Scene played out on 5th July 2012 with Vivian.

«Scene Starts»

The golden glow of the experience Vivian had gained from fixing the hatch tingled as it sank into the Gremlin, making her thoughts seem clearer and generating a sense of accomplishment which felt good. Even as the hatch before her openned, finally restored from non-operation to full working order, she caught herself wondering what other things she could do to earn a little more XP…

A hint of smoke, rich and salty like the taste of bacon, pulled her attention from such distracting thoughts and to the situation at hand. While the air in the previous section had been filled with fumes the area beyond the door seemed to have, or recently had, a fire somewhere.

Luckily a red cylinder was by the wall, attracting attention as it sparkled with golden light.

Lucky for her, in space, no one can hear you shriek like a ten-year old schoolgirl. Even luckier, the gold light wasn't hurting her. In fact, making things clearer? "Daaamn… So that's how it feels just to gain XP?" A silly grin drew up on her face as she wobbled her way past the door. "Now I've gotta know what a level up feels like. Woo!" She rested on the side of the coridor for a moment, setting tings straight, before she took in a whiff of the new smells coming in. Damn, her nose was strong too. There was a fire on board too? First the fumes, now this? And then there was- "Hellooooooo?" You coudl almost hear her go 'OMG shiny!' as she went for that recently familiar golden glow. "Now what do we have here?" She asked as she reached for it.

While perhaps more advanced in some ways, and the pictograms on it were more stylized than she was used to seeing, the red cyclinder with a handle to push and a nozzle to point wasn't hard to figure out the purpose of. It also didn't hurt that it had 'FIRE EXTINGUISHER' written on it in large white letters.

Yet when she picked it up it seemed natural to hold and her hands automatically grabbed it here and -here- as though ready to use.

"Oh, good!" The perky voice announced happily, "You've found the extinguisher. Did you remember where it was or did you have to search? Now you can deal with the unhappy event of the galley!"

Oh goodie. 'Navi' was still on board this one. "You mean you didn't light this up on purpose?" At least she knew a few things that were going on. "The galley, huh?" She took a moment to examine the gadget in her hand. It was odd that it felt so familiar somehow. It was like new insticts had kicked in. She drummed her fingers on the handle, a little more familiar with it than she imagined. Did she use this kind of extinguisher often before?… Nah, couldn't be. In any case, it was going to be mighty handy. But then, she had a choice. The communication center, or the galley? XP, or getting off this space can? Then again, if the ship was on fire, she migth not survive long. Not that she should have survived sufocations before, but you didn't push these kinda things. She started to head for what she believed was the galley by following the smoke, wishing she'd have a minimap of the ship, or at least have copied the schematics back at engineering. Those would have been handy right about now.

Following the smoke was a little harder than it might at first appear as the ventilation, such as it was, had scattered it to a degree and vents had pulled it erratically from one to another with little sense of -why- air was being circulated like that without being filtered. The first wrong door took Vivian into what looked like a lounge, a relatively spacious room with a couch, seats, what looked like an oversized screen, and a weight set and treadmill in the back.

Vivian cursed at the first revelation. Didn't thy always say where there's smoke, there's fire? Then again, this wasn't back on Earth, where smoke followed a set path, was it? Well, on the good side, if she ever wanted to relax, she'd be able to crash there for a while.

She was about to leave, when she noticed someone on the large TV screen, and with curiosity chewing at her core, she got in for a closer look.

She was pretty, REALLY pretty. The kind of girl next door you could never have pretty. Sure, her long white hair wasn't perfectly combed, in fact, a little messed up, and she coudl have used a shower, but the jumpsuit she was wearing fit those curves around her soooo well, it was easy to imagine what was underneath it. The belt she had wasn't helping cover anything either. Her face was so cute to look at: Those soft lips, that cute little nose, and those big golden eyes looking lost. Some people would have been turned off by her more alien features though, like those elvish-like pointed ears, the long thin tail with a fluffy poof at the end, and that blue-grey… metalic… skin… Wait… A… Minute…

She held her hand up, and the other gremlin mimiced her… So that was it.

