Scene played out on 19th July 2012 with Vivian.

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It was always hard to be alone.

Vivian wasn't sure how exactly she ended up leaning against the wall in the ship's galley, still hurting from where the blobs had hurt her but the emotional ache in her chest paining her more.

She was alone, somewhere in space, and could be simply trapped here… but didn't she need to find out where 'here' was?

The smoke from the now extinguished fire had slowly being sucked away by the vents, leaving a blackened and foam covered mess on the cooker, as she had stood there wrapped up in her own emotions and now the air was almost entirely clear. However, that felt like a shame as it removed the very 'tasty' scents and left her feeling a tad hungry.

Vivian had her arms wrapped around herself, looking at the cupboards in front of her as thoughts of worry filled her head. Alone. Totally alone. Maybe it was the previous panic that hadn't let it all settle down inside, but she realised it. She was all alone in a place she didn't know, in a body she barely understood, in a ship she barely knew how to work, in the middle of space, in a universe that was alien to her.

Would she ever get out of here? She wondered. Would the communication still work? It seemed small parts of everythign was damaged, but still, she hoped it worked. Otherwise, she'd be left there, abandonned and forgotten by everyone, and that feeling of sadness, dread and fear was growing heavier and heavier with each passing moment.

It's only that familiar craving for food that seemed to stirr something in her. "Hrrrrrmmmm…" Rubbing her stomach (or what she guessed was her stomach, you never know), she started searching the kitchen for food. The smell of bacon always seemed to draw out the hunger.

Searching the cupboards was difficult with several not opening at all and, of the ones which would open, the number of containers being deceptive. She had been sure that there'd be something edible amidst so many containers but, after a few minutes of rumaging around, she found herself holding three cans and two 'ration bars despite being sure that there had been a loaf of -bread- in there.

Though considering what could be considered cuisine in this universe, the fact that the loaf didn't jump out an attacked her might have been welcome. She did expect a whole lot more though, but no matter how she seemed to reach over, somethign told her there was nothing else worth attention, and her hand would go back. Another weird part of this world. With a small groan, she shoved the cans in her belt, and openned a single ration bar. She'd heard rumors about the taste, but for now, this would have to do. Hopefully, she wouldn't require a can openner for the cans. It'd be messy to bash them open all over the floor. She stared at the stick a moment, examining it, and finally bit on.

The writing on the sealed foil wrapper proclaimed the bar to be 'Crunchy Irinous Pasta!' which hinted that, possibly, dental work might be needed if one was incautious enough to bite too hard upon it. Openning it revealed something which could be described as 'cheese covered segments of plumbing gone wrong' yet when Vivian finally mustered the courage to try it she was a little surprised.

Yes it was a little crunch, but that gave it a pleasent ammount of 'chew' to the bar. The cheese wasn't -great-, but bland wasn't too bad and the vegetable paste 'filling' tried to make up for it with spice. Although an incautious bite showed that the wrapper itself was the real winner here in the taste department.

Vivian made a face. Well, at least the rumors weren't all truth. It wasn't totally bland. It really wasn't anything to write home about. As she ate though, her thoughts drifted. It was scary that as bad as it tasted, she'd have to hold on to it, if not ration the thing. This could have very well been her last meal in a long, long, long time. There might not be any other food in this

Vivian deathtrap. She sniffed, and whiped her eyes as she took another bite. There had to be a way to get that bread back, but for now, she had to go. With her belly filled a little, she still had to find the bridge or the infirmary before long. And witht hat idea, she made her way out through those empy, lifeless coridors…

It perhaps slipped Vivian's mind that the wrapper was now nowhere to be found, and that the last few bites of the bar had held that pleasent sugary-metallic taste, but surely it couldn't do her any harm?

The corridors hummed faintly as the operating machinery mindlessly did its duty, many things not having a 'health' of their own but instead contributing more towards the diffuse 'health bars' she could just about make out as associated with entire sections of the ship. Without any real goal in mind her feet seemed to lead her along the passageways until she found herself outside a heavier duty, although healthy, hatch bearing the sign 'Bridge'.

