«Scene Starts»

The startlingly clear sea washed gently against the pure white sands of shore in gentle waves, the sun shone across the scene as it ever so slowly rose above the blue horizon in a transition from glorious reds to golden sunshine, and in the distance a bird cried out from somewhere within the lush jungle which started just beyond the sands.

This was a tropical shore as done by Hollywood and, if everything held true, it was likely that the hints of smoke which had previously been glimpsed rising into the sky was a volcano rather than actual civilisation.

It was also just past dawn and that rising sun was starting to shine almost horizontally into Wreniel's eyes as she had slept on a branch, hidden amongst the leaves and lashed to the trunk by a convenient rope-like vine which she had found the night before.

Wreniel_S hmmms as he slowly wakes up. He remembers swimming for a long time and something about a seagull and a computer and things going very very wrong indeed as there is an attempt to undo the binding that held him secure well above. His stomach growled in an angry plea of hunger… sounding off in gastrointestinal pleading for nourishment…

From the ground came an sound, somewhere between a grunt and an oink, and a glance down revealed a brown skinned and somewhat hair pig was rooting about at the base of the tree to which Wreniel was expertly lashed. Shifting about to see just that did also reveal that the vine was tied securely in a harness which… pinched a little when she moved too carelessly.

Three things register at once and it does no great wonders for the marine officer/computer gaming geek. 1. That's a wild boar. 2. That harness is really hurting and 3. OH GOD WHAT THE FUCK I GOT BOOBS?! She doesn't waste time to explore that last part as her mind shifts to deal with the much more immediate problem of 'Wild Boar attempting to take down tree'.

The boar didn't seem to yet be actively trying to knock the tree out from beneath Wreniel, but it was scraping first one tusk then the other against the wood and leaving marks which were noticable even from the distance which she was at. It gave another low oink then paused in its efforts.

It takes a moment or two as the marine assessed her situation. Girl-bod? Worry about that later. Any projectiles up here I can bean him with? She considered for a bit longer then tried to pull her sword out to carefully remove some of her bindings so she could drop on the boar from above. It's the last resort but right now that is not looking good down there. And she really
wasn't confident in her ability to spring from tree-top to tree-top.

The Wavecutter Sword was a weapon designed for use in and about the seas. It was made to be able to slice easily throug hthe waves and enchanted for that purpose alone by the lowest bidder, but it retained some of the common traits to all enchanted blades. Namely that it held an edge /really/ well.

Having drawn the weapon it was obvious to Wreniel that she could cut through the vine without any real effort at all. And while no projectiles, per see, presented themselves to her the blade wasn't the sort which would dull and there were some branches nearby of useful size…

Taking great care to not cut off one of her support branches* the elfin figure attempted to slice a nearby branch off, attempting to catch it without falling downwards along with it. If she can retrieve the branch, she'll make a rough spear-head out of the tree-side of the branch…

At this height there seemed to be a number of branches available, but most were rather thicker than would be suitable for the task. Luckily her athletic ability was sufficent to stretch out and get a branching bough of more suitable size, cutting it free without letting it plummet, and pull it back to her more stable spot.

The side branches were a little more awkward to remove though and shaping it into a spear was… well… It became vaguely pointy?

Vaguely pointy was all she was hoping for. Something that she could threaten the boar with and attempt to drive it away upon her descent… and if need be ruin its day without getting to close to the tusks… memory served her that it wasn't so much the bite as the fact that boars had no hygiened habits like their domestic kin, so all manner of bacteria resided on those vicious bits of enamel. Next project: Getting out of the harness without plummetting downwards to her death.

Down below the boar seemed to be digging something out of the sand and making a mess of the matter, throwing up sprays of the pure white sands this way then that, until finally it managed to reveal what appeared to be a coconut. On a beach bordering on what seemed to be a dense tropical jungle. Right.

It would be a simple task for Wreniel to cut herself free, but that was complicated by the need not to let the newly formed 'spear' drop down and out of reach. A little squirming, a little twisting, and finally the elf managed to get to a point where she could easily cut the vine and shrug off the 'harness' even as it occured to her what this might look like to some purely hypothetical watcher.

Must not think about that right now. Must not. Focus on the task at hand. She braces herself and makes the necessary cuts then descends while holding the spear cautiously, ready to jab at any moment at the pig-thing. Pig-thing was kind enough to find food for her, but it would be even better on a spit turning for dinner. Given her circumstances, it may be the last food items she runs into for a while.