The screen wasn't turned on, was it?

This was just her reflection?

"This is what… I look like?"

A loud gulp could be heard as she watched herself, and that sensation sunk in more and more. This… Felt real. She was her. She wasn't supposed to, she wasn't a SHE in the first place! The sensation over her breast, her legs, her ears, even her tail swishing behind her… A tail! She reached back, and grabbed it quickly. How could she have missed this all along?

A shudder ran through her body. "Godspam it."

With renewed urgency, she headed out back on task. She had to stop this, she had to turn back, she had to undo all this, and get back to normal, before… Gah, she didn't know what migth happen. She'd get to worry later. For now, the first step back was to finish this godspammed tutorial, and hope it had an 'escape' function.

Now that Vivian had realised that her tail existed, and she realised that the 'character portraits' the game had shown her were understandably not from behind, it was as hard to ignore as though she'd been told 'not to think of elephants with pink toenails'. She should feel it behind her, feel the faintest of tingles when the 'fluff' at the end neared an active device, and she noticed how it sometimes swayed from one side to the other as she walked.

Perhaps fortunately for her state of mind the next door she tried released a thick black billow of smoke as soon as she cracked it open. While it tasted wonderful it was still thick enough inside to obscure details of what looked like a small kitchen with plenty of sealed storage containers on racks extending off into the smoke.

A flicker of flame gave off a faint red glow as -something- smoldered over on one of the large stoves.

"Oh, dear." The perky voice informed Vivian with mock horror, "It seems as though the navigator tried to cook again. Why don't you see if you can find something to put it out and maybe you should get ready to subdue what might have been cooked up."

Don't think about the tail. Don't think about the tail. Don't think about the tail. Keep telling yourself that, maybe it'll stick at some point. God, it felt weird when that tingle passed over the fluffy end, or how it swayed over her large rump. "WOAH!" But all that seemed to fade away as the next room openned up. What had been cooking there, for the love of god! Sure, it smelled good, but that was crazy! Seeign the flames, she quickly pulled up the cone of the extinguisher, and squeezed the handle to put out this mess. She rolled her eyes at Navi's mention. "A little late there, genius." Note to self, never let the navigator cook. If she found him, at least.

As if on cue the flames, which had previously been just flickering, roared upon upon 'finding' a pocket of something more flamable in the mess which was fueling them. The fire extinguisher was still in her hands (and she was getting the odd impression that her Wrench was 'out of reach' for the moment) and it seemed that she would just have to aim it at those slightly brighter spots around the base of the flames…

Something oozed out of the pot, or perhaps pots as the mess covering the stoves concealed exactly what was there even as it burned, and onto the floor where it stayed in a football sized lump before starting towards Vivian.

Right, how did the instructions for those extinguishers go again? Go for the base of the fires, and spray. That seemed to be the simple solution. Just point, and shoot. And as she aimed the nozzle… Wait, what was that? She raised an eyebrow. Was that moving? "Hello?"

The thing wetly oozed across the floor, another slowly starting to bubble out of the burning mess on the stove, and as it got close to Vivian it reared back… And didn't those burnt bits look an awful lot like -teeth-? Or maybe claws?

"What the FUDGE?!?!?" She shrieked once more, raising the extinguisher in the air, and backing off. "IT'S ALIVE! IT'S FUDGIN' ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!" Note to self: learn dark magic from navigator.

The second 'blob' plopped free of the burning mess, although thankfully not on fire itself now, and started oozing in pursuit of the first blob… which was attempting to get closed to Vivian's leg with a 'maw' full of charcoal black 'teeth' like a demented rolling pacman.

