«Scene Starts»

<@David-Visage> It was the scent which first got to Polk and lured him out from the comfortable warm darkness which was sleep, away from the blissful unconsciousness which wrapped a warm tingling around him.

<@David-Visage> The scent was thick, but not cloying, and oddly appetising like bacon yet not something which he could really place. It was, however, enough to be a temptation and tip some inner balance from 'sleeping' to 'waking'.

<@David-Visage> Slowly details and memories came back, one by one, as though fed to him. Memories of the game, of the beta test, of siting there just as the final second ticked away and the option to 'Enter the Game' unlocked in a display of impressive graphics.

<@David-Visage> He remembered clicking and then crimson words describing 'World Access' before they reached out to literally engulf him. Of it -hurting- somehow, of it scraping against his mind, and of passing out before the darkness had recceded.

<@David-Visage> Still not full conscious he shifted from his side to his front only to discover that action produced a quite foriegn, yet somehow familiar, feeling which didn't match up to how he remembered he should be….

<Polk_Kitsune> "Mmmmnnnggg… No mommy… Don't wana go to school today." He groaned as he turned, conciousness not quite catching up to reality at first. As the memories came back to him, he wondered if the game really was as good as he thought it was. Time flew by so quickly, he didn't see the time pass by before he fell asleep. No… Wait… That wasn't quite how it went down. Was it? One more

<Polk_Kitsune> turn, and something DEFINITIVELY felt off.His eyes shot open as his mind tried to settle on what exactly was happening here. Maybe it was an extra pillow? Did an extra pillow feel that way? Nooooo… No, that wasn't it… And as his eyes openned slowly through the haze, his hands reached out to cup that odd sensation…

<@David-Visage> The air was thick enough with grey smoke and yellowish fumes that it made seeing across the cabin difficult, not helped at all by the currently dim red emergency lighting. This caused no problems in breathing, indeed the yellow fumes seemed to almost make you a little hungry, but it probably wasn't a good sign.

<@David-Visage> Definitely more than a handful greeted that exploratory touch though, the sensation again both familiar and odd but vaguely nice, and an almost involintary glance down showed a rather… rounded pair of 'outstanding assests'. Although was he- she wearing a light grey-blue body suit or something?

<@David-Visage> "Welcome to The Game. I hope that that things will be very entertaining." The text somehow was both heard and seen in her mind's eye, but it somehow came accross as amazingly perky and upbeat, "Before we really let you start going there is a short tutorial available which will explain basic game commands."

<Polk_Kitsune> "Oh… Kay…" Was his first reaction his mind could come up with. This lasted for an extremely long two seconds, before he made the connection that they were very shapely with good ratio, that whoever she was, had a weird dress sense (probably related to April Oneil), and that 'they' felt really nice… That 'he' could feel 'them'… That he… That he coudl see text boxes floating

<Polk_Kitsune> in mid-air…

<Polk_Kitsune> No, that did not help the jammed gears in her head roll any easier.

<Polk_Kitsune> Now what was that response for thiese kind of cases again? Oh yeah.


<Polk_Kitsune> He - SHE scrambled in panic, definitively awake, and finally sat up quickly, wobbling as she felt the two weight in front of her shift. The feeling was somehow very familiar… Wait, how could something like this be FAMILIAR? THESE Weren't here before! It was all her mind could come up as her hands confirmed again that yes, they were real. "Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod, fudgefudgefud

<Polk_Kitsune> gefudgefudgefudge!"

<@David-Visage> There was perhaps less bounce than might be expected given the prominence of the two 'weights', but getting up did confirm that they were indeed part of -her-. Checking over herself with her hands showed that while there was a little less sensation than expected, and a distinct lack of parts requiring censor bars, that blue-grey was her -skin-.

<@David-Visage> Meanwhile the perky 'voice' continued, heedless of the panic stricken cries, "You can start the tutorial by exiting the cabin and speaking the people you find in and around the ship. Don't be afraid to profess ignorance as none of the NPCs involved in the Tutorial will mind explaining things."

<Polk_Kitsune> "Okay… Okay… Deep breath. Deep breaths." The heavy breathing wasn't exactly helping ignore this feeling. The high, peppy voice wasn't helping either. Just keep calm. Keep calm, and… Wait, is there something missing here? She couldn't quite point it out. In fact, she was missing two points. "Wait, isn't this my… Skin?… Wait, missing? Isn't there…?"

