Endlosebergemethoden (ritual school)

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Endlosebergemethoden (Trans: "Endless Mountain Methods") is a German ritual school that focuses on stability and endurance. It was formed primarily in the late 16th century in Germany, but spread when it became used by secure couriers, sentries, and certain personal guards. It is commonly identified by the wide stances and apparent vulnerability during swings, but also by the Tiresias effect it has upon advanced male students.


Endlosebergemethoden was formed in 1593 in Ingolstadt in association with the then present university. At this point in history handheld firearms began to replace crossbow and longbow in advanced armies. While it may be contrary to the modern perception, being able to advance into enemy fire while sustaining your own was a viable approach given the rate of fire of weapons at this time and so many attempts at creating schools which supported this approach were made.

Like many of the schools founded during this period it had few intial practicioners and, once its transformative effects were discovered, had distinct difficulties gaining students. However it managed to gain a number of patrons as its utility for sentries and patrollers was discovered.

During this early period those of the school were often refered to as "die Schlaflos" (trans: sleepless) and there are several pieces of surviving derogatory bawdy literature apparently produced by students from the University of Inolstadt or of rival schools.

Modern Usage


Foundation Skills

As a pre-modern ritual school, Endlosebergemethoden provides additional instruction to non-casual students on a number of skills. To varying degrees these include:

  • Bladed weaponry (primarily zweihänder and longsword),
  • Blungeoning weaponry (including the flanged mace and, recently, baseball bat [citation needed]),
  • Enchanting fundementals,
  • Long distance running,
  • Muscle development,
  • Observation techniques,
  • Oral history,
  • Patrol routines,
  • Rock climbing,
  • Ritual expertise, and
  • Women's clothing.

Known Enhancements

This ritual-school is well known for increasing the endurance, strength, and toughness of its students but its most noted beneficial rituals reduce the student's need for sleep.


Casual practitioners of the school primarily focus on the mundane skills, but there are minor enhancements which are offered by proper repetition of its exercises. The commonly taught enhancements include

  • Supplemental strength building,
  • Supplemental endurance work,
  • Supplemental fatigue resistance,
  • Supplemental pain tolerance, and
  • Enhanced holding of positions.

In addition, the ritual-school is unusual in that it teaches supplemental enhancements, beginning at this level, which improve the 'quality' of rest.



xxx sleep is weekly

Discernible Marks

The markings caused by Endlosebergemethoden on its students generally manifest as silver-grey swirls and abstract (non-communicative) symbols on the skin which temporarily become somewhat more reflective immediately following reinforcement of any given ritual of the school.

As a student matures their skill in the school with multiple intermediate, or any mastery, rituals then they begin to show signs of the reconditioning inherent to this school. For male students this includes a Tiresias effect while female students find that the changes amplify their figure sufficiently that the school specifically warns off female students.

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