Vivian eyed the blob getting in closer. On second thought, it was almost ridiculous. Gettign eaten by bad cooking? That was a new low! Now, if only she had something to whack some sense back into… DUH! Wake up, Vivian! She took the tank in her hands, and slammed it right into the things's charcoal maw.

The blob was oddly resilient as Vivian smashed the extinguisher, non-nozzle end first, into the thing. It seemed to survive the first hit, but a second managed to splatter it across the floor in a spray of greenish red and burnt bits which would take ages to mop up. And probably -stain-.

"Watch out!" The perky voice exclaimed, still as upbeat and gleeful as every, "Obviously something went wrong and now the dinner is trying to eat -you-!"

Looking at the two blobs which were now approaching, and yet another slowly form, the advice wasn't really too useful.

"NO FUDGIN' KIDDING!" She screamed, while backing away. Wherever those things were coming from, they were spawning faster than she could blugeon them with. Where was a good blaster when you needed one? Maybe she'd have better luck with the wrench she had? Where was the thing anyhow? She pondered as she mentally pulled out the inventory.

The spawn rate didn't seem to be -quite- as fast as that, although it did speed up when she had gone close to the pot, and the fire extinguisher seemed not to be the most efficent of weapons. It probably didn't help that, upon thinking about inventory, Vivian found herself starting to put the red cylinder into a belt pouch in gratuitious violation of normal physics.

Okay, THAT felt weird. What were they, pockets of holding? Even as she shoved the cylinder in, it felt both right, and completely wrong. but with her inventory in front of her eyes now, she could switch over to her trusty wrench. Puttign it in hand, this felt so much better to hit stuff with. And as she raised the tool up, she realized a little bashing might have been the best way to let out some good, pent-up frustration on those slimes, and wacked the buggers.

The almighty (or a close approximation) Wrench felt right in Vivian's hands as the nearest blob attempt to bite her and she found herself giving it a smack with the metal tool rather than letting it snack on her. She could feel the difference in how she stood, in how she moved, in how her body was ready for violence… or fixing the cooker which she could hear faintly whining with its health nearing yellow.

Now this was much better. Why was it better again? No matter, it felt like she was ready for action, and that was all the excuse she needed. She readied her wrenchu for another blow, until she heard the whine coming to her ears. Aaaawww, not another one! "There there." She called out as she swung at the next slime, tryign to get closer. "Mama's coming to help you." Mama? Really? Did that come out of her mouth? Damn instincts. First order of buisness: Kill the slimes. Second: Put the fire out. Third, fix the broken oven.

Vivian's next blow turned that blob into a smear against a cabinet door and her third with the wrench came down on the other blob with all the force of a sledgehammer applied to jello. The fires still burned though, the 'hot spots' which she had seen before not visible without the extinguisher in her hands, and the next blob was forming albeit slowly.

Oh boy, that felt much better. "I'll have to remember that next time I… Wait, where are those…" She connected the dots in her head, and the realisation sunk in. As muich as she was seeing the health bar with her wrench, the hot spots were available with the extinguisher. Quickly, she shoved the wrench back into her pocket (that didn't feel any less weird than the first time), and pulled out the extinguisher. "Now, let's try that again. Point the nozzle at the hot spots, and…"

Attempt, with a degree of failure as the foam splatter which struck the wall behind the cooker proved, to hit the hottest spots as they moved with the flames motions and in the right -order- with the extinguisher only providing a spurt of foam at a time. There were three spots and almost two were done by the time that the next blob 'spawned' from the mess.

"Almost there. Almost… There… Fudge it! Stop moving so much!" With another spawn comign out, she tried to squash this one with the bottom, non-nozle end of the canister. The faster she was done with this one, the faster she'd be able to go back to putting out the fire. "Don't give up on me yet."

The first blow did seemingly nothing to the glob of mess, it being tougher than the previous such things and the attack coming at a bad angle due to Vivian's distraction, execpt allow it to get close enough to -chomp- down on her arm and cling hard. Teeth weren't sharp, but they were painful as it clung on and put its entire weight on the offending limb.