The spear felt awkward in Wreniel hands as she clutched, the length feeling alien and flatly weird as she tried to keep it properly orientated, but somehow she managed to slither down the tree trunk without impaling herself in a fatally embaressing manner. The darned thing seemed to be weighted somehow, or maybe not balanced, and there was a small ring of red text floating around the haft…

"Non-Proficent Penalty" The crimson letters spelt out as it slowly rotated around the spear haft.

"Oh you have got to be SHITTING me! It's a stick. With a pointy end. Why the fuck can't I use it?" Ranting aside, she shifted the awkward thing to her left hand and pulled her blade, roaring at the boar. "My coconut! Rarrrr!"

The boar looked somewhat non-plussed by these sudden cries from the 'pale monkey thing' which had decended from the tree and gave an imperious oink as though to dismiss the being. When the 'monkey' failed to move, and instead waved about a shiney stick, it instead moved a few steps closer and moved its head from side to side as though showing off its tusks.

The elfin girl brandished the blade menacingly and held her ground. "Rarr! Rarr! Go away! My coconut! Rarrr!" She braced herself for the potential of a charge and a good spot to put the sword in the wild pig if it did attack - The skull was probably not a good idea, as it would get stuck there and if it didn't kill…

The odd feeling of 'trying to do two things at once' which she had felt while swimming returned again as she tried to ready the plade for a stab, foreign or perhaps familiar reflexes wanting to make her hold the blade differently, even as the boar started to snort and paw the sands with a hoof. Beady black eyes stared at her evenly as though to try and /make/ her stand down…

"Intimidate: Failed!" The perky voice announced, managing somehow not to startly Wreniel enough to make her drop the blade or even lower her guard.

She attempted to 'let go' and stop 'fighting herself' for control of the weapon as she stamped her foot and snorted back at the boar, beady black eyes met by her own silvery-brown eyes. "I'll cut you!"

The boar, proud and king of all it surveyed, did not take such offensesly light as being -ignored- in its fair warnings. With no more warning than a slight huff it was moving forwards, tusks ready to be swiped at its victim as it tramped her down, but at nearly the last moment things seemed to go wrong.

Relaxing and letting her body 'take control' seemed to be the right thing to do for Wreniel and whatever reflexes were acting as her autopilot definitely knew what they were doing. It wasn't a case of deciding to strike and moving an arm to match, but of deciding to strike a devestating blow before she could be attacked in return and finding that her body did it of its own accord.

The elf found herself standing just to the side of where she had been a moment ago, the edge of her blade crimson to match the slash on the boar's side, and with its back to her as it tried to kill the momentum of its charge.

"It'sssss BACON!" Okay, perhaps not quite the right idea, she attempts to go after the boar. Meat > fruit, right, and all that? Still, momentum can be a hard thing to recover from and as long as she can keep out from underneath/in front of the savage porcine…

The king let out a series of mighty and manly roars… in its own mind anyway. From the point of view of Wreniel, as she tried to scoop up the hardshelled coconut with both hands full of weaponry, the squeals of an enraged pig sounded from behind her and ended in a particularly prolonged and piercing oink.

The branch goes flying in the pig's general direction. She's starting to feel really hungry at this point, as she attempts to pick up the discovered fruit and 'place it in inventory' for the time being. If successful, then she will turn her attention back to the scavenger.

As the branch tumbled in the air, barely manging to keep travelling point first, the coconut easily slipped into Wreniel's inventory. The soft sounds of the surf was a background to the high pitched squeezes as the boar turned, one tusk catching against the tree trunk and leaving a deep gash which oozed sap.

Those black eyes were narrowed as it charged, faster than before, and while it might be a trick of the barely post-dawn light there seemed to almost be a crimson halo around the boar as it went right for the source of its irritation.

That would not be a good thing. The marine tried to not get hurt and wasn't thinking in specifics but going with whatever felt clever at the time. Get out of the way move move move

Sand kicked up behind the boar as it thundered towards her even as she surrendered to her reflexes and they took their cue from her thoughts. With blade in one hand and the other free she spun to the side, half turning one way before her feet somehow pushed her in the opposite in a convincing feign. Brown hide was passing close to her, the boar trying to divert its own charge, and she was easily within reach…
Easy enough of a target for her to slice at somehow with her sword, then, if easily within reach. She's not expecting much as most boars have thick hides, but perhaps she'll get lucky. A lighter slicing sort of attack, not something to get stuck and lose her only viable defense…

It isn't clear what she didn't even to herself, unless Wreniel thought about it and then it was obvious how she had seen the opportunity, made it a target and moved thus and -so- until the blade bit deep in a slice which laid bare muscule and sinew along a line which came close to severing both legs on the boar's left side.