<Polk_Kitsune> She quickly checked between her legs… Then checked again… There was NOTHING. Not the usual trouser titan, nor any set of lips. She reached down there with her fingers, and confirmed what she was seeing. There was nothing but a flat, empty spot of skin.

<Polk_Kitsune> "FUDGE!" She screamed, before she checked the rest of her body. Her voluptuous, curvy, obviously feminine body. "I-I'm a woman? I've been fudging changed into a woman?" She put a hand over her throath. "A motherkissing, G-rated, fudging neuteured, blue-skinned woman?" Congragulations, captain obvious.

<Polk_Kitsune> "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" The shrill, feminine voice rang out, as she finally took the moment to read the script. "The game… The game did this? This is running?"

<Polk_Kitsune> Her mind shoved aside her thoughts for a moment, panic could wait. There were people outside. They'd know what to do. It was when she began to look around for clothes that she finally took in the smoke that should have choked her by now. She coughed on reflex, and quickly ran out of the room, just grabbing the first thing in arm's reach.

<@David-Visage> The small cabin contained the bunk that she had woken up on, a small table which was bolted to the floor, a single stool likewise attached, and a screen on the wall which was currently showing the text 'TAINTED ATMOSPHERE : EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY' in friendly black letters on a yellow background.

<@David-Visage> Nothing else, object or clothing, really presented itself although she found that she had a clunky looking utility belt on.

<@David-Visage> Technically her skin was more grey than blue, reminding her of dull metal in a way, but it was definitely skin.

<Polk_Kitsune> "WELL THANKS FOR TELLING ME NOW!" She screamed at the sign in frustration. One hand covered her mouth from the gas, as she made her way out of the cabin. The familiarity that came with the body was helping her move about, althoug it was just as unsettling on it's own. Back to the back of her mind, those thoughts were pushed, as she called down the coridor. "Anybody here?"

<@David-Visage> "Have fun exploring and remember that gold halos are the sign of a Quest Giver and are unseen by normal NPCs." The perky 'voice' announced enthusiastically as Polk entered the corridor and found that the smoke and fumes here was only a little thinner than in her cabin. Yet she didn't seem to have any problems breathing at all… except due to the hand over her own mouth.

Polk_Kitsune frowned as the voice called out. "Yeah. Yeah, this is definitively still a game." She mumbled as she took in another breath… And was surprised by how she didn't seem to have trouble at all. Okay, maybe more game logic. Go figure. Putting one arm arm around her chest (another shudder for the weirdness involved), and the other down there on habbit (guh, how weird), she tried

Polk_Kitsune to decide which way to go. A mini-map would have been handy, at least, but for now, she simpyl chose one direction, and ran off. Had to evacuate afterall.

<@David-Visage> Screen, for no obvious reason, dotted the walls of the corridor which she ran along. Most of them showed the same wasp colored warning, a few of them having the text flashing, and one showed a more worrying 'LETHAL ATMOSPHERE : IF YOUR READING THIS, YOUR LIKELY DEAD' text. Yet, up ahead, was a solid and seemingly damaged metal hatch which promised to have something behind it… if it wasn't for the fact that it had a -health bar- which was already in the red and was giving out all sorts of unhealthy noises.

<Polk_Kitsune> "Oh yeah, that makes sense, sign. I'm already dead, and I'm in Hell. Yes. That explains everything. That makes perfect sense!" She mumbled, shaking her head rapidly. "Talking to myself too. Go figure. Huh?" She stopped at the door, raisign an eyebrow. "The door has… Health?" She said as she approached it. "And it's almost dead? What?"

<@David-Visage> The noises, on the surface, seemed to be grinding sounds and those of mechanical failure… but somehow part of the gremlin's mind translated these into something aking to the whimper of a loyal dog which just can't understand why it hurt so much after a car had struck it.

<@David-Visage> While the door, indeed, did have health it was odd that looking around slowly revealed a few more health bars when she properly -looked- for them. Such as the screens still being at full health.

<Polk_Kitsune> She felt her heart squeeze miserably at the noise. What was that for? Finally, she rubbed her head, slowly comign to an understanding. Gremlins were linked empathically to technology, and this… This was part of that, right? "Oooogh, my head…" Shaking slowly, she reached for the door, and hoped it openned. Maybe she'd have to fix it somehow first…

<@David-Visage> Valiantly the door tried to open but, buckled and warped as it was, it just couldn't and the sounds it made were almost heartbreaking. Repair did seem like a viable option although, obviously, bare hands weren't the best choice for that.

