For the purposes of this I'm going to assume that Flintfist has the following relevent traits:

[b]Attributes:[/b] Strength 5, Dexterity 5
[b]Abilities:[/b] Martial Arts 5 (Signature Moves +3)
[b]Other Traits:[/b] Essence 5, Willpower 10, Conviction 5

Perfected Kata Bracers,
Sufficent Hearthstone Amulets for the listed Hearthstones.


Candent Carbuncle (Manse 4),
Gem of White Heat (Manse 3),
Seven-Leaping Dragon Stone (Manse 4),
Twice-Striking Lightning Prism (Manse 4).

[b]Dragonblooded Charms:[/b]

From [i]Manual Of Exalted Power - Dragonblooded[/i]:

[b]Martial Arts:[/b]
First Martial Arts Excellency.

Strength of Stone Technique.

Distracting Breeze Meditation,

From [i]1,000 Correct Actions:[/i]
Deadly Mirage Ambush.

[b]Terrestrial Martial Arts Charms:[/b]

[b]Shadow Hunter Style ([i]Debris of Fallen Races[/i])[/b]
Lion Among Grass Technique,
Wolves Slay Yeddim Method Harrier Draws Blood,
Shadow Hunter Form,
Coiled Mongoose Tactic,
Serpent Among Reeds Gambit,
Blood And Shadow Technique.

[b]Terrible Ascent-Driven Beast Style ([i]The Imperfect Lotus[/i])[/b]
Stand-Without-Strength Intensity,
Muscle-Without-Bone Relaxation,
Terrible Ascent-Driven Beast Form,
Boulder-of-Intentions Rush Attack.

[b]Path of the Arbiter Style ([i]The Imperfect Lotus[/i])[/b]
Meditation on the Enemy,
Meditation on the Heart.

[b]Five Dragon Style ([i]Manual Of Exalted Power - Dragonblooded[/i])[/b]
Five-Dragon Claw,
Five-Dragon-Force Blow.

[b]First Pulse Style ([i]Scroll of the Monk[/i])[/b]
Lightning Mental Armament,
Stubborn Monkey Hesitation,
Hunter Bags the Deer,
Bird-of-Paradise Whistles in the North,
Poisoned Rat Moves Without Pride,
First Pulse Form,
Introduction to the Stone Prince,
Fleeting Wings of Dust,
Titan of the Streets.

[b]Jade Mountain Style ([i]Scroll of the Monk[/i])[/b]
Pillar of Marble Stance,
Boulder-Crushing Grasp,
Sliding Glacier Grip,
Fortress of One,
Jade Mountain Form.

[b]Even Blade Style ([i]Scroll of the Monk[/i])[/b]
xxx, Grave Cut

[b]Celestial Martial Arts Charms:[/b]

[b]First Age Methods ([i]Manual Of Exalted Power - Dragonblooded)[/i])[/b]
Tiger-and-Bear Awareness,
Tiger-and-Bear Unity.

[b]Earth Dragon Style ([i]Manual Of Exalted Power - Dragonblooded)[/i])[/b]
Force of the Mountain,
Unmoving Mountain Stance,
Stone Dragon’s Skin,
Earth Dragon Form,
Shattering Fist Strike,
Earthshaker Attack,
Stillness of Stone,
Avalanche Method,
Weapon-Breaking Defense Technique,
Hungry Earth Strike,
Ghost-Grounding Blow,
Perfection of the Earth Body.

[b]Crystal Chameleon Style ([i]Glories Most High - Maidens[/i])[/b]
Flashing Passage,
Just Another Branch Deceit,
Light-Treading Technique,
Flashing Leaves Evasion,
Crystal Chameleon Form,
Razor-Edged Prism Assault,
Death from Nowhere Method,
Shattered Prism Rebuke,
{Stepping Beyond Light Prana}


Prior to acting Flintfist has activated four Charms earlier in the scene in the following order.

[b]Strength of Stone Technique (2m)[/b]

[b]Titan of the Streets (2m, 1wp, 1lhl)[/b]

[b]Jade Mountain Form (6m)[/b]
With a Form Charm activate, he also gains the benefits from his Perfect Kata Bracers.

[b]Perfection of the Earth Body (10m, 1wp)[/b]
While activating this Charm he spent an additional three temporary Willpower through the Twice-Striking Lightning Prism for effective Essence 10 (would be 11, but maximum permanent Essence is 10).

After activating these Charms he performed the Aim action while waiting for his moment which must come when sufficent people will perform a coordinated attack in sufficent numbers to make his own attack unexpected.

At that point he dashed in to use the attack which he is famous for, the "Did Anyone Get the Name of the Mountain Which Snuck Up On Me!" kick as a fierce blow while channeling conviction.

[spoiler][b]"Did Anyone Get the Name of the Mountain Which Snuck Up On Me!" Kick:[b] Five-Dragon-Force Blow, Boulder-of-Intentions Rush Attack, Deadly Mirage Ambush, Blood And Shadow Technique, Force of the Mountain, Tiger-and-Bear Unity, Meditation on the Heart, Harrier Draws Blood, Death from Nowhere Method, Grave Cut, Five-Dragon Claw)[/spoiler]

The results are as follows:

Attack Dice Pool: 43 dice
Dexterity 5 (5+1 Titan of the Streets -1 Jade Mountain Form)
+ Martial Arts 5
+ Specialities 3
+ First Excellency 8
+ Accuracy 15 (+0 base for kick +10 Perfection of the Earth Body +5 Perfected Kata Bracers)
+ Aim Action 3
+ Hearth Stone 4 (+4 Seven-Leaping Dragon Stone)

Bonus Successes: 21 additional success
+13 Tiger-And-Bear Unity (base 5 then using Excellency to increase effective Martial Arts score)
+3 Harrier Draws Blood
+5 Meditation on the Heart

External Penalties: -2 external penalty
-1 from Boulder-of-Intentions Rush Attack
-1 from performing a Fierce Blow

Attack Successes: 40 successes against a DV of 0 due to an unexpected attack.

Base Damage: 92L
Base Strength 48 (((5+1 Titan of the Streets +1 Strength of Stone +5 Jade Mountain Form) *2 Perfection of the Earth Body)*2 Blood And Shadow Technique)
Damage +18B (+3B kick + 10 Perfection of the Earth Body +5 Perfected Kata Bracers)
Fierce Blow +2
Force of the Mountain +13 (base 5 then using Excellency to increase effective Martial Arts score)
Hearthstones +9 (+4 Candent Carbuncle +5 Gem of White Heat; fire damage)

Converted to lethal by Five-Dragon Claw.
Base Damaged (as Doubled By Five-Dragon Force Blow): 184L

Raw Damage: 282L
Base 186L
Attack Succeses 80 (base 40, effect on damage doubled by Deadly Mirage Ambush)
Boulder-of-Intentions Rush Attack +18 (base 10 then using Excellency to increase effective Martial Arts score)

Post-Soak: One dice of damage converted to an automatic damage successes.
Post-Soak Roll: Double damage due to Grave Cut.

Step 10: Double damage due to Death from Nowhere Methods.