Vivian clearly hadn't noticed until she was licking her fingers clean. It was weird how you coudl ignore the horrible taste with distrations, but that last bit had a kick she didn't expect. Like a sparkly flavor that leafed through her mouth, slightly crunchy, yet soft, with a hint of aluminum… Wait, what was that? She looked at her empty hand. Then the other empty hand. "Wait a

Vivian minute." She blinked. "Nah." She rubbed her eyes. "That couldn't be…" Wait, what was that little bit stuck between her teeth?

Looking at the door broguht a huge smile on her face though. Finally, the bridge. It shouldn't be hard to figure out what to do from here. Just signal an SOS, call for help, or tell someone she'd been left alone. Someone would get her off this metal deathtrap! This was it! She thought as she tried to open the huge door.

With Vivian so eager to get through the door reflex half took over her. A pressing of her hand to a small panel next to the door caused a green light to glow for a moment and then a few turns of the large wheel on the hatch caused it to give a click before swinging open.

On the far side of the hatch the three stations nessisary for the bridge sat clustered together with two in front of the slightly more elaborate third. Above each could be seen a 'health bar' which seemed rather more… intense or perhaps dense that expected.

A cushion lay on the floor as though having slid from the seat of one of the front chairs and on the large screen at the front someone had left a fractal screensaver running. Off to one side was another hatch and it-

"Welcome to the bridge!" The perky voice announced once again, "Here you can see 'Consoles' which control various subsystems of the ship. Why don't you ask the duty pilot for a lesson on how things work or speak to the duty officer to get your next Quest?"

"… WHAT DUTY PILOT? AND WHAT DUTY OFFICER? WHERE ARE THEY?" She grumbled in frustration. "Oh, I know: OFF THIS DEATHTRAP!" She took in a deep breath. "Okay, calm down, Vivian." She shuddered at the name. "No need to get angry at Navi. Just doing what she's programmed for." Besides, it might come to a point where she might miss that little feature. For now, back to buisness. As she

tried to pick out the little bit stuck in her teeth, she made her way to the biggest console. She might not have a lesson, but for now, it'll have to do. Hopefully, Navi would be of 'some' help here.

The largest Console, the one behind the others and which seemed more 'important', currently showed only a single square emblazoned with the word 'START' in friendly green letters. The seat also seemed different from the front ones and looked as though it was somehow filled with gell or something else which wobbled a little when touched.

From her current position though Vivian could make out that the front left Console was showing something different. Namely a menu with the options of 'SHIP', 'COMMS', 'NAVIGATION', and 'LOGS'.

"Huh. At least it's user friendly… Or Windows XP." She chuckled, as she noted the console. The gel-filled seat was kinda weird though. Was this what they used for pillows instead? How 'advanced'… She shok her head, then blinked as she saw the left console. Her eyes locked on the 'COMMS' section, and she immediately rushed over to the console, hitting the function she'd been looking

for all this time. Finally, rescue was sssssooooo close.

The button 'expanded' to fill the console even as the word faded to reveal cryptic buttons even as a glowing display 'rose' in front of the Console like a screen. There was a faint golden glow about the controls and it was obvious that accessing anything important would require patience and a little work on the newest 'minigame'.

Okay. Patience, she could do. Games, she coudl handle. This was just another puzzle to complete. Just follow the symbols, and you'd find the right command. Right? With a deep breath, she got to work, only tapping after doublecheckign her moves.

The game wasn't too hard really, some options holding little marks which she could -tell- meant that they were not ones to bother trying to follow, and a little open padlock symbol seemed to just let her know that there wasn't any consequences for messing up. A few minutes of work later, with the hardest part being trying to find a comfortable position on a seat which either pressed her tail uncomfortably or pressed other parts against a seam, and she was done.

Four escape pods responded to the first 'ping', albeit unable to answer due to their limit com capacities, with one just being on the edge of vanishing beyond communications range entire. Vivian would be able to send signals freely, but without them having the capacity to respond.