Polk_Kitsune bit her lower lip, and simply couldn't do it like this. Okay, we had to repair this. "Let's see what we have here?" She asked as she checked the toolbelt around her generous waist (Don't think about your body, don't think about your body, just don't).

<@David-Visage> Just thinking about checking the toolbelt caused a vague sort of 'window' to appear in her sight, or perhaps just in her mind, which looked exactly like the one which had been seen at the end of the character creation process. Right down to having a Reliable Wrench sitting in it.

<@David-Visage> "You've accessed your inventory like the Engineer suggested!" The text/voice was still incredibly perky and Polk started to wonder if it wouldn't remain so even when describing 'bleeding to death',

<@David-Visage> "This projection will show you what items you have equiped, the spaces which are provided by any 'Inventory+' containers you have, and is useful all round. Now that you've found your Wrench why don't you equip it then go back and fix that door?"

<Polk_Kitsune> "Wha-wee-who… WHAT ENGINEER?" Okay, deep breath. Deep breath. Hair-pulling frustration could wait until later too. The tutorial, so far, was crap, but at least she had an inventory screen up. "Wrench to fix the door, huh? Okay, sounds good." Lacking a mouse, she mentally moved the wrench out form the inventory, and into her hand, wondering if this would actually work…

<@David-Visage> The wrench was comforting weight in her hand, having a heft which spoke of solidity and (if push came to shove) being able to wack something until it broke. However, despite being described as a 'Tool', it wasn't immediately obvious how the oversized thing could be of use in fixing anything yet an instinct said that it should be…

<Polk_Kitsune> Now, there was only one question to ask: Where the hell did that Wrench come from? Ugh, never mind. Pushing the inventory aside, she tested the weight of the huge took in her hand. Was it weird that it felt so familiar in her hands? That it was just the right sive for 'her tool'? Well, for now, she'd welcome this kind of familiarity easilly. And now, she waited at the door for the next

<Polk_Kitsune> part of the tutorial to come… If it would trigger… Someday…

<Polk_Kitsune> Okay. This just confirmed it. This tutorial SUCKED BALLS! Including the ones she used to have. "… Okay, not going there… What am I supposed to do?" Feeling this was the way to go though, she reached for the hinges of the door, and tried to work it… Somehow. If only there was something that could teach you how to work these things. Like somekind of tutorial, you know?

<@David-Visage> Part of the door, which had previously been a solid and seemless section, swung open as the gremlin examined it and she found her attention drawn inescapably to the spaces, wires, and the… array of components scattered along the bottom? The situation was somewhat surreal and not helped by hearing the perky voice speak up again.

<@David-Visage> "This repair is just like the one that you did for the Engineer earlier. Test the connections, remove the flawed components, and fit the new ones until the puzzle ends. But, remember, if a component slot glows gold you'll need to supply a component from your inventory to finish the fix!"

<Polk_Kitsune> "Just like the… WHAT ENGINEER? THERE WAS NO-UUURGH!" Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Blasted breasts! Deep breaths. Calm down. Calm down. Okay. She'd seen enough troubleshooting before to understand some of these terms, and what they meanth. And this tool with the light felt about right for testing connections. Yeah, yeah… Just pull out the wire here, apply the tool there, and see if

<Polk_Kitsune> it was active. Yes. That's right. And this component was bad, and this one was good, and this one had popped out of the connection… Now this felt like an actual game!

<Polk_Kitsune> It took some time, and some trial and error, but she tried as best as she could. She coudl see two of those golden component showing, but she didn't have anything for it. She cursed, but it was all she coudl do for now as she pulled back, and the panel closed down.

<@David-Visage> "Well done! You've managed to complete the very first stage of this repair." It was amazing who quickly 'perky' had become 'grating' with a side order of condesending, "The markings on the slots indicates the type of component which is needed. If you haven't already done so then why don't you go see the Purser about getting some components from stores. A component will work in a slot if it bears at least one marking which matches the slot, but the more that match the better!"

<@David-Visage> It finally registered that, at some point during the last while, Polk had been breathing in the 'smoke and fumes' without it actually being a bother at all. It was as though it wasn't, in fact, anything 'lethal'.

