Scene played out on 5th October 2012 with Vivian

«Scene Starts»

The task was, like many things, simple enough in theory.

It would perhaps not seem that way to Vivian as she sat at the console on the bridge of her ship, watching the holographic display expand in front of her as she tried desperately to understand what was happening in the minigame.

It was part of the tutorial so it -should- be straightforward enough… right?

All she had to do was stop those 'little red blobs' from getting close and, as an accidental test had proved, a little flick of a finger against the display sent a skewed 'needle' towards one of the blobs and set it spinning crazily with just a small reduction in size.

That the 'needles', assumedly the ships guns, only recharged slowly hardly helped.

The closest thing she could compared it to would be a cross between causing chain reactions and playing asteroids with the nerve wracking addition of the knowledge that if she missed one then the all too real rock would crash into the ship carrying her…

No pressure at all.

Why couldn't it have been Tetris? Or even Peggle? Maybe Angry birds? So many hours, and so few on Missile commands and Asteroids. One hit was oh so real damage. Yeah. No pressure. The gremlin let out a whimper, slapped herself a little, and tried to focus. This wasn't the time to lose it. This was the time to show this damn reality what a lifetime of gaming could get you. Just had to

plan where the asteroids came from, aim for those heading in her direction, and shoot at the right place… Of course, everything was easier said than done.

Two needle shots waited at her left hand, one to the right (and a blackened unresponsive one there as well), and the blobs were a slowly shifting oncoming mass. There were far more than she could hit, but not all would be anywhere near the ship even if left alone… assuming that they didn't end up colliding off of each other in odd angles like -that one right there just did!-.

"ACK! Nononononononononononooooooooooo!" And panic was starting to set in. Any guns left to defend that side? No? "FUDGE!" she just kept tryign to wave in that direction in desperation, hoping one gun would still shoot, or maybe the ship would move… Otherwise: "BRACE FOR IMPAAAAAAAAAACT!"

Okay, maybe it was better to brace, than to scream, but who would know, right?

David-Visage rolled 2d6: 6 4

The crimson blob which was streaking inwards was intercepted by a single shot from the 'bad' side of the ship, having recovered just in time for a flick of the fingers to send it into the incoming rock, and it's near reversed path took it back and scattered a few of the smallest 'pebbles' visible on the screen.

The challenge, thus far, wasn't unsurmountable but it wasn't helped by the sudden comment from a certain perky voice speaking up again…

"You know, this would have been easier if the fourth gun had been repaired. This is why you should be careful to finish the key quests in an area before you move on…"

"…" The gremlin's lips twitched for a moment, before growing to a smile, and let out a loud: "WOO HOO!" Her celebration was cut short with that annoucement though, and she pointed to the skies in anger. "KISS YOU, NAVI! KISS YOU!" With a frustrated grumble, she took a deep breath, and quickly went back to the guns. She didn't have a second chance, and there were more incoming.

Okay, a shift in strategy was needed. You didn't just need to look at those coming your way, you needed to catch those on the side too. You never knew where they came from afterall. There were so few bullet though. Probably not enough on their own for every single rocks (God, that fourth gun would have been a blessing). So you really needed to watch for those combination. Two boulders

for a bullet. Watch for those incomings, and hit one into another. This was making it harder and harder than it looked.

David-Visage rolled 2d6: 1 3

Perhaps it was a quirk of fate, or some unlikely sign of mercy from the designers of this 'tutorial', but the side of the ship with a single gun to fire seemed to get off a little more lightly than the other. Except, of course, when an odd 'bounce' sent a rock streaking in at an odd angle…

It was while Vivian was dealing with one of those outliers that a bounce she had misjudged caused her to botch a shot. It was hard to work with two hands and the angle had been -just- wrong enough that she had to use the second to get rid of the crimson threat just before it would have hit the 'front' displayed on the console and she could -hear- the ship whine in protest as one of the two guns suddenly become slower at recharging.

She bit her lips, and whimpered herself. She didn't want to die here. Not now. Not like this. "Come on, focus. Fooooocus…" Was that gun going slower? Of course! Why make it easier? Why not punish the newbie? Anyhow, no matter how much she ranted to herself, there were more incoming. All she coudl do was try again. It as hard to aim in 3D after so much conditionign in 2D, but maybe

she'd be able to make up for it. "Pleasepleasepleaseplease…."

David-Visage rolled 2d6: 5 5

The shot from one gun so close to the other might be the cause of the slowness, that being the only thing which came to mind, but such questions could wait until later. Vivian was finding it hectic, finding it taking, finding that she wanted to -curse- the people who dropped this sort of puzzle on her, but somehow one chain reaction after another went off until finally…

There were no more rocks? No more red blobs? Just a stream of golden light coming from the console and flowing into her…

"Wait? Is this it? Is it really IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT?" The golden lights came into her, seeped into her being with a warm, tingly, soothing sensation. There it was again. That wonderful sensation, and that bar filling more and more. "Oh… God…" With the quest done, the gremlin slowly began to laugh, so glad that it was over, so relieved she'd survived this one, so happy… Her knees gave out under her as she laughed, tears comign to her eyes as she tried to catch her breath. "Thank god…"

Her head dropped against the console, and she let out a groan. As good as this was though, this was only one minigame. This was just one big event. Things hadn't stopped, and it coudl get much, much worse.

"Well done!" The perky voice announced happily, "I'm sure that the captain will be pleased that you saved the wear on the shields from those rocks. Why don't you go see him for a reward? Many quests and challenges have hidden rewards, or consequences, based on your level of success."

