Crow Cage is built… but, my pardon, I have been ignoring someone."

Standing up abruptly he moved around the table, the tails of his coat just missing the crockery on the table, then swept Wreniel up in his arms. With an arm around her waist he bent her back with a scandelously deep kiss which went on and on…

"So, Lumina, it might be best if you were purchased from your current owner." The Lady said as the kiss went on, studiously ignoring it, "May I ask his name so this might be facilitated?"

Lumina would respond, but… whaaaaa. Ok, she knew that was wren's fiance, but that's… just completely out of the blue. "I… I'm not sure. I never used his name I don't think." Still, the thoughts of her master were enough to bring her blush back in full force, before she shook them off.

Wreniel is completely caught off-guard by the kiss as she flails a bit for balance more than anything else during the first few seconds then seems to be really getting into it herself, wrapping her arms around Roderick for support as she attempted to keep up with him… then as he slowly pulled away she lets out a small gasp and visibly shudders as she sort of flops back down on the

Wreniel chair, shaking. Yet, despite that reaction, she does have a 'shit-eating grin' on her face as they untwine…

"I do appologise for not having attended to you properly for the last few days, but I do believe that you need time to recover properly as of yet." Roderick said, taking Wreniel's hand in an almost chaste manner and leading her over to sit beside him. It was as though he hadn't just kissed her at all.

Wreniel sort of blindly follows the lead of her hand as she's taken over to sit by Roderick and sits down in the spot, trembling a bit as the smile fades from her face and whitens a bit. And no, she's not doing magic. Her chest pounds rapid-fire as she almost reels from the overload and the situation as her brain tries to process different factoids.. She has no response for Lumina, or

Wreniel even a suggestion as she tries to sort this out.

Lumina watches… and frowns as she notices the somewhat familiar reaction. Ok, so it's not identical, but… "Don't you think that was all a bit too sudden? As you said, I'm not sure she's recovered properly yet…"

"I promise that I will be going no further as of yet." Roderick sword, putting his free hand over his heart while the other still held Wreniel's own hand, "I am not the sort to insist on chanced to confirm our marriage before Wreniel is ready."

The Lady sipped her tea, letting the young gentleman speak for now.

Wreniel startles a bit at that… she had a hunch this guy was her 'fiance' and he's definitely the looker and such a nice firm grasp on her hand but on the other side, inside, she's flailing and in a panic, terrified to death of what these sensations are and such. She lets out a short breath, to try and control said panic.

Ok, subject change… distract the boy! "So anyway, he may have used a shorter wavelength to penetrate the faraday cage?" No crows after all. "Or simply convinced someone who was heading back inside not to notice him and his gang. People do have to leave the building sometimes, don't they?"

Roderick gently stroked the hand in his, soothing wordlessly and throwing Wreniel a concerned look, but replied to Lumina, "I doubt that he used any of Poseidon's magics in the efforts but it is possible that he… influenced someone into taking something within."

Part of Wreniel relaxes at the soothing gentle stroking of her hand… it does have such a calming influence… she could just sit here all night… and then perhaps longer. But to the other train of thought that induces even more panic and she attempts to retrieve her hand as politely as possible while also trying to not let those sensations rule her. She trembles a bit. "Please… it's been… a long few days…" She finally manages to get some words out with an apologetic look, even.

"Poseidon's magics? She paused. "Ooh, no, I mean, the copper wire would only block… spells. With a wavelength bigger than the spacing. Well, mostly, but anyway, you're right, it's more likely he simply followed someone back. and influenced them to not notice."

Roderick carefully let Wreniel's hand slip from his own, fingers trailing along wrist then palm, and murmurs very softly, "I am sure we can find something which you'll be up to."

Lady Rinalio spoke up, her cup in her hands as she covered for her… nephew? cousin? with her own words, "I think that you may wish to read on less… biased works, Lumina. Some seem to have given you the wrong impression. However, I would like to talk to you about something more serious soon. Primarily in asking if you would help us -deal- with these 'Clockwerks'."

Wreniel almost starts crying when the hand trails against hers and then slips into her lap, but somehow finds the strength to keep from doing so. She very firmly folds her hands on her lap as she sits, almost prudish in comparison to her 'reputation' and nods quietly to Roderick. She's probably not going to be very good for much longer in this conversation, for any of a number of reasons.

Lumina sighs and nods. "I suppose; apparently my knowledge on enchanting is only 'basic'." Thanks for the confidence boost you stupid watch. "But yes, if it means they stop killing people and I think brainwashing others, I'd be happy to help deal with them. But anyway, what would happen with regards to 'purchasing' me, if there's even anyone to pay?"

Lumina does cast a concerned eye to the lovebirds though, wren seems to be having an awkward time there.

"Well, then it is a matter of getting you properly registered…" Rinalio began to explain, warming to the topic as Roderick began a silent exchange of glances with his 'fiancee'.

«Scene Fades»

Notes: This really needs a better clean up. The session sort of ambled into starting rather than being properly introduced and that shows.