<Polk_Kitsune> "Gggrrrr. Now you tell me that?" Just because something was perky didn't mean it was better, or flattering. In fact, she was damn happy she wasn't perky either, or else, she woulda… Deep breaths. Deep breaths. This wrench was going to be veeeeeeeeeery useful in venting all that frustration. Didn't need to be a psychic to tell that. For now, time to get the storage, and find that

<Polk_Kitsune> Purser, if there even was one around here. As she took another deep breath, she did realize that she didn't feel ill at all. Maybe those screens were just as defective as that door? Well, the fumes were still getting in the way of her vision. There was that. Patting the door,that was still in the red, and telling it she'll be right back, she turned around for those missing parts.

<@David-Visage> The panel on the door clicked shut of its own accord once it was no longer being accessed and the 'whimpers' of the door trying, but failing, to open were quieter and a little less worrying. Oddly enough, now that she was aware of it, she could 'see' the health bar in question even after she had turned her back at least until she was a fair distance along the corridor.

<@David-Visage> It didn't take long to pass the door back into her cabin and go further than she had been. Another couple of doors, obviously leading to cabins, went by on each side then the corridor branched. A small sign indicated that forwards was 'Engineering', left was 'Stores', and right lead to 'Cargo Access'.

Polk_Kitsune turned toward the Stores quickly… Then backed away a few steps. Engineering, huh? That sounded like where all this comotion might be coming from. If nothign else, there might be a clue as to what was going on. "Sorry, Doory, but you'll have to wait." And off to Engineering she went instead.

<@David-Visage> It took going through several hatches, each healthy unlike that poor door and almost purring with health in a way which sent small but odd tingles across the gremlin's body, but finally she reached engineering. This section had open spaces, glowing pillars, and numerous display pannels in a way which brought to mind a slightly nicked and dented version of a Star Trek engineering room done in metal.

Polk_Kitsune shivered at the odd tingle. It felt somewhat good, but why did it feel good? She had no ideas, and that made the whole thing feel even weirder than before. The whole of engineering though, was amazing. Awe-inspiring. And this was no time to be taken into it all. She looked accross the screens in front of her, checking for anything in red, be it the status bar of a machine, or

Polk_Kitsune a warning from one of the panels. Any clues for the source of all that smoke.

<@David-Visage> None of the machines in here displayed anything but a green health, but it was interesting to see things as she wander through. One monitor showed a map of the ship, with the bridge, common areas, and airlocks all being on the other side of the damaged hatch, and that the escape pods had been released. Another complained about damage to the recycling system which was apparently the source of the fumes.

<@David-Visage> Going further towards the back of the engineering section, towards a strange machine behind glass which held a crystal bigger than the gremlin herself ('power core' murmured something in the back of her mind), felt… nice. Increasingly nice and tingly and warm.

<Polk_Kitsune> "Wow… Again, it felt amazing to be down there. To see all this technology, and all it had to offer. She was on a ship too? A spaceship? How awesome was that? A tingly feeling of her own inner geek seemed to spark amongst her confusing sensations. But then… "Wait. What? All the escape pods have been released? What?" She tried to pull up the information on why people had evacuated,

<Polk_Kitsune> or what had hapenned in the recycling station to cause all of this trauma, when she felt 'it' That strange, attractive, andearing sensation coursing through her. The power core, was it? Oh, that felt oh sooo nice… Why did it feel so nice?

<@David-Visage> A little checking, and it was amazing how the computers almost seemed to know what she was looking for despite the first presses being virtually random, showed that the recycling system had given out earlier. Apparently it was scheduled for maintence earlier and, on that schedule, 'Vivian' was supposed to be doing that about… six hours ago? Somehow not doing that caused it to slowly degrade until, about an hour ago, it gave out.

<@David-Visage> Apparently when a system failed on a ship it failed -impressively-.

<@David-Visage> The tingling was continuing, still feeling nice and moving over areas which were currently lacking 'detail', but it was a tad frustrating with the low intensity.

<Polk_Kitsune> She held on tightly onto the monitor to keep herself steady as some odd feeling just kept invading her new body. Every moment she spent liek this, the more new sensations seemed to slip inside her. "God, I wish it would end… Come on, focus…" Her eyes looked upon the schedulle… and her eyes laid on the guilty party's name. "Vivian. Vivian?" Her mind searched for a moment, until

<Polk_Kitsune> she facepalmed. Her character! Vivian? That was her! She was her! She'd become her character! And now, whoever she became had been late for this maintenance, and now… She was alone, in the vastness of space.