"KYYAAAAH!" She whinced, and almost got pulled down under, still adjusting to her new body. She tried to shake off the creature wildly. Okay, maybe it was a better idea to switch to the wrench. Goign back to the inventory, she tried to switched her equiped weapon, and show the bugger what she coudl really do.

With one arm weighed down it was awkward to switch things out but the sight of the next blob developing rapidly spurred Vivian on. A lot of struggling and a few moments work put away the extinguisher and has her holding the wrench. The only problem was that the thing -gnawing- at her arm with blunt teeh was very squishable and almost wrapped around the limb now.

Vivian felt like crying, really. Were those tears? Maybe? She couldn't tell with the smoke. But she wasn't going to get eaten alive. Not like this! Not by leftovers of a bad lunch! She kept trying to push the glob of goo away, shake the darn thing off, and (before she realised it might have been a bad idea), smacked the thing with her wrench to get it away! "Letgoletgoletgoleto!"

Despite all logic when the blow came down on the blob with enough force to dent metal the critter did, indeed, squish into a messy goo which only vagely clunch to her arm yet somehow none of the force truly transfered to her own arm. Given the ammount of overkill involved it should have yet, somehow, it did not… and instead she could see the remains oozing away from cuts on her arm which bled black.

Vivian had to pause a moment, and blink as the blow had come down. Shouldn't her arm have broken to bits and pieces? Shouldn't she be on the floor, clutchign her broken bones? Well, she was glad friendly fire was turned off. She whiped the goo off her arm quickly, shincing at the cuts. "Damn. I bleed black too? As if it wasn't odd enough already." She got ready to dispatch the next

Vivian blob, and soon, she'd get back to the extinguisher to finish taking out those flames. The job was almost done too!

One spurt, a second, a little coaxing of the extinguisher (and an unfortunate analogy coming to mind), and then a final spray took out the last hot spot of the flames which went from 'full blast' to 'out' in an instant. The bubbling mess over the cooker subsided slowly, like a balloon with the air let out of it, and even the health of that kitchen appliance rose a little.

"Well done!" The perky voice of the tutorial narator announced, "You've defeated the Lunch of Doom and finished the basic combat tutorial. You can clean it up as a Side Quest or just report back to the Captain that you've solved the problem!"

Vivian gave a sigh of relief, and took the pots off the oven before anythign else hapenned. Maybe she should just toss these in the incinerator, but… Wait, that was the big problem on board, wasn't it? She whinced as Navi chirped up. "Yeah, no thanks to you. Tutorial what? You didn't say a thing!" And now, she was half covered in the 'lunch of doom'. Great. Muttering to herself,

Vivian she looked over the mess. Well, a side-quest migth be a nice thing, and… Well, the oven did need some attention. Switching back to the wrench, she patted the oven, and looked for a repair hatch. "There there, I'll get you fixed up, little one."

It said much about the game that, in this situation, a tool was needed to get the mess off of the cooker and that, by the game's terms, her wrench -was- a tool. It was still a messy job, made painful by the wounds still seeping blood on her arm, and one which boded to take quite a while…

Vivian whinced as she worked. If only she had soem tissue, or at leats somethign to bind the wounds, it would have been nice. She guessed her next trip would be the ship's infirmary to get that treated. Shouldn't be too hard, right? After that, she'd be able to see the deck, and get this matter done with. She wanted to gte out of this game. She wanted to be back to her own self. She

Vivian wanted to stop feelign that tail that kept wagging- oh fudge it!

Tears tried to well up in her eyes as the reality of the sitation hit the gremlin. Of being stuck in the game, of being stuck along on the ship, of possibly being -alone- and -abandoned-. Yet around her the ship hummed, the power core distant but a familiar presence like a family member heard distantly moving about the house, and the 'sounds' of subsystems tried to soothe her…

«Scene Ends»

Notes: Yet again I only belatedly post a log.