Vivian grumbled as she tried to move her tail to a proper position in that damn seat. Why weren't seats made with a hole for these, if people were goign to have tails? She'd just have to keep wriggling into a proper position then. But even with that, she grinned in victory as the screen responded to her demand, but victory was short-lived as she realized what she'd gotten. Presence,

Vivian but nothing big. Nothing to help her yet. No responses. Well, this sucked, big time. Was there no way to go further than that?

A little checking showed that there were a few ways to get around the limit. More power would, of course, boost the short range coms albeit at the possible cost of damage if there was a mistake. Or the long range comms could be accessed for any code in the system… but that wasn't a 'live' broadcast and would take a few hours at best to reach anywhere let alone get a response.

Vivian cursed, and turned on the long ranged broadcast. There was no use in damaging a system this precious at this time. Even if it took hours, rescue was rescue.

A list of addresses with weird names appeared. 'Adric Station' was at the top of the list while further down were places such as 'Hogmetric Corp', 'Fedel', 'Glen Dourish', and many others. A touch of a control would scroll the list down and there was a small search box as well.

Vivian eyed the list, and facepalmed. Emails. Great. The great advances in technology, people. She shifted in her seat once more, muttering about her extra appendage, she eyed the first one in the list. A station seemed like a good place to start. Plenty of ships passed, right? And if it was important to the ship… She tapped on that one, and prepared mentally for her message.

The screen shifted, showing an image of a conclomeration of metal cans and spikes which… Suddenly something clicked and Vivian realised that she was looking at the image of a space station next to buttons to record, playback, or transmit a message.

Cue another facepalm for the frustrated gremlin. This was getting better and better, wasn't it? Oh well, it'd have to do. She took in a deep breath, and hit record. "Greetings, this is Vivian, from… Actually, I'm not too sure on the details. I'm inside a spaceship that's been abandonned, and I've been left all alone out here. Requesting rescue as soon as possible. Repeat, resce, as

soon as possible." And there. Okay, maybe a name, and soem coordinates woudl have helped, but how was she supposed to get those?

Vivian blinked a little. Wait, wasn't there…? Facepalm: 3, Common Sense: 0. A few quick button presses back, and a few shifts in her seat, she tried to make her way back to the button marked 'SHIP'. "If this doesn't have it…"

At first the option showed the state of the engines (excellent), hull, weapons (one was in the middle of maintence), stores (only seven weeks of supplies for the crew left), and other such details which would be immediately useful to someone using the Console to control the ship. However a little poking about, and a nigh ignorable minigame, later she found that the ship was the 'DePorter'. Or, for more formal occasions, the 'William D Porter' and a Mule class free freighter.

Well, that was certainly inspiring confidence. Mule class, huh? Seven week's supplies? She'd have to look into that. Maybe it coudl be stretched for a month if it wouldn't spoil… Though a month would definitively suck. She did try to note where the sick bay would be, before she ran into the name. "Bingo." And back to the comunication to send a secodn message, this time with the name of the ship. Surely, nothing could go wrong from here… Right?

"Well done!" That perky voice announced, the sound coming from somewhere 'inside' Vivian's head, "You've sent a message to the Station that the ship is heading towards. While you wait for their reply with the docking permissions why don't you access the defence blaster and see how many of the asteroids you saw early you can take down!"

Vivian blinked… And blinked again… Did that sound right? Did her ears play tricks with her mind? That wasn't a message to go forward, that was- "WAIT, WHAT?!?!?!?!?! ASTEROIDS???" She leapt from her seat, and considered for a moment. Were asteroids really headed her way? Surely, they didn't expect a litte newbie gremlin do… Wait, no, she was alone. Definitively alone. About to

Vivian be rained upon by asteroids. Okay, brain, this wasn't a hard one to connect to, you know this one. NO! No, don't panic. Not yet, not yet. Deep breath. Just look for the defence blasters, and… "WHERE ARE THEY?" She asked as she looked inbetween the three consoles. No, no, it was still too early to panic.

Gold glimmered on the second 'front' Console with the promise of something to do. Of the chance to change things or access something she hadn't before…

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