<Polk_Kitsune> Well, if she had any hope for salvation… Time to fix what was wrong. Starting with the recycling system. Or did she need to? Well, better take care of that befoe other systems fail because of it. She took a moment to check on the route to that system, and started her way towards it, trying hard not to succumb to the draw of that dear power core…

<Polk_Kitsune> Maybe after this, she coudl find a way to call for help, or a way off this ship… Did she even know how to fly this thing anyways?

<@David-Visage> Something in the back of her mind said that, yes, she did know how the manuever the ship. Really. Technically. Sort of. Assuming nothing was too close, someone else was navigating, and there wasn't any -problems-. Having that information sliding into the back of her mind was a distinctly disturbing sensation of its own.

<@David-Visage> Disturbing enough that it was tempting just to step a little closer to the power core for… reassurance.

<Polk_Kitsune> She whimpered a little, afraid of what was to come. It was looking rather bleak, wasn't it? She was all alone… Naked, in the middle of space… With her power core. Just the thought brought that amazing sensation again. Maybe that wasn't so bad. Maybe it was for the best, even. With a little hesitation in her step, she followed her way to the power core. A bit of reassurance would

<Polk_Kitsune> be… Nice.

<@David-Visage> The central parts of the core were behind 'glass' but just getting close felt very 'nice'. It tingle and teased and encouraged a state of relaxed tension which she was sure she could appreciate all day long. But it was frustrating in that it didn't do much more than tease and she was sure she was blushing at how the slow throbing pulse of the core functioning (with its nice green health bar) was effecting her.

<Polk_Kitsune> Was it getting hotter in there, or was it just her? She wasn't used to feeling this way, to being teased in such a new rush, a new sensation. She was breating in much more quickly by now, her whole body fidgetting. She didn't understand what was going on, her mind was trying to unwravel it, but… It felt sooo good just being close… She pressed herself against the glass, and wondered,

<Polk_Kitsune> just how it would feel to be on the other side…

<@David-Visage> It was unclear how long that 'Vivian' stayed like that, so close to the power core and surrounded by the other machines, but finally she came back to herself with a start. It hadn't felt like long while she was standing there but, in hindsight, it must have been quite some time. Her body still hummed with the presence of the power core but at least she was starting to become used to it.

<Polk_Kitsune> She shook her head rapidly, taking her hands away from herself quickly. Oh god, how long had it been now? She let herself go to that.. Nice… Warm… Pulsing… "GAH!" Snapping back on her feet, she got away from the power core before she fell into that daze once more. Sure, it felt nice, but it was frustrating to always feel so… 'buzzed' , and no release on sight. Plus, you know,

<Polk_Kitsune> starship about to go overboard with fumes and all. Time to do something about it.

Polk_Kitsune considered for a moment. Even if she did repair the recycling system, there was not much she coudl do on her own. Best to get to communication… Which meanth the bridge… Which meanth time to get that faulty door. Up the hatches, she went for the stores.

<@David-Visage> Given that, from what she'd seen on the diagram of the ship, the recycler was easiest accessed from the otherside of -that- hatch then fixing it did make sense. And it felt like the right sort of decision to fix the hatch rather than leave it whimpering for too long.

<@David-Visage> Heading out of the Engineering and away from the wonderfully distracting influence of the power core was oddly relieving. There was too much of a good thing and after staying there in a near trance for long enough her body had been longing for either a rest or to 'finish' things.

<@David-Visage> However heading to Stores, even before she got to a door, had her hearing 'whimpering' once more and seeing a health bar which was a third full of red.

<@David-Visage> There, clearly labeled as the entrance to 'Stores', the automated hatch stood without visible damage but with a health too low to function.

<Polk_Kitsune> "Curse this body. Make up your mind." She whimpered as that odd sensation kept going through her. Did it want to finish things, or frustrate her for hours on end? Unfortunately, she imagined she would only get the second one. Hearign the whimper, she cursed mentally, and made her way to it, her wrench at hand. "There there… We can do this… I hope." And on to repair this one too.

<@David-Visage> This hatch seemed a lot easier to 'fix' than the other one had been, the components not having any of the confusing snarls which had impeded the previous attempt, and it took longer before a single golden slot opened up. Checking the health it was somewhat surprising that the door was now almost two thirds of the way to full health and showing yellow as it haltingly shoved itself open just enough to slip inside with a little wriggling.