"…" And then, there was Navi. "WHAT CAPTAIN? WHAT FUDGIN' CAPTAIN? THERE'S ONLY ME!?!?! I'M THE FLUFFY CAPTAIN!" She took another deep breath. Okay. Don't loose your cool now. Not now. This was good, right? Maybe it was time to repair that cannon before another volley came over. Another thing to do on the list.

The sounds of the ventilation and her own breathing followed that frustrated cry. There was no one here, no one at all, except for Vivian herself.

And that made it all the more soul-crushingly depressing. With all the frustration, danger, and issues, she was still abandonned, alone… Part of her just wanted to crumble down, and cry… But that was going to change soon, right? Right? Rescue was coming, right?

She looked about the stations she had access to once more. She needed to see what she coudl do on the ship. What was wrong with that cannon? Why didn't it fire? Would she needed to return to engineering to see that?

Nothing except the quiet, mechanical, sounds of the ship would be heard as Vivian sat there alone. The chair was large around her, likely sized to accomidate those much bigger than her slight form, and there was the urge to just curl up in it with the world blocked out from her sight… but the thought to look at things, to check on the ship, easily banished that depressing urge.

When the console bleeped though it still made Vivian jump and her tail straighten in fright.

"AAIIIEEE!" Okay, Vivian. No one saw that. No one heard that girlish scream. Just relax, let your fingers go, uncurl from that station's leg, let it go. You're the only one here afterall. With the pulse of her heart going back to normal, she went to check what that beep meanth.

Apparently it was an incoming message of some sort…

"YES! Yes! Open message. I mean, open-di-display on viewscreen." She called as she tapped to get the message openin her excitement.

"This is Adric Station." The message began, text visible on a display even as a languid male voice spoke the word outloud in a disinterested fashion, "Your message was received, but we should tell you that you're outside our normal reach. We'll see if anybody is willing to go help you though. Please be aware that you're closer to Theta Station than us just now and they probably heard your message… so you may want to watch out abit given their rep."

Yes! A human voice! Finally!… And… Oh. Well, at leats they got the message. "Theta Station?" Okay, that sounded… Bad. And given this game? Bad was horrible. "Computer? Any information on Theta Station?"

There was a short silence as, according to the display, the message was still playing. After perhaps thirty seconds more more words, and the voice, became apparent, "…well, bets on how long that Vivian girl's gonna last? I mean, she sent off a message when they're near that pirate station and i- Hey, is this still on?"

The message ended.

"…" Well, who else suddenly had a sudden urge to jump out an airlock? "FudgefudgefudgefudgefudgeFLUFFYFUDGE! A pirate station? Oh god! What do I do, what do I do, what do I do?" She slapped herself again. "Get a grip! Stop it!" She rubbed her forehead. "It still means someone's coming for you. They're just… You know, pirates, rigth? They wouldn't… Blow you up… Would they?" She

gulped. "No. No, they wouldn't. The better shape the ship is, the more they can earn on it." She took in a deep breath. "But I can't fight them off on my own. I'd get creamed." She fell back onto the big chair behind her, and tried to gather her mind. "And if I surrender… Slavery? If I'm lucky?" She shuddered. "Fucked if I do, fucked if I don't."

Unbidden, having been left without commands, the console's display shifted from the message to the default menu. It was quiet here but, in that near silence, more distant thing could be heard. The soft thrum of the systems speaking of their health, the faint whine of a few less well maintained components, and the combination which was more than the mere sum of its parts.

And there was an air of expectation as though Vivian was on the verge of making a decision…

At least the emptiness made it perfect to think. Pirates were on their way. They were coming. There was no avoiding it. "So what do I do?" Give up? Slavery? No. No way. Even if she was G-rated, they were pirates. Pirates. They'd find a way. Surely, they'd find a way to be horrible. And with her body now, it was insane. Could she hide? Hide where? She was alone in space. What was she

going to do? Where would she go? Board the pirate ship, and steal it? Come on! Ther was only one way to make it out, and that was to stand her ground, and defend her ship from any intruders present. That was her only hope. If they caught her, if they killed her, at least she'd give it her all.

A tingle crossed Vivian's skin and built, faint motes of gold akin to that of 'experience' or the warning of a minigame slowly becoming visible, as she felt as though some great engine had briefly spun into existance everywhere around her.

"System Activity : Fate Engine : New Quest Path Generated." The perky voice sounded somehow more… solemn than usual as the golden glow surged around Vivian, gilding her body for a moment before it vanished. "The Quest 'In the Void, This Ship Is Mine' has now been registered and activated. Finishing this quest will award an additional achievement."

Power, better by far than that -party- thing which acted as an engine for the ship, throbbed around the gremlin and there was no escape from it as it did -something- which she couldn't focus on due to the… distraction. Then it cut off, leaving her with a hard time recalling just how good that pleasure had been, and with the golden signs of a 'quest' flowing along her skin…

What was this? This feeling? It felt so good, so powerful, so much energy building inside of her. It was glorious. Simply glorious! As soon as she'd chosen her fate, the whole system seemed to react to it. If she had any doubts before, they'd vanished to nothing. It was as if destiny was calling.

And as the initial surge faded, she knew. She just had to do it. Finally, she thanked Navi for the direction.

And with that, a plan started to form…

«Scene Fades»

Notes: In this case random numbers were needed. Hence the dice rolls.