Still squealing, and now thrashing and bleeding profusely, the boar's charge became a tumble even as everything seemed to resolve back to more normal time and motion for Wreniel. There, in front of her, the boar convulsed once then lay still…

Taking no chances, the elfin girl moved to the front of the boar and shoved her blade downwards into it, just to verify that it was indeed deceased and not 'laying low' for another chance. With the boar dead and the coconut also retrieved, she checks the porcine form for anything of value while debating the edibility of her new bacon-donor…

The precaution was revealed as not simply paranoia when the boar tried to push up just as she came too close… and met her blade on the way down. A few flecks of golden light swirled around it then into Wreniel without apparent cause and, while examining the remains, a silvery image of the boar 'stepped' out of it then complained outloud, "I say, aren't you going to at least loot my drops? Or are you claiming that the royal personage is of no value to you?"

Wreniel blinks at the ghostly pig. "I'm so sorry, I had a knock on the head and completely forgot my manners!" Okay, it wasn't the complete truth but it seemed like a good story. She closes her eyes and attempts to 'loot' 'take' 'acquire' 'get' anything that the monarch porcine may have had in its possession.

"Honestly." He said with a snort as he trotted over and settled himself down to watch as Wreniel's hands began to move, using an improvised shell knife she didn't have a moment ago to cut away suspciously neat peices of meat from the body, "You newcomers are all the same. Never know what to do, just flail around madly, and maybe wail about 'can't be real'."

"There have been others who have come this way in the same sort of situation?" That was a better route to go than to do what the pig suggested about flailing and whining. Focus on the tasks at hand, and if she can get help… "Can you give me more detail?"

"The first one had rather tasty entrails." The boar replied almost wistfully, "I got in a good couple of bites before he died which gave me a good taste for them. Of course, I didn't realise at the time that he was anything special. With death comes enlightenment, young lady, remember that!"

"I'll remember that. And you're being very enlightening. What happened to the other noteworthy opponents, and how many times have you died like this?" Clearly not the kind of question a mewling crybaby might ask—is she falling too far into the role?

"My dear, I had many worthy opponents but it is only in death that I have been able to think of them as worthy." He informed her imperiously then snorted, "They were, admittedly, mostly other pigs, some monkeys, and a couple of the natives but I was smart enough to stay away from supernatural things on the island."

He looked her directly in the eyes even as her hands finished their work, "My dear, you only really die once. The rules may give you chances to break reality but, short of those, you get life, this brief but enlightening afterlife, and the great beyond. At least as far as I am aware.

"What should I avoid on the island, noble king, and is there a way off this rock?" She engages in some flattery to be sure, but at the same time it is respectful and not cloying—she hopes.

"Oh, this is a modest enough place with few dangers. Only a couple of tribes of humanoids such as yourself, some monkeys, the typical malignant plants, and the elemental rift of course." He told her then stood up slowly, letting out a soft groan, "Geist's like yourself do wash up here, only ever one at a time, and can likely escape if they can find where ever the distress flares have turned up -this -time-."

Geist… That's some sort of ghostly/ghastly word… German, right? "Would you happen to know whwere the distress flares are at? And if so, would you be willing to show me or tell me how to get to them?"

The boar chuckled, the sound oddly rich, then informed her, "Unfortunately the latest set would only really appear after your arrival and I didn't see where. Not that was much that you could offer me in return anyway, but I won't be around much longer." He nodded towards his own corpse which was, now that the key items had been taken from it, was starting to rot with unnatural speed… although thankfully without the foul scents which should result.

"Thank you very much for your time and insight, and if we run into each other again I hope it's under better circumstances! Good luck on the rest of your journey!" She checks her inventory to see what she's acquired as she prepares to embark on the next part of her own travel…

"No need, dear lady." He replied as he ambled to the body, watching as the last of the flesh was vanishing to leave just fragments of bone behind, "It is, as I said, a brief afterli-"

Then he was gone.

Game mechanic and logic being what it is, the elfin marine starts to haul butt out of the area before the 'next thing' shows up…

«Scene Fades»