<Polk_Kitsune> "Better than nothing." She claimed as she tried to slide herself in. "There we-ACK. FUDGE!" She whimpered as her breasts got stuck in the small space in the door. "This body is goign to be the end of me." She whimpered in frustration, and pushed again, squeezing until it hurt, and pushing past. "GAH!" Her hips had the same issues, but again, a little wriggling, and she was past it.

<Polk_Kitsune> With a sigh, she finally took a better look at the Stores. Maybe with this, she coudl even fix this door too. 02

<@David-Visage> Inside the room sat a desk, a console, a locked hatch going further back, and what looked like a dumbwaiter behind the desk. More notable though was the small cardboard, at least cardboard seeming, box which was on the desk and labelled 'Parts for Repairs'.

<@David-Visage> The golden glow around the box was also likely a small hint from the game that the box was something of importance.

Polk_Kitsune rubbed her hands together hapilly as she reached into the box, and looked for the parts she needed. "Here comes the gold…"

<@David-Visage> Seven parts, golden 'circuit boards' of various sizes and shapes, were in the box. Picking one up revealed a number of symbols on each, ones familiar from the slots, with the exact symbol varying… at least until the part vanished suddenly.

<@David-Visage> "When multiple items have been found," The perky voice announced, "Each will automatically, to help speed things up, slip into your inventory unless you discard it immediately." 03

<@David-Visage> (( It's fine. If need be I guess Vivian_Gremlin won't be. ))

Vivian_ grumbled lowly. "Why thank you so very much, computer." She got back to the door, and made a quick repair, hoping she had the missing part in her inventory at this point… And hoped the other door didn't need that exact part. That'd be bad.

<@David-Visage> Checking the door revealed that two different parts could match the symbols on the slots, but both parts bore a different -other- symbol on them.

<Vivian_> "Fudge it!" She cursed as she pulled away from the panel. "Don't have it… And the tutorial won't help either." She kicked the base of the door in frustration. "Fudging game…"

<@David-Visage> If the sound the door made coud be compared to that of an animal then it must have been a startled yelp of some small yappy dog. Something electric blue flowed up to fill in the golden slot, smothering the symbols there beneath crackingly 'electricity', and the health bar just -jerked- up to about the three quarters level in green.

<@David-Visage> And the hatch slid smoothly open.

<Vivian_> "Sorry!" She said as she felt the poor thing yelp! She didn't know what exactly she had done, but it moved on! She quickly slid through, and caressed the door on it's edge. "Sorry, dear, sorry, but I needed through…" With a last little pat, she ran off for the other door, hoping she wouldn't have to do the same thing.

<@David-Visage> Leaving the… encouraged hatch behind, Vivian's hurried steps soon go her to the hatch which had first baulked her. A simple branishing of her wrench, and it was more natural now to 'draw' it when needed then let it fade when done, popped the access hatch open to reveal the golden slots.

Vivian_ nodded, and looked through her golden parts, tryign to see if they matched. She didn't mean to break it any more than it was. Just make it work enough to go…

<@David-Visage> More than one part could be matched to the same slot, although there was only room for one in a specific slot, but a little work seemed to get at least -a- suitable match in place. Once both parts were in though they seeme to 'settle' and most of the golden color faded, leaving only an outline around each, as the 'mini-game' then demanded more checking and 'replace with the parts provided' once again.

Vivian_ got the part in, and grinned widely. "There we gooooo." And waited for the door to open… And nothing. "Do more? Do more what?" With a goran, she got back on the task, and checked all the parts in place, checkign for those dead parts again. Everythign was in place, right?

<@David-Visage> While just putting the parts in hadn't caused any changes outside of the panel, glances up while making the the further 'corrections' showed an erratic improvement in the machines health the more she worked on it and the more had been confirmed as 'right'. When the final repairs were done the hatch was once more at full health and, without warning, motes of golden light surged up from it and 'struck' Vivian.

<@David-Visage> There was no pain, and no really sensation except for a momentary warmth, from being struck but the perky voice did distract the gremlin from noticing any details as it announced, "Completing a Quest Objective, even a minor one, will increase all the hidden XP bars for relevent traits. Now, go on. Head the bridge and see what the Captain has to say!"

<@David-Visage> And, with that, the hatch openned…

«Scene Fades»